Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 741

Murong Xiaoxiao and Butler arrive at dining room time discovered that the dining room is one piece in confusion, eight vegetable and a pot food are all clean, this less than two minutes. Xia Tian unexpectedly all finished eating these things, moreover what is main is which his comes that big belly to have these things. Rice bucket! This is the first glossary that Murong Xiaoxiao thinks. This fellow is a full rice bucket, these meals suffices 56 people to eat, but he all gave to eat. Murong Xiaoxiao both hands fork waist angry looks at Xia Tian: Your rice bucket glutton, you have all eaten our things, I must dismiss you.” Volume, you also eat, I also think that does to me.” Xia Tian has patted own belly, very satisfied saying. Butler, you have a look at him quickly, this capacity for food anything others must eat poorly, must dismiss him.” Murong Xiaoxiao had found a excuse with great difficulty, said with Butler hurriedly. Has not related, your father said that his all expenses are left by your father.” Butler shows a faint smile. Irritated me, irritated me.” The young lady was mad directly went out of dining room. Mr. Xia, you do not mind that this is my name card, if you have any need, can call me, can make the driver help process, for these days young lady gave you.” Butler to Xia Tian is very polite. Although he does not know the Xia Tian status, but he understands that this time matter is related with the country, even including these figure of national most peak, very regards as important to this matter. Therefore the country will send for protecting Murong Xiaoxiao. The country knows the importance of this matter, therefore the country sends certainly is Expert. Although Xia Tian seems the age is not big, and has not displayed other abilities besides eating, but he believes the person who the country sends absolutely is Expert. „! That is all right, I first slept.” Xia Tian has patted own belly, then went back to own room. Murong Xiaoxiao like this sat in the living room sees Xia Tian to enter the bedroom!

She must be irritated. Pig, is a pig, ate to the full resting, rested full eating, added that was any Expert, I looked that besides can eat does not have any skill.” Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly has slept, ten points disaffection. She more looked that Xia Tian more is angry: Hateful, I can think that means drive away you.” Butler walked. Murong Xiaoxiao sat a meeting in the living room, played has met Ipad, the feeling was very bored, the thoughts that she has not played, all her thoughts on Xia Tian, how she are all wanting to expel Xia Tian. But has thought the half of the day has not thought of any good means. Was right, I can look for Xuanxuan, Xuanxuan has certainly the great idea.” Murong Xiaoxiao thinks Xuanxuan time, on the face had the happy expression, afterward she has put out the cell phone. She gave her best sisters Xuanxuan to make a phone call. She a lot of grievance all said that to Xuanxuan, Xuanxuan is a very good listener, this has listened to Murong Xiaoxiao to complain. Said?” Telephone that has broadcast Xuanxuan's voice. Em, said.” Murong Xiaoxiao said. Actually your father also said that this person most 15 days will walk, you endured his 15 days to be good, 15 days later he naturally walked.” Xuanxuan said. „It is not good, my day could not endure.” Murong Xiaoxiao said. You, now in fit of temper, or you come out to ventilate, asks me to come, we exit to take a stroll, like this your mood can many.” Xuanxuan opens the mouth to say. Good, my this asks you to go, making that dead pig rest.” Murong Xiaoxiao said that walks toward outside directly: Driver, leading me to go to Xuanxuan that.” Was good, Young lady.” The drivers drive.

Murong Xiaoxiao left family mood to be much better, because she can not need to see that repugnant person finally. But when she opens the vehicle door, the whole person was all shocked. You how in this?” Murong Xiaoxiao saw Xia Tian, Xia Tian is sitting in behind of vehicle at this time, she thinks one can throw off Xia Tian to exit to relax, but has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly here. This really fantasy. Xia Tian just obviously slept in the bedroom, but why suddenly will appear in the car(riage) now. The drivers looked the car(riage) key in own hand also stares, because the vehicle should be a moment ago locks is right. I naturally in this, I am your personal bodyguard.” Xia Tian very optional saying, oneself are the personal bodyguard, anything is called the personal bodyguard, is personal, that keeps close. I must look for the friend of mine, you give me to get down.” Murong Xiaoxiao looked said angrily to Xia Tian. From now on, I can keep close side you, this is my mission.” Xia Tian light saying. Why? You are defined that my personal freedom, I am authorized you.” Murong Xiaoxiao said. Goes.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Young lady.” The drivers look awkwardly to Murong Xiao. Drives! When he does not exist.” Murong Xiaoxiao said directly. The drivers continue to drive, Xia Tian sits in the car(riage) continues eyes closed to maintain mental tranquility. Saw that Xia Tian has rested, Murong Xiaoxiao wishes one could to choke to death Xia Tian directly, she soon had been wild with rage by Xia Tian. A Xia Tian day probably except for resting, ate.

Hey, do not rest!” Murong Xiaoxiao was really unable to continue watching. Ate meal?” Xia Tian opens asking of eye doubts. Eats, your has Tiantian besides resting and beside eating also had other liking?” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented saying. Has.” Xia Tian said. Mentioned listens.” Murong Xiaoxiao has not thought of this odd person unexpectedly besides resting and eating, other hobby. Picks up the little girl.” Xia Tian serious saying. Depends on you, but can also pick up the little girl?” Murong Xiaoxiao disdains looked at Xia Tian one. Xia Tian had not answered, although Murong Xiaoxiao long is also very good, but compared with Lin Bingbing and Zeng Ruo and the others, appeared does not have what characteristics, if must say her characteristics. That is that mole in eyebrow, is very beautiful. That mole is a mole. In the eyebrow the storehouse bead to say. But her present is not old, if crosses again several years, she absolutely is the beautiful woman semifinished product. „, Did not acknowledge in a moment.” Murong Xiaoxiao does not pay attention to Xia Tian, but turns head to look at the cell phone: Flash news, Island Country unexpectedly has attacked Jiang Hai City, moreover over ten thousand people, they must snatch any hat probably, shit, Island Country this is plans to make war.”