Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 738

Regarding Xia Tian, is short of money now, but he suddenly does not know that which makes money, now regarding him, is a good opportunity, 3000, wash basin, many when the servers impossible to gain compared with this. Moreover he , if not solve these people, oneself should turn back the city, convenient business why not. Sees the Xia Tian action, these people stare. You did not say that he did have the food?” That Boss very discontented looks to a little brother. Yes, the Boss, these knockout drops were charmed a donkey sufficiently.” The little brother looks puzzled to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has gone down the car(riage), gaining ground slowly: These knockout drops are charmed your stupid people not to have any issue, but wants to be charmed me, probably also falls far short.” The female on vehicle, sees the Xia Tian such aggressive appearance, had an anticipation at heart. She knows that these people easily will certainly not let off her, since they know that own name, that definitely comes prepared, moreover their appearances do not use anything mask, this showed that they prepared to kill itself. She sees such scene in the television frequently, once the opposite party does not bring the mask, that must silence a witness of crime. Brother, I listened to you to say a moment ago that you for 3000 dollars, this, I give you 10,000, this turbid water you did not want.” Is the person of head always felt that Xia Tian is not simple, therefore he plans to draw cash to buy Xia Tian. Normally, these anesthetics can be charmed ten people absolutely, but front person unexpectedly is all right, moreover he noticed that own here has nine people, but he is not only not afraid, unexpectedly also dares to get out. This is not normal. In this situation has two possibilities, the opposite party either is Expert, either is the idiot. 10,000, many.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the heart of that female has one's heart sink with disappointment instantaneously, but has not waited for her to say anything time, Xia Tian also spoke. Money, although is good, but she drew me to be so far, I was not the ungrateful person.” Xia Tian said that moved toward the front of opposite party that several person directly.

VS nine! moda foka, it seems like you being concerned about face.” Was that guy of head lost patiently, who regardless of the opposite party were, he does not believe that an opposite party person can hit their nine, moreover in their nine hands had the weapon. I warned you, I must enlarge incur.” Both hands of Xia Tian have made a strange posture, saw that his posture all people stare. „Isn't he Martial Arts Expert in legend?” The female in car(riage) looks at Xia Tian specially excitedly. These guys hear the Xia Tian words, is the facial expression strange looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian both hands close up, vision looking straight ahead front. Falls the dragon!” Can't? unexpectedly falls the dragon 18 palms, no wonder he can put on so broken, originally he is the masters of confraternity of beggars.” The female in car(riage) already soon excited is not good, her unexpectedly must see that the falling dragon of realistic version 18 held. That several guys see the Xia Tian action, there are ignorant, what to do did not know should. 18!” „, Female looks at both hands of Xia Tian really steadily, she was fantasizing that here a while can depart the coordinated process directly. That several guys are retreat that keeps. Palm!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, that several guys simultaneously have blocked themselves with the arm. But waited a minute the moment they to inspect own body, all right, a matter did not have, in other words in their radically nobody move, but Xia Tian that so-called anything fell the dragon 18 palms, from the start has not blown including the root hair.

„It is not right, comes one time again!” Falls the dragon 18 palms!” Does not have any fluctuation. Falls the dragon 18 palms!” The female in car(riage) has covered her eye, he did not endure to look straight ahead. That Chief confirmed that Xia Tian radically is not Martial Arts Expert, but is an idiot: Is gawking doing, gives on me.” It seems like in drama series is to deceive people, uses Finger of Consonance.” Xia Tian light saying, he tested Inner Strength to gather in both hands a moment ago, but anything fluctuates not to send. Returns Finger of Consonance, your drama series looked, has been him to me.” Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Before Xia Tian double direction, ejects! A giant finger empty shade appears after the midair, hit maliciously on the body of that several person. That several people just rushed to front of Xia Tian, was hit to fly by a tremendous strength, this strength has not stopped, behind that Chief was also hit to depart by it is very far, these bodies of people fell directly in guard rail outside ditch. Yeah! Own Kungfu is reasonable.” Xia Tian said that walks toward front directly, their tires had been torn down, moreover bad, therefore he must speak the tires on these person of vehicles to unload. The female in car(riage) does not dare to open the eye, but afterward she suddenly discovered that outside is very probably peaceful, any sound did not have. Therefore her opening eye quietly, when she opens the eye, discovered that outside the car(riage) anything does not have, a person does not have: „Am I am having a dream?”

Quickly leaves here!” The females started the vehicle directly, when he steps on the accelerator outside has broadcast a sound. My Fuck! you were insane, I am in the changing vehicle wheel.” Outside broadcast the Xia Tian sound, the female looked hurriedly to the car(riage), when saw this familiar form, she thought that did not have a dream, the matter did not have a dream. Can these catch her person? Her little reorganizes own train of thought. The first matter that she remembers falls the dragon 18 palms, will this man fall the dragon 18 palms really? This also too legend? Actually had missed what a moment ago? Good!” After two minutes, Xia Tian boarded! Although the Xia Tian clothes became dirtier, but this female did not shut out him, because Xia Tian has rescued her life. „Do you name?” The females started the vehicle. Xia Tian!” Xia Tian light saying. I listened to you saying that you were work? Also provides food to wrap up, otherwise do you give me to work as the bodyguard? I give you money.” The females inquired, although she does not know that a moment ago what happened, but she determined that certainly was this man has saved her. „It is not good, I promised others, moreover I come work as the bodyguard.” The Xia Tian rejection said. „, That was a pity.” The females said with a sigh, she ask afterward again: You work as the bodyguard to whom? You are so fierce, certainly works as the bodyguard to any big figure.” I do not know that this is the address, making me go to here to find the person on the line.” On Xia Tian is taking a note.