Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 736

Glass inside beauty will search. „Can help, deliver to the city to go me?” Xia Tian asked. Ok, you helped me trade the tire, my slightly your regulation.” beauty said. Good!” Xia Tian patted has clapped to move toward the reserve box of vehicle directly, has put out the hoisting jack and spare tire in reserve box also has the wrench, although he understood to the car(riage) were not many, but traded tire minor matter unable to baffle his. After having changed the tire, Xia Tian boarded directly. Has not looked that your technique is very specialized.” After the females took a fast look around Xia Tian one, drives directly. Em!” After Xia Tian nodded, direct eyes closed maintains mental tranquility. The females noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly closes the eye to sleep, her mood is not all of a sudden beautiful, oneself are big beauty, after letting a he such person of unknown origin boarded, his unexpectedly directly sleeps. Doesn't have the charm? Are unattractive? One are white, rich, and beautiful, is opening white, rich, and beautiful of BMW. But this odd person unexpectedly looked that does not look own. Hateful, I arrive in a big way the air conditioning, I freeze to death you.” beauty twisted directly in a big way the air conditioning in car(riage). The women are such strange, if you stare at her to look that she will feel that you are rascal, to you were vigilant that the heart is very big, but if you do not visit her from the start, she thinks that you disregard her. Quite cold.” The female frozen goose flesh of got up. However she is still enduring, she must disregard her man to awake this frozen. She does not believe such cold air conditioning frozen not to awake this fellow.

„Is this fellow a person, such cold air conditioning unexpectedly can also shoulder.” Root that the females are mad straight itchy. flatter seeps! The females have sneezed. You meet the hand and foot will freeze the hemp, when the time comes drives to have the danger.” At this moment Xia Tian spoke, he has opened the eye slowly. Snort, what's wrong, cold?” Saying that the females disdain. I actually nothing, but I was afraid you one to ruin by freezing, was easy the traffic accident, implicated me.” Xia Tian said. Fear implicates you to get out.” Female discontented saying. „It is not good, outside was too hot.” The Xia Tian rejection said. Makes you ride the free car(riage), your also such many matters.” The females said. Good, you continue such big air conditioning, I feel in any case not in a big way.” Xia Tian has Inner Strength to protect the body, this low temperature did not have anything to injure to him, only if treats under this moist air conditioning for day, he somewhat will be ill. You make me open me to open greatly in a big way, I must heat up.” The females found a reason with great difficulty, raises the air-conditioning temperature hurriedly. After the air conditioning raises, the female was finally moderate. She thinks that she has won, because her succeeded woke Xia Tian. You put to sell the place of clothes me to be OK.” Xia Tian said. That many requests that which your comes, I am not your private car driver, why I listen your, entered the city, you get out to me, continue to walk, can't you walk very much? Walks in Airport Road, you think that you are Superman, bumps into me, you walk for day unable to arrive.” So long as the females hear Xia Tian to speak, wants to counter-attack. She does not know one why, is the man of specially repugnant side, so long as he spoke, oneself must say that won him.

Possibly is because after he boards, from the start has not looked at own reason. „!” Xia Tian thought the female said is also very reasonable, has not refuted. Saw Xia Tian not only has not been angry, but also accepted probably was the same, she felt immediately too does not vent anger, probably was making the primal chaos to be the same, her fist all hit in the vacancy, this feeling was not feeling well. Snort!” Female cold snort , to continue her car(riage): You must buy how much money the clothes, I deliver you to pass.” Has thanked, I have a look at some of my also how much money.” Xia Tian directly Qian Na in pocket, one after another: Altogether 247.” „Do 247 you want to buy the clothes in Shenzhen? You were insane!” The females heard Xia Tian saying that only then 247 dollars time, very surprised, she knows why finally this person on high-speed will walk at the airport, because he cannot take a seat from the start the car(riage). No? Cannot.” Xia Tian said. Should have, but I have not gone to that place.” On the females puts on is name brands, her casual clothes over a thousand, Xia Tian that money anything is not very dry. Good, my oneself look.” Xia Tian said. On you only then these money? Don't you have the card?” Female puzzled asking. No.” After the Xia Tian card lost, he again has not made up. Good, your plan lives, your money, after all have spent, what eats? Lives?” The females felt that Xia Tian is an odd person, in he captures unexpectedly, only then such few money, he must work as the tramp. I have the work, for eating.” Xia Tian said. „, I lead you to look, perhaps that place has to sell.” Women's team Xia Tian is very curious, therefore she plans to deliver a Xia Tian regulation. Xia Tian eyes closed maintained mental tranquility. Saw that Xia Tian must open rests, the female has pushed Xia Tian directly.

How?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to the female. Immediately must arrive at the city, you also rest.” Female very discontented saying. !! At this moment, the female feels the center of gravity displacement of vehicle! „It is not good, the tire gripped.” The complexion of female changes, she has a spare tire, but tire unexpectedly has gripped now, this was also too skillful. The Xia Tian vision looked at one in the surroundings, helpless shaking the head. What person did you offend?” What meaning?” Female puzzled asking. Gripped your tire a moment ago is the new nail, moreover grips directly, in other words some people must grip your tire intentionally, moreover they also know that you at this time process, this time will not certainly have other car(riage) except for you, can therefore grip is so accurate.” This time looks at that type of crowsfeet from the angle of vehicle drift off, because the ordinary nail has gripped, the air/Qi cannot run not to have directly, but running slowly, even if also rouses to the city tire.” What is main is you have a look here wild outskirts range, front unexpectedly has a motor repair station, moreover this service station builds with simple turning the head and wrench, looks not over three days.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the complexion of female changes: Your meaning has unprincipled person to cope with me, they do not plunder the color?”