Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 728

In this mysterious three people of groups, the Seventh Uncle is representing the knowledge, moreover his nose also specially spirits, the finger and paraesthesia knife keen, but that pangolin had not used own ability. Now the Seventh Uncle must make him use the ability finally. Xia Tian hides in the corner static looks. Seventh Uncle, the ability of pangolin is limited, don't we need to maintain life?” The knife asked. Relax, I have made a silk glove to pangolin, his ability was already increased.” The Seventh Uncle said. Seventh Uncle, your bias, why does not give me also to make a treasure.” Knife discontented saying. Bumped into you to use, the Seventh Uncle gave you, the silk glove was my previous time Taobao washes accidentally.” The Seventh Uncle patted the shoulder of knife to say. The pangolin has put on that to silk glove, then both hands place the ground, the body stand upside down directly. The Seventh Uncle and knife hide by far. Buzz! The sound conveys together, afterward the both feet of pangolin looks like the motor equally fast rotation, but his both hands are instantaneously the smashing that hits the stone in ground, this probably is the principle of electric drill. shit, this is electrically operated Little Ma reaches simply.” Xia Tian surprised saying. About a half minute, the surrounding ground all was broken by him. Good treasure, I to decide.” Xia Tian discovered that in the hand of pangolin a unexpectedly wound does not have, moreover that silk method does not have the trace that any was destroyed. Put on this glove, Xia Tian Finger of Consonance can play a bigger might. Walks right this.” The Seventh Uncle said that takes the lead directly.

Seventh Uncle, why under is spatial can't walk?” The knife asked. Road is the solid, what is spatial is used to make hidden weapon or mechanism.” The Seventh Uncle answered, he had the patience to knife, why the knife looked like 100,000, but the Seventh Uncle gave him to explain each time very clearly. I the little darling, this group of grave robbers are really anything do, to rob a grave unexpectedly can bring forth this grade of skill to come, was really good B.” Xia Tian looks the stone that the ground these break said that this grade of destructive power only then Profound Grade late stage above Expert can make, but that pangolin absolutely does not have the Profound Grade strength. In this channel does not have any danger, and is very safe. Wind! The Seventh Uncle, is the wind.” Knife excited shouting. It seems like, we found.” The Seventh Uncle nodded, the people continue, probably about a half hour. Light, is the moonlight, Seventh Uncle, here unexpectedly has the moonlight.” The knife saw the moonlight that moment almost does not have the happiness dead, sees the moonlight the time, represented them to go out of that broken cave, cave inside danger was really too many, if they continued to row a boat afloat, perhaps what danger will encounter. This all the way seems very safe, actually this by the experience of that Seventh Uncle. If walks into other two caves casually, perhaps then already met a cruel death, does not know that died many to return. Saw, is only equal to seeing the hope. When they see the light, the Seventh Uncle has not worried, making them exit, but throws goods to explore the way first, after discovering is all right, three talented people exit. What person?” Knife instantaneously in getting rid dagger, vigilant looks to the front. The pangolin keeps off the Seventh Uncle directly behind. Came the gang, is really lively.” At this moment the coldly sound conveys from front together. The Seventh Uncle their stand forth, discovered that was counted them to have three natives of Poland . Moreover the first two waves also a little conflicted probably, right that group of people had the superiority, because their people are many, enough 15, but the left person had four.

Moreover on these four people have the wound, obviously was hit a moment ago. The tomb pit had found, in front of them the is a tomb pit . Moreover the tomb pit also got up, in right these people are 20 people, when the grave died five. Therefore the present is 15. In tomb pit treasure is not well-known fur is wrapping a jar. Since the thing you have attained, we do not disturb.” The Seventh Uncle arches the fist, wants to leave. Wait / Etc.!” Right person shouts suddenly: „Did I ask you to leave?” Brother, is comes out to mix, to the face, we also lives hand to mouth to eat.” The Seventh Uncle said. Face? You , is your face valuable?” Saying that man disdains. Right, my face is not valuable, what to do you said that so long as keeps our life, you said how makes us do, how we do.” The Seventh Uncle has exhibited his symbolic smiling face, probably is showing weakness to be the same. Snort! Cowards.” The opposite party saw saying that the appearance that Seventh Uncle disdains. The knife and pangolin have not spoken, they too understood the Seventh Uncle. The Seventh Uncle is will not always suffer a loss. Your four said the mnemonics.” That 15 people looked that said to the opposite four people. Is impossible, robs a grave is in itself the immoral behavior, but in the tomb pit treasure should belong to the country, your this group of people sell the overseas to go the cultural relic, this simply is a traitor.” A young man shouts loudly. With my opened mouth country, the silent country, this thing do not hand over, how many will the country give me? 1000? 2000?” Saying that the opposite party disdains very: „But once I sell this thing, can sell to 10 million, 20 million, even are more.”

„It is not all things can spend money to weigh the value, you want to make your descendants look that the cultural relic can also go to the overseas to look? Then his schoolmate asked him, why can the cultural relic of your country place here?” That young man continues to shout. Do not come this set with me, money is the top priority, I give you again an opportunity, the mnemonics say, otherwise you must die.” Squeek psst! At this moment, after that 15 people, has made a strange sound. Ah! What thing is this?” Saves a life Ah! Saves me quickly.” That 15 people of body runs the gaily colored insect, insect fast gnawing is eating their bodies. Puts on the rubber equipment!” The Seventh Uncle said to the two. Seventh Uncle, you have means that unexpectedly directed here to come these things with the slough.” Saying of knife admiration. Idiot, wants to snatch the thing with me, has a dream.” Saying that the Seventh Uncle disdains. Emanation pitiful yell that in that 15 people of mouth keeps, but in their opposite that four people, the person has put out a powdery thing from the package suddenly, sprinkled on the ground, these insects approached the powdery thing time, went round. Has not looked, is an expert.” The Seventh Uncle turns the head to look that said to that four people.