Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 749

Present made Sister Xue and the others be all shocked, they have not thought that forest peak unexpectedly lost, moreover had been defeated by opposite party one move, this was also too inconceivable, Lin Feng won the municipal Tae Kwon Do competition champion. Although is youth group, but this has also represented his strength. But this Tae Kwon Do Expert, unexpectedly has not caught including opposite party one move. That blue elder brother's manner is very arrogant, after his move has struck down the forest peak, directly Lin Fengcai under foot, moreover disdaining of whole face, in his words had fully the provocation. What because Lin Feng uses is Tae Kwon Do, but is not the China martial arts. However that blue elder brother uses is not the China martial arts. Your China person really did not have the prospect more and more.” Saying that the blue elder brother disdains very: Must use Martial Arts of others country.” You said that you aren't the China person?” Sister Xue very discontented saying. I am Islander, I am not the China person in your mouth, therefore I use the karate of oneself country.” Blue elder brother's foot stepped on a foot on the body of forest peak: Your China person is also mediocre.” Whose TM in act high and mighty?” At this moment, after Sister Xue and other people, has broadcast a sound. Hears this sound time, all people all turn head to look, a Murong Xiaoxiao face surprise looks to that person: Xia Tian!” Right, speech person Xia Tian. Xia Tian has sat in private room a moment ago, by his vision and hearing, naturally can know that outside what happened. He does not want to manage these other people's business before. When he hears that Islander in insulting China Martial Arts, he could not listen. „Who are you?” The blue elder brother hears the Xia Tian words, changed Xia Tian the vision.

Hateful!” This time forest peak was stepped on by blue elder brother in the under foot, he felt that his entire body is very painful, he has a dream does not have to think one will be stepped on by Islander in the under foot. This is to he biggest shame. Regardless of but how now he moves, the body cannot move, that blue elder brother's foot looks like Wutzushan is the same, maliciously presses him below. Forest peak that the blue elder brother looked at the ground struggle! Snort, was stepped on the feeling of under foot is crisp?” Saying that the blue elder brother disdains. Hey! Bullies the person also to have a limit.” Xia Tian discontented looked that said to that blue elder brother, this blue elder brother is shaming Lin Feng now, if he wants to hit, several can not know him TM that hits the forest peak, is he actually Lin Fengcai in the under foot. Then shames Lin Feng with the language. Although Xia Tian does not like this forest peak, but his more repugnant Islander, especially act high and mighty Islander in the China land. What's wrong? Do you also want to become with his fate?” Saying of blue elder brother coldly. In his eyes, own karate is invincible, has walked sideways in China sufficiently, therefore he mixes in China, and there is an own influence. „Was this person not just a moment ago that person who quarrelled with the forest peak?” Is he, Lin Feng must get rid to punch him a moment ago, how now he starts for the forest peak over.” He probably is the person who Murong Xiaoxiao brings.” The surrounding that several people discussed. I for him over, I just am not very repugnant Islander.” Xia Tian turns the head to look that said to that several females.

Sister Xue arrived at Murong Xiaoxiao side: Xiao, who is this person?” My bodyguard.” Murong Xiaoxiao very optional saying. Your bodyguard? Is he good? The incorrect words I must report to the police.” Sister Xue asked. Should be good, if he incorrect words, I happen to dismiss him.” Murong Xiaoxiao wants to dismiss Xia Tian with all one's heart, the present is a good opportunity, opposite that Islander looks like very fierce appearance. She happen to can take this opportunity, dismisses Xia Tian. So long as Xia Tian lost, her anything was needless saying that called her father directly, hit fellow including Islander, when how her bodyguard. Good!” Sister Xue has not listened to the meaning in Murong Xiaoxiao words, but also thinks that Murong Xiaoxiao is to her bodyguard is self-confident, therefore intentionally said. Xuanxuan is a heavy line of face. She may understand what is heard Murong Xiaoxiao words, in the Murong Xiaoxiao entire brain all dismisses Xia Tian this matter. It seems like you refused to accept , a hand, hit your me only to suffice with a hand.” Saying that the blue elder brother disdains, in his eyes, Xia Tian seems is a handsome boy, the clothes that because Xia Tian wears are loose, therefore he has not seen Xia Tian any muscle. In his eyes, without the person of muscle definitely is not Expert. Dislikes your this act high and mighty.” Xia Tian moved toward that blue elder brother directly. Our Island Country karate is the perfection, hits your this peon, was enough with a hand, again do not use any karate, otherwise I looked down upon your China.” The blue elder brother contemptuously looked that said to Xia Tian: Makes me have a look at your China Kungfu.” You rubbish really many!” At this time Xia Tian has arrived in front of that blue Elder Brother. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Xia Tian they have after death broadcast a sound.

All people looked at the vision to that person, was a black person, at this time his foot stepped in the stool, the hand has been leaning on the chin: „Don't you want to experience China Kungfu?” Sees his posture, all person saying cannot help but. „Is he Martial Arts Expert in legend?” But looks at his appearance is not the China person, the China person does not have black tooth chen such likely. „Who are you?” A blue elder brother brow wrinkle, puzzled looks to that black person. I, although is not the China person, but I do not allow you to insult China Martial Arts, because my master is a China person, today I must make you experience the China Martial Arts genuine fierce place.” That black person said that moves toward blue Elder Brother here directly. His imposing manner foot, all captured very immediately the attention of surrounding all people, when he arrived at the blue elder brother's front, his both hands outstretched suddenly, exhibit one seemed very strange postures! Is the Tathagata god palm? Innumerable blessings toward sect?” All people all anticipate looked to him. Expands chest exercise! 1234!” The blacks started directly expanded chest exercise! Lying trough!” The surrounding person all cannot bear spit trough, this black person definitely bumps into the swindler, took the calisthenics to radio music to regard Martial Arts to teach. You are the monkey invite forces funny!” The blue elder brother cannot bear scold. A heavy line of Xia Tian face, just started him also to think that this black person can be how fierce Expert, who knows Martial Arts unexpectedly in his mouth is expands chest exercise: Ok, I come.”