Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 746

Murong Xiaoxiao has been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. Xia Tian first day has used her bathroom, that has not then known that what happened. Therefore she must drive away this hateful fellow. In her bathroom looked by Xia Tian, above may have ***, the goods of many privacy, she usually the most commonly used bath towel was also given by Xia Tian with. How this lets her not to be angry. If continuation makes Xia Tian treat, finally perhaps her room and this family's all will be wrested away by Xia Tian. You were dismissed by me.” Murong Xiaoxiao said. „!” After Xia Tian complied with one, went to the refrigerator to take one bottle of drink to drink directly. You had been dismissed, your unexpectedly also dares to move my family's drink.” Murong Xiaoxiao angry saying. You have not dismissed my right, therefore you said that I listen.” After Xia Tian takes up the drink, sat on the sofa directly, started to change the stage, watched the television, saw the Xia Tian leisurely appearance, Murong Xiaoxiao was more indignant. You are waiting to me, I will dismiss sooner or later your.” Murong Xiaoxiao stamping the feet direct turn around returned to own room. Xia Tian sat there watches the television. Mr. Xia.” Butler led some people to walk. Butler.” Xia Tian responded. Mr. Xia, these people are install to monitor, around this villa all places I sent for installing the monitoring, some small corners I have installed, to avoid monitoring is destroyed, I have installed the small monitoring in the small corner.” Butler has given a Xia Tian remote control: Left side of you that television with coming to see monitoring, right television spare.” Around wall also has the electrical network.” Butler said.

These things the use are not big regarding the person who really wants to come.” Xia Tian light saying. These I know, therefore also wanted exhausted Mr. Xia you, I have brought this to you.” Butler has given Xia Tian a package, after Xia Tian opened has wrapped, showed a faint smile: Hawk of two desert, bullet 200 rounds, good.” Hopes that these things can provide some convenience for gentleman.” Butler said. Butler appropriateness that very all prepare, his thoughts are very meticulous, moreover he also knows that certainly will have the enemy to come, therefore he has rushed about outside for these days, to let here is safer. His mission protects Murong Xiaoxiao, does not make her receive any injury. Especially now this very special period. This plays using the place is not small.” Xia Tian has placed the body the hawk and the bullet desert, the (spear|gun) is how easier-to-use than the silver needle, the might is big. „, If in the necessary situation, you can request the young lady not to permit to leave this house, this is the master tells.” Butler said. Makes her not leave this house, she will feel stifled, but does here present food suffice?” Xia Tian most cares is food and water source issue, he cannot Tiantian be these things worries. Relax, meets entire, even if eats for two months not to have the issue at your capacity for food, moreover in the warehouse is the monitoring, has any change you to discover with ease.” Butler arrangement appropriateness of. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. He is very satisfied to this Butler, he works to the person a safe feeling, looks like Xu is the same, what mission regardless of Xia Tian gives him, he can relaxed completion. I must exit!” Murong Xiaoxiao said directly. Does not need to greet with me.” Xia Tian said. Snort!” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented snort, then returned to the room to tidy up, half childhood, she tidied up with Xuanxuan, their two putting on not attractive, probably must attend any dance party to be the same.

Murong Xiaoxiao and Xuanxuan were a white skirt, the skirt are very attractive, serve as contrast their noble, made their skins appear whiter and tenderer. Especially Xuanxuan, has put on her after high-heeled shoes, appears has the makings specially. Her itself has one meter about 75, in addition high-heeled shoes, made her higher. Xia Tian had not asked that they must go to do, but boarded directly. Although this is very tired, but he knows how long he does not need to endure, soon this mission can complete. However he does not dare to be lax, now on him wears carries a heavy load, and has the time, he starts to temper his Heaven Absolute Wake, this is prepares for the tour of Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. He did not allow one have any careless. Even if the strength enters little, may the change entire war. Perhaps because of his little lazy, finally his life may lose there. People in Maoshan not obedient makes them obtain the buried treasure, when the time comes one slaughters unavoidably. Moreover Witchcraft Sect also has other surviving influences. These people are not all good to cope. Especially Maoshan Faction. This is a big faction, moreover spreads since Ancient during, such sends greatly, the inside story is not definitely low, strength not meeting that even Maoshan sends in Hidden Sect, this will be a Xia Tian very big challenge. !

The vehicle stopped. Xiao! You may come, I miss you.” A well-dressed man launches his bosom directly, to Murong Xiao. At this moment, Xia Tian kept off in his front. The body of man kept off somewhat discontentedly, but for the demeanor, he wants to circle from side, where regardless of he to walks, Xia Tian keeps off in his front: Who do you, want to find fault?” Forest peak, we do not want to approach you, therefore you receive your set.” Murong Xiaoxiao movement to the Xia Tian is very satisfied. She has not thought that Xia Tian this bodyguard unexpectedly also has such wondrous use, but can also work as the shield. Xiao, how you can say that how long our two both knew, moreover you also understand that my thoughts, I to a half hour, had not gone, here waited for you.” Lin Feng looked that said to Murong Xiao. He seemed was saying he and others had laboriously is the same, wants to make Murong Xiao have a look at his sincerity. I have not let you and others.” Saying that Murong Xiaoxiao disdains. Between the man and woman are this, if cannot have a liking for a person, then his speech and behavior will be thought by oneself repugnant, anything is moved, these do not exist from the start, only if there is feeling to this person. The melon that wrenches is not sweet. Is easy to prick the hand. You, you together come with Xiao, do you know that I am who? I warned you, Xiao was my person, if you dare to have any goal to Xiao, I will not let off your.” Lin Feng looked said directly to Xia Tian. You are sick!” Xia Tian with strange looked that the god looked said to the forest peak.