Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 748

Lin Feng was angry, he said Xia Tian, therefore he does not want to say that he plans to begin. Who is he? Lin Feng! He is not affable, he is Expert. In the past he also won the municipal Tae Kwon Do champion, therefore he was not afraid fights, but he for own demeanor, therefore general time, he will little begin to fight. Moreover his person knows that he is Expert. Therefore nobody dares to provoke Lin Feng on own initiative. Saw that Lin Feng was angry, Sister Xue goes forward hurriedly, today is her birthday, she does not hope to have any not good condition: Forest peak, your Tae Kwon Do champion do not begin in this.” Sister Xue! You also saw, was this boy goes too far.” Lin Feng deeps frown. He also knows that today is the Sister Xue birthday, the words that begins are not quite good, but he was really angry now, he must teach this not to know the profound boy well. Xia Tian has angered him. He has not received today such air/Qi, since Sister Xue spoke, he cannot, when worked has not occurred: Snort, the brat, calculates that your luck is good, the Sister Xue words, I certainly will abandon you.” Ai ya mother, scared to death me, the melon seed that frightened fell the ground, although in my hand did not have the melon seed.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration, sees the Xia Tian exaggeration the appearance, why the surrounding person knew forest summit being angry. This Xia Tian was really too exasperating. Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that the Xia Tian appearance must be smiled quickly, she first time noticed that Lin Feng was mad this by others. Irritated me!” Lin Fengqi must slam a door Bang! At this moment out of the door transmitted one to scold the sound.

moda foka, was your eye blind? Dares to hit the father.” Hears scolded the sound time, people all hurried to out of the door. Goes to N moda foka.” Lin Fengzheng in the fit of temper, has not thought that also some people dare to scold him, how this can make him not be angry, he is Tae Kwon Do Expert, will come up two maneuvers to kick the opposite two yellow-haired boys to kick directly. Bang! Bang! That two boys did not have yes what's the matter, had been kicked by the forest peak two feet. Moreover Lin Feng the posture is very natural. He they kick, happen to the gate is opened, everybody saw his natural posture, immediately some females were attracted by his natural posture. Here is a hall, the people who surroundings these eat meal looked at the vision to him. yellow-haired that two were kicked has all exploded, they have rubbed oneself ache body, a face looks at Lin Feng angrily: moda foka, your unexpectedly dares to hit us, I told you, you died.” That two yellow-haired said that ran directly to a room. Called the person? Snort, one crowd of waste, I have not paid attention to you from the start.” After Lin Feng has hit the person, his was also happier, after all these people have been possible with Sister Xue not any relations. Moreover these people open mouth directly scold him. Although Xia Tian is also very exasperating, but Xia Tian has not scolded him with the bad language directly. The appearance that Sister Xue sees Lin Feng, has not said anything, she also saw Lin Feng currently has the multi- vitalities, has saying that Xia Tian a moment ago truly was too exasperating, now Lin Feng sends the air/Qi on that several hooligan, she naturally cannot say anything. Was good, Lin Feng, is a friend, should not be angry.” Sister Xue consoles to say. I may unable to work as the friend with that person.” Saying that Lin Feng disdains.

Sister Xue has not said anything, after all she does not know Xia Tian, she only knows that Xia Tian was Murong Xiaoxiao has brought, moreover Murong Xiaoxiao did not like Xia Tian probably. Therefore she has not said anything. Blue elder brother, is he, was he has hit us.” At this moment in another reserved a room to walk five people, was that person of head calls the blue elder brother, behind him that two people just that two people who was kicked by the forest peak. Was the blue elder brother of head walked slowly, the vision took a fast look around on the body of forest peak: Person who was you have hit my?” Right, is I hits, how is it?” Lin Feng disdains looked at an opposite party, he does not think that the opposite party are many several person to have feared, he has tried, oneself a person most had overthrown ten people. Second generation of rich, no wonder spoke is so good, I gave you an opportunity, the second generation of rich, put out 100,000, this time matter.” Blue elder brother coldly looked that said to the forest peak. Lose money! Sees the first eyes of second generation of rich, the blue elder brother said loses money. His behind that several little brothers also threaten. Loses money?” Lin Feng disdains saw a blue elder brother, this person unexpectedly makes him lose money, although he is rich, but he impossible to give the opposite party money, because the opposite party this and extorts anything not to distinguish. Moreover he is not a person of being afraid of getting into trouble. If he to the opposite party money, that showed really he has feared the opposite party. Makes me lose money? You were insane, had any skill to cause freely, I rather spent that 100,000 dollars to cope with you, I will not give you directly that 100,000 dollars.” Saying that Lin Feng disdains. Second generation of rich, you meant that you can find the person to cope with us?” Saying that the blue elder brother disdains very: You can try, said that I called the blue elder brother.” The blue elder brother has self-confident saying. Snort! Money I will not compensate!” Lin Feng is disinclined rubbish with him.

Relax, I will make you draw cash, visited you to kick my little brother's that two feet a moment ago is Tae Kwon Do, happen to I have practiced the karate, we try.” Blue elder brother coldly looks to the forest peak, afterward walks toward the forest peak directly. Karate to fighting Tae Kwon Do. Comes, who fears anyone.” Lin Feng also saw this blue elder brother is not the generation of commonplace, but fought he not to fear anyone. I will break your leg first, then makes your family member waste money.” Saying of blue elder brother coldly. His is threatening, threat! Sister Xue and the others also saw this person is not affable: Forest peak, do not respond him.” Sister Xue, all right, haven't you known my skill?” Lin Feng self-confident saying. The opposite blue elder brother arrived at Lin Feng the front, afterward his right hand attacked directly to Lin Feng, Lin Feng saw that blue elder brother's this recorded the hand blade, on the face has filled disdaining, afterward he wanted an attractive maneuver to kick the blue elder brother to kick directly. But at this moment, blue elder brother's speed instantaneously suddenly to increase. Bang! A blue elder brother hand blade chopped instantaneously on Lin Feng the body, Lin Feng the entire body is chopped to fly directly, afterward the blue elder brother rushed fast, a foot stepped in the body of forest peak. Insta-kill! He has only used one move, has overthrown Tae Kwon Do Expert Lin Feng. Snort! Really the waste, your doesn't China have the martial arts? How to go to study Tae Kwon Do of South Korea? Weird creature that finally also studies.” Saying that the blue elder brother disdains. Whose TM in this act high and mighty?” At this moment, the sound conveys from Sister Xue their together.