Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 735

In Xia Tian and local Operations Office chief teacher chatted specially, nephew to open fire of Xia Tian behind that manager. He knows that one and uncle definitely ended, therefore he dies must draw front this person, when pad back. Dies!.” On the nephew face of manager presented sinister and ruthless. Finger of Consonance! At this moment, Xia Tian turns head instantaneously, his double referred to presented a warhead. Anything!” Sees this time, room inside all people were all shocked. Unarmed grasps the bullet, this was also too terrifying. The local that specially Operations Office chief teacher also by Xia Tian this shocking, two fingers, Xia Tian had used a moment ago only two fingers gripping the bullet, he finally understands now why front person can win the champion. Grasped!” Xia Tian light saying. Catches to me him.” Yeah! Your here public securities were too chaotic.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly. Chief teacher awkward flexure of local Operations Office scratching the head, said to one person specially: Goes to deliver to airport the summer teacher.” The local Operations Office person has delivered to the airport Xia Tian specially. That person all the way to the Xia Tian special respect, asked that Xia Tian is thirsty, is hungry, Xia Tian that had shocked him a moment ago completely, this he to Xia Tian asked all the way east asked the west. However Xia Tian is also patient explanation, this person is a sniper, he also asked matter on many Xia Tian marksmanship and training, Xia Tian told to him one training method, this let him as if one had found a treasure.

Is grateful to Xia Tian all the way. After Xia Tian arrived at the airport, on direct airplane, his side sat a commercial female, she has not shut out the clothes that Xia Tian wears to be dirty. Yeah, is good because of this time has not shut out, the time was also too hurried, changed the time of clothes not to have continually.” Xia Tian secret says with emotion, this probably is he intentionally puts on to resemble to result in like this. Actually he also has cannot say painstakingly. „After having alit from the airplane, I must with the pocket in buys the body clean clothes richly, although adds richly more than 200 point, but can also trade the body newly.” Xia Tian secretly thought. Xia Tian female has put out a book directly. The book title is called, the marketing of world. The females look with great interest. Xia Tian direct eyes closed maintains mental tranquility, is not near to Shenzhen from here, therefore he also plans rest well. Hello, disturbs, what did this two characters read?” Side that commercial female saying of Xia Tian gently. The Xia Tian opening eye slowly looks to two characters that female said: Gluttony ( taotie ) Gluttony? What meaning?” Female puzzled asking. In the ancient times the biology in myth, ninth dragon child one, the analogy was greedy, the meaning of your words has many business extremely in the present benefit, their greedy have been doomed their achievement.” Xia Tian explained to the female: Looked like here said that the stage of world was very big, the genuine marketing pattern was the reputation, this reputation was not you can make how much money, you had how much money, but represented you to contribute how much money, you contributed were more, had more people to know you, moreover everybody is also willing with your such person cooperation.” „, Sir, you think certainly marketing Master?” The females look curiously to Xia Tian.

These so-called marketing Master deceived people, ate meal by the reputation, which marketing Master did you look at to put on my this? Moreover they sit certainly the first-class cabin.” Xia Tian had also heard these so-called marketing Master, they teach in all directions, a class is over ten thousand income, even are more. The content that they teach uses not to be big actually, in the ordinary circumstances they will say that own successful experience, what or present is what life, gives the person who attended a lecture to brainwash with these. Let everybody regard as the goal him, he can more successful brainwashed to everybody. Ha Ha, I also think.” The females show a faint smile, she turned on a record player with Xia Tian. You make the marketing?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the female. Em, the mayor investigates and studies and marketing.” The females said. Xia Tian and female chatted was very happy, the female also very much friendly discussed that she had many questions, Xia Tian 11 explained for him, although Xia Tian understood were not many, but the female thinks Xia Tian said was very right. Finally the female has recorded the Xia Tian mobile number, said that has the opportunity to ask Xia Tian to eat meal, is regarded as thanks Xia Tian. After having alit from the airplane, Xia Tian looked at own pocket, rides the bus to need 20 dollars, thinks carefully that Xia Tian decided that arrives at the city to go. Transportation vehicle basically by walking, this who can believe that I was that have contributed 27 billion dollars local tyrant.” Xia Tian says with emotion, he does not want to go to ask for money with Xu, although these money theoretically are his, only if there is urgent matter, otherwise his one point does not want. Therefore he so will be poor. In the special Operations Office normal condition should pay out the wages to him, but Lin Bingbing actually did good for him, has contributed to him directly, Lin Bingbing thinks that Xia Tian is very rich, has that big Xia Group, naturally cannot be short of money, therefore 15,000 wages all gave to contribute Xia Tian one month. He is very really poor. Otherwise I brush tray, when service person? Washes the lathe worker?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings are calculating, the money in any case winning he did not plan that the words spend, because these money have perhaps made many families be split up, many children did not have the parents.

Although he does not win others also to win, but he is unable to go to the flower directly money that goes to the words gambling establishment to win. „The health of suitable taking a walk beneficial body.” Xia Tian stride is walking forward, only walks in Airport Road, this road usual car(riage) are not many, because the flight is quite centralized, besides going to the car(riage) of airport, did not have other car(riage)s. Is idling bored. Xia Tian starts the matter that remembers ten five Witchcraft Sect buried treasures to open in August: „The Witchcraft Sect buried treasure good thing to be definitely many, when the time comes had a look to find me to need, if can get so far as 1-2 Spirit Tool to be better, when the time comes raised the general to go together, has the Great General, I did not fear these people in Maoshan.” These people in Maoshan were too peaceful. The legend of their perfection was broken by Xia Tian, but their unexpectedly has not retaliated, but is a sound news does not have. This is Xia Tian most is afraid. This looks like tranquility before storm gather. ! The brake sound transmits together, the vehicle happen to stopped in Xia Tian . Moreover the vehicle inclined, has almost broken through two sides guard rails. Handsome fellow , helping, my tire exploded.”