Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 729

That 15 person less than one minutes all died, but these food corpse insects after eating them, left, rapidness that come, walk also quick. Seventh Uncle, you are really fierce.” Saying of knife admiration. Eats the corpse insect not to understand that these their people, truly is the fatal crisis, however generation has understood their fondness and weakness, then they may become our weapons.” The Seventh Uncle answered. Seventh Uncle? You should be the seventh child in Shanxi seven ghost.” In four people of opposite party, the old that person opens the mouth to shout, his young is about 40 years old, and between this Seventh Uncle also has very big disparity. „? Your boy a little magical skill, unexpectedly also has heard my name.” The Seventh Uncle looked that said to that person. Smiles the surface ghost seventh child, really lives up to reputation, the legend you to the special inexpensive time that who smiles, that person must die without doubt.” How many you are that do not know that the profound boy, I heard you must protect the cultural relic, what can't you understand to be called the cultural relic? The cultural relic is the value, money, not the words that uses to change money, he did not call the cultural relic, I listened to these people to ask your mnemonics a moment ago, if I have not guessed that wrong, they said should seeks the Longkou Secret Art, that here should seeks the dragon grave.” The Seventh Uncle said here time, on face presented an excitement. Seeks Dragon Jue, that is the Ancient secret. He has not thought that seeks dragon grave unexpectedly here, moreover here unexpectedly also some people know that seeks the Longkou Secret Art. This simply is pleasant surprise. Is impossible, we protected to seek the dragon grave for generations, for does not make him be disturbed by others, if this time is not here is discovered that we will not come.” That young man said. Originally has to protect a dragon clan to exist.” On Seventh Uncle's face presented the excited look. He walks toward that four people directly, knife and pangolin also past. I urged you not to move well, I did not believe you to result in the bullet quickly.” In Seventh Uncle's hand presented a pistol.

Had the skill you to kill us.” That young man shouts. Do not worry, I know you to be able the mnemonics, therefore I will be in front of your, 11 kills other people.” The Seventh Uncle is playing the psychological warfare, he knows that copes person who does not fear death, the best means start to start from his person. He directly has aimed at that 40-year-old person the muzzle, he can look, this person's status in their four people are highest, moreover understands many, therefore he regarded this person is the first goal. We sought the help of country . Moreover the opposite party arrived, if you have killed us, he will not let off your.” That young man said loudly. Right? Do not frighten me with the country, where is he at? Do you make him come out?” Saying that the Seventh Uncle disdains. ! At this moment two coughing suo sounds gently from Seventh Uncle transmits. Excuse me, I in this.” Xia Tian walked from behind directly. He knows that he cannot hide again, otherwise really must kill, these four people may be the patriotic people, if he looks to see somebody in danger and do nothing helplessly, that may not can be justified. What person?” The Seventh Uncle turns head hurriedly, when he sees Xia Tian, inconceivable of whole face: You.. Has not died!” I had not certainly died, if your casual bullet can kill me, that country will not send me to come.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Although the Seventh Uncle does not know why Xia Tian can not die, but his anything great storms have not seen, in his hand has the (spear|gun), he fears anyone. „Haven't you died can be what kind of? A your person, in my hand has the (spear|gun), so long as I take away the trigger gently, you died.” The Seventh Uncle aims at the head of Xia Tian to say the muzzle.

I do not believe that once many people must kill me, but I am also living now.” A Xia Tian face ponders sees Seventh Uncle. The Seventh Uncle was a little also fooled by Xia Tian, he knows that he needed to open fire, if to open fire, he even may not be frightened the (spear|gun) unable to assert with confidence by the imposing manner of opposite party. You court death!” Seventh Uncle angry saying, he cancels to begin afterward directly the trigger, but he saw a person's shadow at this moment. Bang! Bang! The components on (spear|gun) all fell on the ground. What?” The Seventh Uncle imitates Buddha's Portrait is looked monster same looks at Xia Tian, (spear|gun) unexpectedly is torn down by him instantaneously, is this possible? What opening (spear|gun) speed this is. I said that you could not kill me.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that Seventh Uncle said. Asked you to put me!” The Seventh Uncle knelt on the ground directly. Sees his appearance, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, his attitude Xia Tian may be watches, he looked, this Seventh Uncle besides has not killed the heart to the knife and pangolin. Other people in his planning. He may really be a person with kindly face and cruel heart, in dangerous mission, how Xia Tian possibly keeps him in the world. Xia Tian, looked, in we sit in a share of airplane, you have forgiven me.” The knife also knelt on the ground. Do not develop, I followed you, you think that also had will that developed?” A Xia Tian face smiling face visits them.

Seventh Uncle standing up of slowly, he knows that Xia Tian was impossible to let off them. The body of pangolin moved instantaneously, he flushes away to the wall directly, but the Seventh Uncle and knife also directly hid in his behind. Snort, plays this set with me.” Xia Tian rushed to the front of pangolin directly, puts on mountain in addition to start the clockwise movement to move, but Xia Tian is both hands holds his both feet, anti-clockwise has broken off. On this stiffly his strength distortion. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of pangolin that this formidable strength broke off directly his both legs. Pangolin.” The Seventh Uncle ran hurriedly. Seventh Uncle, you did not use hypocritically, I know that you were taking pangolin behind that the blade, the (spear|gun) cannot injure I, did you think the blade energy? Moreover I have not guessed that wrong words, the pangolin and knife are your seven descendants of old ghost, I remember you after my to open fire, had said such a few words, was you have killed your brothers personally, because the treasure was really too attractive, right.” Xia Tian said. Seventh Uncle!” The knife looks to the Seventh Uncle, seems is asking him, Xia Tian said not real. Do not listen his, he is sowing dissension.” The Seventh Uncle said hurriedly. He he, you think that you do have the qualifications that makes me sow dissension?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. I told you, you left are too wild, you know that attractive treasure that I said what was? Since you so do not know profoundly, I deliver you to go to the western heaven.” The Seventh Uncle stands up directly, vision ice-cold looks to Xia Tian.