Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 733

Saw crying that child keeps . Moreover the that woman indifferent look, Xia Tian deeps frown. „Is child your?” Xia Tian looked asked directly to that female. „Do you want to do? The child naturally is my, I warned you, do not want my child's idea.” A that female face vigilant looks at Xia Tian. Train attendant!” Xia Tian is shouting to the train attendant. The train attendants ran over hurriedly. How?” She is a slave trader.” Xia Tian points at that female to say. Do not speak at a venture, you had any evidence saying that I was a slave trader.” That female looked said angrily to Xia Tian: I said that you is a slave trader, you were having my child's idea a moment ago.” Sir, what evidence do you have?” That train attendant asked. You have a look carefully, this package child is 30 does not use, moreover is dirty, you have a look at the child to wear again, can 2-3 years old put on the child of name brand clothes, how possibly to use such broken bedding bag, moreover child's eyes are so big, the skin is so good, you have a look at her again, what is main, which mother noticed that her child has cried, can a response not have.” Xia Tian relied on oneself excellent power of observation to analyze all details. Hears the Xia Tian words, the person of entire compartment all gathered. Slave traders. That most lets one group of people who the person hates, especially on this vehicle had one to throw child's father by chance, he flushed hurriedly, on the cell phone was taking a picture and child contrasts. Was turned, this child was I saw couple days ago online, therefore I the screenshot in the cell phone, you looked.” That man puts out the cell phone to make everybody look. The police came. Child is my, was not turned, you cannot rob my child.” That female shouts loudly.

Is your, went to police station to know.” Xia Tian said. The train shortly after arrived at a station, after arriving, these people must lead to go to the police station the female, at this moment, the female has thrown the child directly, then turn around runs, she throws very high the child. The Xia Tian point of both feet in the ground, a body tuck dive, hugged the child slightly directly in the bosom. But that female has not run, had been blocked by these people of entrance directly, pushes to the ground. Slave trader, she is really a slave trader, kills her.” The mood of scene could not control all of a sudden. The police go forward to stop hurriedly, but that female already hit inadequate human appearance. When that two police the women's morbid leucorrhoea car(riage), Xia Tian also followed, because in this city has to make ready especially Operations Office. Run! From the vehicle four people, had the male to have the female together, they shove open the police directly, then leads that female to run. Really is a gang.” The Xia Tian five silver needles project directly. That five silver needles shoot to fall that five people to the ground directly, but outside police also flushed, five people of direct uniforms, Xia Tian held the child to move toward these police: Earlier returns to his family member's side the child.” Cooperation thank you.” Xia Tian walks toward outside at the back of that jar directly. That police look at to Xia Tian time, suddenly discovered that Xia Tian is very strange, how that thing of his body back sees likely is the cultural relic.

Halts!” That police have blocked Xia Tian hurriedly. How?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that police. What you carry is what thing? Cultural relic? The country forbids to resell the cultural relic.” That police have not pulled out (spear|gun), but blocks directly in Xia Tian front. Who told you me is sells, my this was delivers.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Follows us.” That police do not believe that Xia Tian is delivers really: Goes the police station to walk with us, if you are deliver, goes to our police station to deliver.” Em, is good!” Xia Tian nodded, has free car(riage) to sit, he naturally cannot reject. Afterward he gave Ye Wan to make a phone call clearly, making Ye Wan send for going to the police station to take clearly, made one to go to the airplane ticket of Shenzhen to him again, his next mission place was Shenzhen. Yeah, in the pocket remained 200 dollars, it seems like thinks that means made money.” Xia Tian looks in one capture the pitiful Renminbi, will be good his Young Aunt will pay money because of the fuel oil fee and extra charge of airplane directly, otherwise he may take one second to change a poor wretch. After arriving at the police station, the police gave Xia Tian but actually one cold water. Brother, now looks like you to come to understand that such high person are really not many.” That police noticed that Xia Tian had not revolted at that time, knows that Xia Tian is the sincerity wants to deliver. This is not I delivers, is others delivers, I just am responsible for the convoy.” Xia Tian said. „, You think that you are opens the bodyguard office, but also escorts, perhaps you want to resell, but happen to had been bumped into by us, therefore intentionally said that must deliver, your such person I looked, the ID card took, I must go to you to have the case history.” Sits in saying that nearby long very ugly man disdains. He from small long is very ugly, therefore he, so long as sees to grow gracefully, is not feeling well at heart. Ai ya mother, this is any gadget.” The hand of Xia Tian fell directly on the ground, had a scare. Sees the response of Xia Tian, that police were angry, he most disliked others saying that he was ugly, although Xia Tian had not said that however the response of Xia Tian really made him unable to accept.

You court death, puts out ID card, I suspected that now you are fugitive.” That police looked said angrily to Xia Tian. I think that this thing should be effective compared with the ID card.” Xia Tian has put out own credential directly, the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher. That police noticed that credential both hands of Xia Tian made an effort to give to rip directly: Your unexpectedly also dares to deceive us with the fake card, now the crime may be big.” Bang! moda foka, your unexpectedly dares to rip my credential.” Racket that the hand of Xia Tian makes an effort on table, he first time bumped into such mindless person, unexpectedly directly has ripped his credential. He looked that carefully has not looked, unexpectedly opened rips. Disappears disappearing fire, do not quarrel.” Before that police mediated a quarrel hurriedly. Your managers? Let your managers come.” Xia Tian wishes one could the direct palm of the hand to shout this police. How, do you also want to assault a police officer? I many add a crime to you now, do not call the manager? I called to you, the manager was my maternal uncle, looked that he listened your to listen my.” That man shouts loudly, afterward he calls the manager directly. Here situation attracted many police, but unexpectedly nobody goes forward to mediate a quarrel, only then most starts that person that gives Xia Tian to pour water to console. Father does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, you work as the sickness cat with father.”