Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 731

Before Xia Tian comes out, naturally cannot forget also to pick that glove, that glove regarding him, but good thing. But when they come out, more than ten mercenary directly surrounded them. In these mercenary has (spear|gun). Hands over the thing.” mercenary walks up to say directly. Side the Xia Tian four people see these many mercenary with these many (spear|gun)s, wanted to be depressed simply, they have not thought that has circled such Freshman circle, the result was the same, the thing could not preserve. I, if doesn't hand over?” When four people soon despaired, Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. I give you three integers the time, if you do not hand over, you all die, although we do not like killing people, but if you force me, we did not mind actually kills several.” Is a that person said. „, So long as you dare to look up, I ensure you cannot live are leaving this.” Xia Tian said. Is that mercenary of head hears the Xia Tian words slantingly, the corners of the mouth slightly one: You fool me, I look up to you look.” One! That person looks up directly. Xia Tian side that several people have turned very quiet, does not dare to speak. Two! That person continues to look up, he saw on the Xia Tian face to show the smiling face. Three! Looks up three that moment in him, he suddenly discovered that does not have the sound of gunfire, afterward he hears the sound that the body of person pours . Moreover the sound rear-drive came from his body, his is not just his these subordinates! Yeah, I had already urged you, your is impossible to live is leaving from this.” A Xia Tian silver needle tapped into the head of that mercenary leader directly, this group of people disregarded him, was away from he less than ten meters distance, such nearly he, if could not have hit a target, he really should commit suicide. Did not have the honor to go on living. Good. Quite fierce, is this China Expert strength?” Was too fierce, I had not noticed how he gets rid.”

No wonder China will ask him to come.” Side Xia Tian that several person whole faces inconceivable looked that said to Xia Tian. Your several bit faster walk, perhaps I cannot deliver you, happen to these mercenary are drives, you drive their car(riage) to walk, having the enemy must come.” Xia Tian looked that said to their four. Needs to help?” That young man asked. Need!” Xia Tian said. What busy?” That man asked again. You a bit faster run, do not let me divert attention.” The Xia Tian response said. Good.” After that four people boarded, departs directly. Xia Tian stands in same place has not moved, he has taken up a (spear|gun) directly: Paternal grandmother, one barbaric fellows, looked that a father ammunition clip bullet all solved you.” Although has not seen the person. However rocking of Xia Tian from ground can see that some people came, and many. When Xia Tian prepares to start with the (spear|gun). Mahler desert!” Xia Tian abandons the (spear|gun) to turn the head to run. He also thinks that the opposite party is the person comes, but he has made a mistake, is good, tens of thousands of clears the way good, genuine match in good behind. He is only a humanity. It is not Superman. If he does not run, that tens of thousands of can stamp him good instantaneously. „It is not good, here topography was too open, that side goes, that side is the hillside, should unable to come up good.” Xia Tian sees time excited rushing of hillside. But when he runs up to the hillside, he was shocked completely: Meets the martial arts good, no one can block , to continue to run.” Xia Tian starts directly once more.

These good unexpectedly can also rush to the hillside. Mountainous region is not good, then on the rivers, I will not believe will shut good also the qigong.” Xia Tian fast , after crossing the mountainous region, happen to the big rivers, Xia Tian holds in the one breath directly to overrun! This these have not flushed good, but scatters in all directions to go, but the enemy appeared. They wear a cassock, body has a symbol of blood blade. Paternal grandmother, your invalid novel looked, but also studied the priceless Secret Art the blood blade gate.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Hands over the thing, otherwise dies!” These people of blood blade gate directly have become to Xia Tian. Tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, you work as the sickness cat with me.” Xia Tian wears the silk glove in hand, then poses the stance, the preparation fights one greatly, the opposite party has dozens Expert, but Xia Tian only then oneself. A disciple of blood blade gate fires into Xia Tian, a blade chops. Finger of Consonance! Xia Tian double referred to gripped his broadsword directly. dāng! The broadsword broke off directly by the finger of Xia Tian. „The Profound Grade intermediate stage, the strength is good.” Xia Tian secret saying, what he was happier is this silk glove, after he puts on the silk glove, has omitted many Inner Strength. Like this fights, he did not need to be worried about the loss of Inner Strength. If runs into the powerful enemy, Inner Strength automatically will also erupt. After that blade, other blood blade disciples were also directly killed a moment ago to Xia Tian. Come! Actually let me have a look at the blood blade disciples in your deserts to have any skill.” Xia Tian both hands pat directly to their broadswords, under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step displays Pinnacle. His speed complete crush these people. They think each time immediately must Xia Tian wraps surrounded the time, Xia Tian with ease has been separated from their encirclement ring.

dāng! Very strong, unexpectedly is Profound Grade late stage, it seems like that this blood blade gate is not simple.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion, young chieftain unexpectedly has such formidable strength, thus it can be seen, the blood blade gate may really not be affable. Wanting of their strengths in compared with imagination are fiercer. Moreover their blade skill are also very sharp, is not inferior to flying fox blade skill, moreover their blade skill are more suitable to slaughter, vague. One if certainly wants means snatches their blade skill and Inner Strength Core Law, this set of blade skill is very suitable Xia Family armed forces.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, his both hands picked up the attack speed. Kill! He must start to kill people, these fellows will not be softhearted to him . Moreover the Xia Tian one unlucky premonitions, he felt that the opposite party also has Expert in behind. Therefore he must a bit faster solve these fellows. Puff! After five minutes, Xia Tian the Expert head of last Profound Grade late stage will twist directly. Looks to look!” Xia Tian searched for on the bodies of these people, is very regrettable, does not have no Inner Strength Core Law and blade skill. Bang! At this moment, a broadsword dropped from the clouds directly, pounds above the ground, the ground presented the crack, all around stone cracked, the stone that flew hits on Xia Tian painful. Afterward the form appears above the sword together. Tip of the toe of opposite party on the sword, is powerful. Earth Grade Expert!”