Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 742
Sees this headline time, Murong Xiaoxiao saw the flash news simply. But this news the headlines of various present places. Was too fierce, our countries were really too fierce, now this news on the international flash news, Island Country has sent out over ten thousand different people blatantly, simultaneously sneak attacked various Jianghai places, was their less than half day by the uniform.” Murong Xiaoxiao looks this news surprised was not good. She had heard before her country is a sacred state. Regardless of any enemy so long as steps into China, is impossible to live departure. This time she has experienced fierce of China. Young lady, actually everywhere does not look like Jiang Hai City to be so good, although our countries are very fierce right, reason that but I hear Jiang Hai City can such fiercely be think that Xia Group Boss reason, I listened to others saying that now entire Jiang Hai City during his protection, even if were a fly cannot fly, moreover nobody dares in the Jiang Hai City crime, present Jiang Hai City to turn into a law and order prevail place.” The front driver said. Xia Group? What you said was that has contributed 27 billion Xia Group?” Murong Xiaoxiao stares slightly. Is that Xia Group, that Xia Group Boss is very mystical, nobody knows that who he is, but entire Jiang Hai City rapidly has developed now, economy or livelihood of the people.” The drivers continue to say. Good fierce person, a person can change a development of city.” Murong Xiaoxiao says with emotion. Murong Xiaoxiao is interested in this mysterious person. I once listened to the person saying that is the hearsay, some people said that Xia Group Boss is just one about 20 -year-old man.” Driver mysterious saying. What? 20-year-old man? Is this possible? Is he a second generation of rich?” Murong Xiaoxiao asked again. Naturally, he was not a first generation of rich.” The drivers said. If he is a 20-year-old man, I marry him.” Saying of Murong Xiaoxiao face worship, the person in such legend she worships must die. She does not know that by the person who she worships, sits in her side.

Xia Tian hears the words of female, has put out the cell phone. Cannot telephone.” Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian must call to say hurriedly. I just am your bodyguard, is not your male favors.” Xia Tian said that has dialed Xu directly mobile number: Xu, the situation is what kind.” Scene controlled, but this Island Country came many Expert.” Em, do not treat it lightly.” Relax, we prepared, they came us to kill one.” Em, be careful.” Xia Tian said that has hung up telephone directly. „, Mystical, aren't you a bodyguard? What skill can? Mentioned listens.” Murong Xiaoxiao looked that asked to Xia Tian. I biggest skill can eat to rest.” Xia Tian said. Really is a pig.” Saying that Murong Xiaoxiao disdains. Murong Xiaoxiao no longer responds Xia Tian. Young lady! Miss Xuanxuan in front.” The drivers know Xuanxuan, he knows young lady and relations between Miss Xuanxuan, moreover has seen Xuanxuan many times. Xuanxuan!” Murong Xiaoxiao opens the glass, waved to Xuanxuan. On you front the copilot sits.” Murong Xiaoxiao said directly.

Xia Tian has not spoken, gets out to walk toward the front copilot directly, when he gets out, Xuanxuan has sized up his up and down, then boarded. Xia Tian also looked at Xuanxuan one eyes, Xuanxuan's is very good, moreover puts on is very fashionable, looks like a tender mold is the same. Xiao, is this handsome fellow the bodyguard who you said?” After Xuanxuan boards, said directly that as if has regarded the air Xia Tian, said does not cover up. Which commander-in-chief, he is a pig!” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented saying. Hears his words, Xia Tian turned head directly: I told you, you were the personal attack, my long commander-in-chief was obvious to all.” Your which commander-in-chief, you are not graceful!” Murong Xiaoxiao childish saying. Was good, Xiao.” Xuanxuan saw appearance that Murong Xiaoxiao consoles to say hurriedly. Good, looks in your face, I do not haggle over with him.” Murong Xiaoxiao asked. Miss Xuanxuan, you were really more and more attractive, if my young 20-year-old words, I pursued certainly you.” The drivers open the mouth to tease. You, if the young 20-year-old words, I pursue certainly you.” Xuanxuan also cracks a joke with driver Master, they have been used to it, was the old acquaintances. Xuanxuan, what to do you said that you have a look at him, with tagalong, which him I goes to probably with.” Murong Xiaoxiao very discontented saying, although Xia Tian sits in front, but her a meaning of covering up does not have. Simply was saying. You, others sit in such near position, you also said him.” Xuanxuan's helpless shaking the head. All right, his face is thick-skinned, otherwise he was already said by me.” Murong Xiaoxiao very optional saying. Was good, should not be angry, we go to the recreational area in market to play a meeting.” Xuanxuan said.

Murong Xiaoxiao nodded, afterward driver Master has arrived at the position of market the car(riage), which Master is very clear the market that they must go to is, thinks each time Murong Xiaoxiao sad time, will come to here. Young lady, I stop the car(riage) in front, after you come out, shouted me to be good.” Driver Master said. After two females got out, walks toward behind of market directly, they must go is not the market, but is behind the market amusement street, this amusement street is small alley, is not big. However here has actually written all over the childhood. Although Murong Xiaoxiao and Xuanxuan are the children of wealthy families, however their childhoods are not happy, their childhoods passed during the piano and dance. Walks, hits (spear|gun)!” Murong Xiaoxiao said. Good Ah! Xuanxuan to hear to fire the (spear|gun) excitedly also specially. Xia Tian anything had not said that such static following in they two, was quick their two to arrive at one to hit the place of (spear|gun). This so-called hitting (spear|gun), is the puttyblower hits the balloon, from 20 meters away, will hit to explode the balloon to have the gift with the bullet, the balloon will be farther is smaller, the gift will be more expensive, although will say is precious, but majority will be only the cloth dolls. Murong Xiaoxiao throws 200 dollars directly, then takes up a puttyblower. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! She and Xuanxuan has fired five (spear|gun)s, 200 bullets have fired off, but her unexpectedly anything has not hit. Feels disappointed, also has not hit.” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented saying, she looked at the vision at this moment to Xia Tian: You come.”