Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 732

Sees the opposite party first time, Xia Tian knew to go bad, the place absolutely was preliminary Expert. Appearance that these many Expert where this blood blade gate comes, look at this fellow, probably is also not the Boss.” The Xia Tian vision looks on this person of body. Expert of that blood blade gate looked at around one these corpses of ground! „The person of blood blade gate you also dares to kill, it seems like you want to be eaten the food dead by hundred insects.” That blood blade gate Expert coldly looks to Xia Tian. Blood blade gate, is really such earth name, what status are you in the blood blade gate?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that Earth Grade Expert, the opposite party did not worry to begin in any case, he planned well asks this blood blade gate situation. I am the blood blade gate protector, Sand Ju!” Opposite party proud saying. Protector is the Earth Grade strength, looks that this blood blade gate is not affable.” The Xia Tian first front impact such strong influence, although he has also offended Hidden Sect Expert, but Hidden Sect cannot achieve a strength of protector to have Earth Grade probably. Naturally, Hidden Sect large number of elderly persons, moreover there is the technique of jointly attacking. Therefore Hidden Sect will not be afraid blood blade gate such strength. Boy, kneels down!” Protecting buddhist law of that blood blade gate gives a loud shout, at the same time on him all at once potential directly to Xia Tian. He he!” Xia Tian coldly smiles, murderous aura emits from his within the body, direct and imposing manner of opposite party hits in together, hits in the together instance, the imposing manner of opposite party vanishes into thin air. Em?” Protecting buddhist law of blood blade gate stares slightly, he has not thought that his imposing manner unexpectedly has not crushed front kid, and has a liking for the opposite party also to kill many people probably, body unexpectedly has the murderous aura winding. Also that murderous aura his imposing manner counter-balancing. Has not looked, your boy is skillful, such being the case, I cut off your arm and leg, looked how you also revolt.” Protecting buddhist law of blood blade gate, body falling slowly in the ground a right hand move, the broadsword in ground had been attracted by him. Afterward a blade chops! Inner Strength manifestation.

Substantive blade air/Qi cuts directly to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! A big giant finger empty shade appears in the Xia Tian front, hits with the blade air/Qi of opposite party in the same place, but the finger empty shade has prevented the blade air/Qi moment, not successful counter-balance. Finger of Consonance! The Xia Tian right hand double referred to clamps above the blade air/Qi directly. dāng! Finger of Consonance, is Finger of Consonance, you are the Xia Tianlong successor, ha ha ha ha, is really the day helps me , it seems like that this time I must contribute to the great merit.” That blood blade gate protector excited saying with a smile. „Do you know my father?” Xia Tian doubts looks to protector of that blood blade gate. Understanding, knew certainly, in the past your father and Yin Nie swept away our entire desert, the eyes of my master made to frighten one by your father and Yin Nie, the master was hates to the marrow of the bones to them simply, since you were the Xia Tianlong son, I led you absolutely am great merit.” Protecting buddhist law of that blood blade gate seems was looking treasure same looks at Xia Tian. Volume, it seems like I really am the person who you must find, my father called Xia Tianlong, my master called Yin Nie.” Xia Tian light saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, good, was really good, your unexpectedly had the relations with them, this was really good.” Protecting buddhist law of blood blade gate smiles excitedly. Was a pity that you want to kill me not to be easy, I had just resulted in a treasure, it and my another treasure fused, I want to try its might with you.” In the Xia Tian right hand presented a feather. The feather is very attractive, moreover at this time around feather also presented a small tray. Fused. The peacock plume and made oblique charges to fuse.

Initially when the hand of Xia Tian bumped into the peacock plume, the peacock plume has discovered existence of making oblique charges, therefore the peacock plume on own initiative with making oblique charges to fuse. The peacock plume and making oblique charges after might fusion increases. Beforehand making oblique charges wanted to cope with Earth Grade Expert is really too difficult, only if Xia Tian were also Earth Grade Expert, or the sneak attack of short distance, otherwise was very difficult to succeed, but is now different. The peacock plume made oblique charges in addition is not one plus one equal to two issues. This is.” A blood blade gate protector brow wrinkle. Peacock plume makes oblique charges in addition, double Spirit Tool fusion.” Xia Tian patient answered. Spirit Tool? unexpectedly on your hand is Spirit Tool, it seems like that this time I was developed.” Blood blade gate protector excited saying, greedy that on his face cannot stop, Spirit Tool, that is the most precious object. His time not only can set up a big labor, but can also obtain Spirit Tool, how this can make him not excited. Yeah, artificial wealth dead birds die in pursuit of food.” Xia Tian sighed, afterward starts the peacock plume directly. The colorful ray, this time is no longer transparent, but is the colorful ray, these rays to shoot at the same time in all directions, any Xia Tian has not thought at heart the place that was all attacked. This new peacock plume can have the Xia Tian thought to attack. It is the community attacks, if Xia Tian anything has not thought at heart, then the new peacock plume besides oneself, the surroundings all will be regarded the goal, but Xia Tian object who so long as at heart for does not attack the water default, then that person will not be attacked. Protecting buddhist law of blood blade gate just wanted to use the broadsword to return to base, he discovered that his hand did not listen to direct, was the body, finally his whole person cannot move: This is how possible!” Yeah, act high and mighty will not die.” Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges. Head that the blood blade gate protector high throws, afterward a Xia Tian right hand racket, two sheepskin volumes appear in the hand of Xia Tian.

Blood blade after with blood blade blade skill. Is this thing.” Xia Tian sees this different thing time, on face one happy, he wants these two things. Had these two things, Xia Xue they have cultivation. From the weapon of blood blade gate, they did not rigidly adhere to a standard a moment ago, so long as is the blade, regardless of size. Although Earth Grade Expert is fierce. However in front of formidable Spirit Tool, does not have any ability of hitting back. Cannot think that I do not need to change in the situation of body unexpectedly have killed Earth Grade Expert, but the new peacock plume fused making oblique charges, cannot achieve three salvos, after using one time, the brilliance all vanished.” Xia Tian looked that in begins making oblique charges to say. Does not know how long it needs to restore.” Xia Tian received the new peacock plume. He must deliver to recent special Operations Office this cultural relic now. When the time comes naturally some people connected with. The sky has shone, on Xia Tian the train, nearby this has only been able to ride the train, his side sits in one is hugging child's woman, crying that the child has kept, on the face of that woman is indifferent, does not care about that child. Slave trader?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle.