Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 744

Xia Tian feels somewhat reluctantly, no matter what are also the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher, Profound Grade late stage Expert, moreover champion of national specially Operations Office final. But now Murong Xiaoxiao unexpectedly is accompanied her to play this CS game by oneself. After entering the competition range, Xia Tian looked for a covert place directly, then depended to sleep there, here was very big, they will definitely get a meeting, moreover was the scoring, finally whose paintball were few, who won. Optional both sides come up mutually to start to get ready. Your pig, only arrives to rest, do not think that your we could not have won.” Murong Xiaoxiao very discontented saying. Xuanxuan looked at Xia Tian one, has not said anything. They change a camouflage clothing now, in the hand were taking the stage prop (spear|gun), threatens. At this moment Murong Xiaoxiao felt own incarnation for female Special Force, she had been fantasizing own marksmanship will have how mysteriously, she has prepared the mood: Walks, Xuanxuan, I can certainly completely routed that the enemy hits.” At this time Murong Xiaoxiao specially excited. „!” Appearance that Xuanxuan sees Murong Xiaoxiao, is not cruel enough to attack her. After all the opposite party is an important goods man, their several women possibly are how victorious the opposite that group of men. But Murong Xiaoxiao now the morale surges upward. Moreover Murong Xiaoxiao was not happy, such late night patrol eng lets him happily. Walks, Xuanxuan, on us, making that dead pig have a look at our abilities.” Murong Xiaoxiao said that rushed directly, Xuanxuan also has to follow her footsteps. They ran 35 minutes of time, has been able to see the match. Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that the person was very excited, directly flushed, this clashes directly became the living target of opposite party. Ping! She has not waited for to open fire, the body was hit more than ten paintball. These paintball right in the face gave to be perplexed her directly. Xiao.” Xuanxuan flushed hurriedly, pulled back Murong Xiaoxiao, finally she was also hit several, the females in several other places the condition is not good at this time, they were too excited.

Finally by opposite that several male direct fires. But that two females also casually hit. This enjoying oneself to the full. The eight men protect, how their two can be said as wants to hit how hits. Xiao, you are all right!” Xuanxuan asked hurriedly. I am all right, these bullets are not sore, but was too depressed, my (spear|gun) has not hit, was fired these many (spear|gun)s.” Murong Xiaoxiao very depressed saying. She also thinks one can how on big, finally finally ends up to turn out so is out, she also thinks a moment ago one certainly are female Special Force, or the female agent, the marksmanship is enthralled. Three (spear|gun)s exit, all does but actually. But now these paintball tell her, if this is the genuine battlefield, she died in battle. Moreover quickly made into the hornet's nest. We withdraw, otherwise they one will flush.” Xuanxuan said. „It is not good, I must hit them.” Murong Xiaoxiao directly flushed, is this time is more miserable, she just flushed, together was hit by ten people, she removed hurriedly: I have decided that we first remove.” Em!” Xuanxuan and Murong Xiaoxiao remove to behind. But the opposite firepower is more and more fierce, they incessantly are also going forward. Hey! We must lose, you also sleep.” Murong Xiaoxiao arrives at side Xia Tian angry saying. Child crosses the game of each family I not to have the interest.” Xia Tian is disinclined to respond her. At this moment! Opposite woman, you surrenders, depends on you radically is not our matches.” Opposite these male direct shouts loudly.

„Have you heard, they were calling your woman.” Saying that Murong Xiaoxiao adds inflammatory details directly. moda foka, anyone, who dares to scold the father!” Xia Tian one hear has stood directly. Opposite, on, you kill them to go.” Murong Xiaoxiao said loudly. The Xia Tian right hand lifts the stage prop (spear|gun) directly: Paternal grandmother, dares to scold father is a woman, it seems like must teach your this group of brats.” Bang! Bang! Bang! His body directly fast shuttle. Saw Xia Tian to move, them that several females all looked to him, because he was in this team the only male, moreover he has been sleeping a moment ago. Now they had been pressed main house gate. This male got rid. Bang! Ping! Xia Tian opens the speed of contending to be quick, moreover is very accurate, is less than one minute, he has polished ammunition clip paintball, an ammunition clip is 100 rounds, but at this time the opposite these people were frightened by him. Because the Xia Tian marksmanship was good, who appears hits anyone. Sisters, counter-attacked!” Xia Tian loud shouting. These females hear the Xia Tian words, ran, especially Murong Xiaoxiao, she now specially excited, she has been pursued hitting a moment ago, now finally can come out. The opposite person noticed that the situation is not good, finds out the fire. But they come out, one randomly was hit by Xia Tian. Made that on them is paintball. Moreover the present is to suppress the opposite party hits, although Xia Tian behind these females the marksmanship is not much, but they hit randomly, undifferentiated attack, is very depressed. Withdraws!”

These people can only withdraw finally. They withdraw, Xia Tian leads nine females to clash forward. Runs, you run.” Murong Xiaoxiao excited shouting, she depressed feeling completely vanished now, this time felt really one are female Special Force, female agent. Opposite party made company that she hit unable to lift. The opposite wild incomparably two females now quickly have made into the ash-tray a moment ago. The body everywhere is paintball. Now this feeling was really too crisp, they have compelled to return to one's old home the opposite party ten people. Opposite woman, you surrenders, depends on you radically is not our matches.” Xia Tian shouts directly. Hears the Xia Tian shout, the opposite person has almost not irritated. Opposite woman, you surrenders, depends on you radically is not our matches.” At this moment, Xia Tian behind these female students also shout. This may soon be wild with rage the opposite person, but now they, as soon as crops up is hit by Xia Tian, that nine females are also bullets in not the parsimonious hand, sees the person on hitting of breaknecking. What to do? Our eight male, if loses to the opposite, that may really be too disgraced.” Has spelled, I several 123, we appear together, faces specially that male, making him so wild.” One! Two! Three!