Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 745

Shouts three times, these people cropped up to together. But they have not waited for to open fire time, Xia Tian is one beats severely, other nine females are also not the parsimonious bullets sweeps crazily, that ten people thorough was perplexed. Toot toot! The whistling sound resounded! The competition ended! The team of that eight man lost, lost to had a team of man. Although earlier Murong Xiaoxiao they are the inferiority, but their bullet holes add also less than 100, Murong Xiaoxiao have contributed more than 40, but the paintball quantities of opposite party these people added more than 500. Ends the victory. Xia Tian they end the victory. Their here naturally is cheers one piece, that several females have encircled Xia Tian directly, has offered own hug. Won is a very happy matter. However Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian is so popular, moreover is one group of women gathers round, her mood very got up all of a sudden, she felt that resembled own any thing to be robbed was the same. Although she must expel Xia Tian, now is also so, but her present mood very gets up. Xiao, we have won, you are how unhappy.” Xuanxuan's puzzled asking. Snort, you have a look at his appearance, enjoys, I do not need the person protection like this, we walk.” Murong Xiaoxiao said that walks toward outside directly. Xia Tian saw that Murong Xiaoxiao leaves, he followed hurriedly, he does not dare the person with throwing. These females saw Xia Tian to walk, followed, wanted the Xia Tian number, filled own number to Xia Tian. After Xia Tian has changed the clothes simply, was waiting for Murong Xiaoxiao in that.

After Murong Xiaoxiao and Xuanxuan changed the clothes, from changing the clothes in walked: Snort! Your that gang female fans?” Volume!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, he had not controlled a moment ago, the small performance a strength, has been finally charmed these women. Handsome fellow, remembers that calls me.” At this moment a female walked from the fitting room, has thrown a coquettish look to Xia Tian. Handsome fellow, in the evening I at home.” Another female very her upper body said. We walk!” Murong Xiaoxiao stamped the ground with anger, then to draw Xuanxuan to walk. Xia Tian has with. „Do you with do? That did not tell you a moment ago, she a person at home, what you had a look at her show to become in the evening.” Murong Xiaoxiao angry saying, although she does not know one are why angry. May be the acquisitive instinct of woman. Even if she wants to dismiss Xia Tian, she does not hope that others turn Xia Tian. The man who especially because she cannot have a liking for actually has become in others there the sweetie pie, this keeps her from accepting, this probably was saying that she had the issue to be the same. I am your personal bodyguard.” Xia Tian serious saying. Xiao, should not be angry, which do we go to play?” Xuanxuan consoles to say hurriedly. Does not play, goes home!” Murong Xiaoxiao has made a phone call to the driver directly, then walks toward outside. After boarding. Xuanxuan, you do not go home, goes my family with me, otherwise I worried that this pervert will make any illegal action to me.” Murong Xiaoxiao is very intentionally big, she who the sound said was away from Xia Tian to be so near, actually she very much low voice said that Xia Tian can also hear. However she intentionally said that is so loud. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is eyes closed maintains mental tranquility.

Xiao!” Xuanxuan consoles to say hurriedly. Snort, he is through big pervert, if did not fear that disturbs the father, I make certainly the father fry his squid, making him not work, finally starves to death he.” Murong Xiaoxiao was saying wickedly, she said to the Xia Tian direction intentionally. Xuanxuan knows one urged to be also useless, therefore she has to choose silent. The vehicle sailed to slowly, the villa of Murong Xiaoxiao family! Big. Big. The young lady is good!” The thin people salute directly. I went back to sleep, had the matter not to call me!” After Xia Tian got out, moved toward own room directly. You is a pig, except for resting eats.” Murong Xiaoxiao looks that the Xia Tian back said. Xiao! Actually he is also good, the long charm, the skill is also good, moreover very has the personal connection.” Xuanxuan answered. „Weren't you will have a liking for him?” Murong Xiaoxiao looks with the strange look suddenly to Xuanxuan, she felt suddenly today's Xuanxuan is not right, Xuanxuan not only does not help her speak, but also her unexpectedly also helps the opposite party speak. This is not Xuanxuan's attitude. She this suspicion, Xuanxuan is not will have a liking for Xia Tian suddenly. You talked nonsense anything, I have seen one side him.” A Xuanxuan's small face red, hurried argument said that but she felt suddenly one said quite weak, in fact, she has not thought. However by Murong Xiao such a saying, she probably is the child who makes the mistake is the same. Sees Xuanxuan to blush, Murong Xiaoxiao was angry: „Won't you have a liking for him really? Or is your face so why red? Xuanxuan, I warned you, you cannot have a liking for him, you were help my, you cannot turn into one group with him.” I do not have!” Xuanxuan felt one are quite undeserved. They chatted a meeting in the living room, went to the bedroom. After Xuanxuan Murong Xiao knocks it off bedroom inside, starts to listen to Murong Xiaoxiao plan, Murong Xiaoxiao imagination is very rich, for example anything intoxicates, intimidates, to tempt with the promise of gain, even Se tempted her to come out.

Moreover one set of perfect plans. To expel her family Xia Tian. Finally she felt one said were too many, therefore takes to begin a stroke to write, all wrote down, even there is a perfect program that she said a moment ago. I said was a little thirsty, I take the drink.” Murong Xiaoxiao ran directly. Ah! At this moment the cry transmits together. Xuanxuan ran hurriedly. Your rascal, the rascal, you a moment ago unexpectedly in the bath that in my bathroom wrote, bath towel.” Here time Murong Xiaoxiao to run into the bathroom directly: Ah!! I must dismiss you, you walk to me!” Murong Xiaoxiao angry shouting. „Do you do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Who makes you go to my bathroom to take a bath? Moreover your unexpectedly also dares to use my bath towel, that is I special-purpose.” Murong Xiaoxiao thinks that own bath towel by this most repugnant man with, her was felt the whole body is uncomfortable. Moreover in own bathroom also many privacy goods. I must take a bath, outside does not go to the bathroom to go.” Xia Tian white Murong Xiaoxiao eyes. You opened eye to favor to me, in this room had three bathrooms, this bathroom was my.” Murong Xiaoxiao angry shouting: Now said that anything is not good, I must dismiss you.”