Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 740

Butler not only has not gotten rid to Xia Tian, instead is politely calls Xia Tian for the gentleman. Em, I am!” Xia Tian nodded. Young lady very depressed, she does not understand that between Butler and this people have any relations, why will call this person is the gentleman. Butler, you hit him, you had not noticed that he is bullying me.” Young lady depressed saying, although the opposite party is Butler, however the status of opposite party is not low, moreover this Butler is her parents must show due respect for the feelings. Sir, you let loose young lady.” Butler awkward saying. „!” Xia Tian nodded, then looked that said to that young lady: Your gets sick I to continue to give you to govern next time, first discussed the proper business is important.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the young lady has almost not irritated, this fellow was simply shameless to not side, his unexpectedly also wants to trace itself, was really is too not concerned about face, but she also looked, Butler took seriously this person probably very much. Therefore she has not spoken, but has a look at the situation first, she will be definitely will not let in any case off this fellow. When had she been sexually harassed by others? No matter. This hateful fellow not only has traced her, but also said the matter to see her, nonsense, she must teach this fellow well. Your several, a bit faster stand to me, this is Mr. Xia, later cannot block.” Butler reproved. Later? Hears the later these two characters time, young lady's heart has one's heart sink with disappointment, why after will have? Will this hateful fellow, later come also? Thinks of here, root that the young lady hates straight itchy. Two securities saw that Butler is so polite to Xia Tian, their backs all are the cold sweat. Was good had not projected on Xia Tian because of them a moment ago, otherwise their work may lose. Here works to be possible very to have the face, they usually exited with others saying, that conceited soared to the heavens, even also some younger sisters on own initiative contacted them, this was does obeisance this work to bestow.

If this work lost, their these corona will vanish completely. Enters to the villa, Xia Tian felt that is cooler, outside temperature is too high, in the room has the air conditioning. Moreover interior decoration in room is very neat, making people feel that entered during the bosom of sea. Mr. Xia, was laborious.” After going to the living room, hand signal that Butler has made invitation. Has the food, I was hungry, comes to select cool drinking again, 82 years of Raphai on the line, does not use too well.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hey, your anything person, this is my family, you come up to eat to drink.” Young lady very discontented saying. You give Mr. Xia to prepare to eat, has a look to bring to Mr. Xia who in the refrigerator has anything to drink.” Butler said that looked said to the young lady: Young lady, this is your bodyguard.” Bodyguard? I do not want the bodyguard, especially this shameless fellow.” The young lady stands up directly said loudly. Young lady, this is the master arranges.” Butler said. I give my father to telephone!” The young lady has put out the cell phone directly, has dialed her father's mobile number. Treasure, remembered me calls.” Father! I do not want that bodyguard, he is pervert, shameless, obscene fellow.” The young lady more scolded the language more. Hears her words, the heavy line of Xia Tian whole face. This young lady's language was also too sharp, opens mouth flat not being worth a red cent. Treasure, should not be angry, Mr. Xia is Expert, the father expenditure very big painstaking care invites.”

„It is not good, I must dismiss him, I do not need him to protect.” The young lady shouts loudly. Treasure, do not make, you also know that the father was conducting a very important research recently, most over 15 days, the research cannot end, when the time comes did not need Mr. Xia to protect you, but these 15 days you must keep close with him.” Father.” Is obedient, the father anything matter can promise you, this matter is not good, I and your mother have reached an agreement, several days later our cell phones must close down, had any matter you to look for Butler on the line.” After the young lady has hung up the telephone, a grievance of face. Young lady, you coordinate Mr. Xia, he also from coming from far away, is very laborious.” Butler consoles to say. Good, leaves behind the line, but must sign my 108 unequal treaty.” The young lady looked that said to Xia Tian: Cannot enter my room, usually cannot leave own room, cannot be too dirty, cannot move heedlessly my any thing, cannot initiate a talk with me, cannot.” Young lady's eloquence is very good, her unexpectedly said 108 not equal treaties. But when she said that she turns the head to look to Xia Tian, discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly has fallen asleep, saw has fallen asleep Xia Tian, young lady's anger could not control, she felt that she must kill people. She said such quite a while, finally this fellow unexpectedly is sleeping. You give me to get up.” The young lady arrives at the ear of Xia Tian to shout loudly. Ah!? Served a meal?” Xia Tian opens the eye time looks to all around. Served a meal? Hears these three characters time, the young lady almost collapsed, whom this fellow did not have, opened eye unexpectedly to ask that served a meal. Nearby Butler shows a faint smile: Mr. Xia, has a drink!”

„! I also think that served a meal!” Xia Tian takes up the drinks on table to drink directly. „Haven't you who I said a moment ago all heard?” Young lady's complexion is pale, she has spent that many brain cells, finally an opposite party unexpectedly character has not listened. What did you say?” Xia Tian places on the jar in hand front small table. I must kill you, I said that many your unexpectedly have not listened.” Young lady's lung must explode with rage. „, Has not related, you can say again, said in any case also spoke in vain.” Xia Tian will not observe her these unequal treaty, what is his present status? Personal Expert. What is personal? Is the body must paste in one. Mr. Xia, that side that is your room, room inside has the clean clothing and changes and washes, after you take off, some people will tidy up to you, our family young ladies are called Murong Xiaoxiao, you can call her, her recent several days security problem gave you.” Butler to Xia Tian that polite. „! Does not have the issue!” Xia Tian smelled the fragrance of food, walks toward the kitchen directly. „Didn't Butler, have really chooses?” Young lady puzzled asking. Did not have!” Butler said: Eats meal together.” Afterward they moved toward the position of dining room directly, when they arrive at the dining room, was shocked completely, Murong Xiaoxiao was soon insane, her angry shouting: I must dismiss you.”