Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 734

Installs with both of us, comes, what making me have a look at your this fake card to do is anything, but also the Jiang Hai City Operations Office chief teacher, your movie looked specially.” That man takes up by the credential that he tears into shreds is said. He sees specially Operations Office time, thinks this credential is false, any Operations Office, he has not heard specially, therefore he ripped. Moreover he also wants that this matter to punish this person. unexpectedly dares to display that the movement of exaggeration, resembles him to have really ugly is the same. Even if he ugly, he did not allow others saying that did not allow others to display. „Is your work buys?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that man. How? The manager is my maternal uncle, my maternal uncle arranges to me.” That male very proud saying, his uncle really very good B seems to be same, cow B to has been able to hoodwink the public. Yeah, actually long clown is not your mistake, but comes out to frighten the person is you are not right.” Xia Tian sighed to say. You dare to scold me to be ugly!” That police hear Xia Tian to face directly to sell him to be ugly, this thoroughly could not endure, pulled out the (spear|gun) to kill Xia Tian to be the same. I have not scolded you, don't you always look in a mirror?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Your this is scolding me, I thought that you twisted exactly crookedly.” That police pull out the (spear|gun) directly, has aimed at Xia Tian the muzzle. At this moment the managers of local police station caught up, he noticed that his nephew used the (spear|gun), ran hurriedly. Does?” Maternal uncle, he scolded me.” That police said. What's the matter?” The police inspectors go forward to ask. Manager, this person is delivers the cultural relic, is.” Just started the police who gave Xia Tian to pour water to be also embarrassed the words saying that because this time matter was the nephew of manager is not truly right, but he actually does not know how should say, because could not reach an agreement annoys the troublesome upper body, the nephew of this manager was mixing that became famous.

Nephew who he does not want to offend this manager. Delivers the cultural relic?” The person who the manager brow wrinkle of local police station, delivers the cultural relic on own initiative are not many, moreover in this person metropolis the news, how oneself this nephew will offend such person generally: This gentleman, you can have this consciousness to deliver, the country is certainly will reward to you, the after person in waiting a while museum came, they will also open a certificate to you.” Maternal uncle!” The police of that long clown wanted to say anything. Now is not the matter of cultural relic, your adorable nephew has ripped my credential.” Xia Tian looked that said to the manager of that local police station. What credential? Do you rip others credential to do randomly?” Manager discontented stared his nephew, then said: Is the student identity card or the technical card, will feel relieved in our institute to have the proof to you, when the time comes reissued one to be good again.” Maternal uncle, reissues anything, what he takes is the fake card.” Is longer much that police to say. Vacation? Shows me.” The managers of local police station do not think that their nephew will read the credential the truth. After receiving that credential, the managers of local police station saw on the seal a big national emblem, saw this national emblem time, his brow wrinkle, then he opened the credential. Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher.” Then the right bottom has the steel seal, above has the numerical symbols. Sees the steel seal and numerical symbols time, the managers of local police station felt that the matter is not good, this steel seal and serial number likely are not false, he turns on the computer hurriedly, inputs the numerical symbols above. „The SS level is secret!” Sees only in the system to show that the SS level is secret, sees this SS level secret time, the managers of local police station directly have not thrown down. Only the cadre above the provincial level has the jurisdiction of SS level, but front the person unexpectedly is the SS level. This showed that this credential real, nephew unexpectedly that his does not make every effort to succeed others Senior Official credential ripping, then the matter may be big. You leave to me.” The manager beckons to his nephew directly: Comes to coming.”

Maternal uncle!” The manager nephew does not prefer. You have not rolled to me.” Manager anxious saying , this is good for own nephew, otherwise matter, once noisy ended greatly, the status of this person is not simple. Does not use, I may unable to receive, moreover I had not heard the managers of local police station have the right to arrange the work to others.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the manager brow wrinkle of that local police station, he knows that must have an accident. Your several exit to me!” The managers of local police station waved to other people, hear the words of manager, these people know that the manager could make any shameful deal. After these people exit. Sir, you open a price.” The managers of local police station come straight to the point. What price opens?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to him. How much money, this time matter can consider as finished.” The managers of local police station said. How much money are not good, I was just passed by originally, since however your nephew made me know that had this matter, I must manage one.” Xia Tian does not hope that such malignant tumor continues to harm the country. If this time comes this person is not he, but is others, then, also will some people deliver the cultural relic? Although his impossible clear entire country all illegal activities, so long as he has bumped into, that must manage one. Said that hasn't discussed? Do you believe me, as soon as has shot dead you.” The managers of local police station do not dare to be looked up, he knows, once were looked up, that must die without doubt, therefore he plans to kill front this person. We do not believe!” At this moment the entrance presented one team of people. Local specially Operations Office person.

They go forward directly, when police inspectors have not responded, wiped out his (spear|gun) directly. The manager of that local police station instantaneously by uniform. Summer teacher, hello.” Is one person of head salutes to Xia Tian directly. „Do you know me?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Has not seen, but has heard, I heard you this year matter of final, you are my idol, today department head said that you must come, therefore I personally came, I am here specially Operations Office chief teacher.” „, Hello! The cultural relic gave you.” Xia Tian has given him the cultural relic. Em, summer teacher, this is the department head makes me bring to you.” Xia Tian received the fuel surcharge receipt of airplane ticket and airplane, then nodded. Summer teacher, I sends for delivering you.” Em, is good, happen to is still worrying for this matter.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he looked at his clothes, after the beforehand fight, his clothes has buried selects dirty, but he also knows now does not change the clothes time, waited till the place to say again. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian some suddenly person of to open fire, are that nephew of manager.