Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 750

That black person is still practicing the calisthenics to radio music in that. The blue elder brother was completely disregards him. But turns the head to look to front Xia Tian, he wants to do the boy of this not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth with one move but actually, then makes them lie in the same place, this can shame they maliciously. Come, making me experience your China Kungfu.” The blue elder brother said. The surrounding these people also all are look at Xia Tian that a face anticipates. The blue elder brother attacked instantaneously, the method and exactly the same that used, was the hand blade, this time he has used directly full speed, on his face presented the excited expression, he thinks that one these can opposite this not know absolutely the profound boy gave KO. But at this moment, he felt suddenly a belly pain, these is implicating his five main internal organs (entrails) painful. Bang! Own body that afterward he feels was attacked by one vigorously, hit to fly directly, happen to hit on the wall, his body falling slowly on the ground. Quick! This, was too quick, how all people have not seen clearly Xia Tian to get rid. Depends on you, has not matched me to use China Kungfu.” A Xia Tian foot stepped on directly on the blue elder brother's body, this posture was a moment ago the posture that he stepped on Lin Feng. Xia Tian behind these people all are dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian. Good.. Quite fierce, I had not noticed how he gets rid.” Such quickly has solved, this was also too fierce.” Opposite that Islander completely is not his match.” Xia Tian behind these people whoop. Murong Xiaoxiao completely was shocked, she has not thought that this irksome bodyguard unexpectedly is so fierce, Xuanxuan remembers all that today had now, she guessed at that time these absolutely are not the coincidences, in other words Murong Xiaoxiao the bodyguard truly is Expert. Xiao, your bodyguard is quite fierce.” Sister Xue surprised saying.

Volume!” Murong Xiaoxiao nod of slightly, she thinks that Islander can do but actually, then her Xia Tian seizes the chance to dismiss Xia Tian, but she has not thought that the awe-inspiring Islander blue elder brother, unexpectedly one was solved by her hateful bodyguard a moment ago. He can be a strong match in the future.” That black person very serious saying. His side several people by his self-confidence being defeated. The foot of Xia Tian steps in that blue elder brother's body: „The Island Country karate is also not much, you get up.” That blue elder brother felt after own, carries on the back a mountain to press is being same, how regardless of he moves cannot get up. Because the blue elder brother was struck down by Xia Tian, the forest peak can stand finally, he has scratched the bloodstain of mouth, a face angry sees that Islander blue elder brother. Was right, a moment ago how did you say the China martial arts?” Xia Tian asked. China martial arts. Ah! his words have not waited saying that another foot of Xia Tian stepped on his hand, a pitiful yell sent out from his mouth. Ka! All people all heard the sound of bone break. Xia Tian unexpectedly stiffly his phalanx stepping on, in that Islander mouth has sent out a series of pitiful yell sounds. I also think that you are an unyielding person, has not thought that is also a soft egg.” Xia Tian heard his pitiful cry, on the face has filled disdaining. Afterward the Xia Tian direct squatting down body, then both hands directly pinch on the blue elder brother's arm. Ka! Ah! Also is the doctor calls out pitifully from the mouth of that Islander blue Elder Brother sends out. Bone I joined to you.” Xia Tian said to stand up, was a foot steps on his hand! Ka!

Ah! In blue elder brother's mouth sent out a pitiful yell once more, Xia Tian just joined the bone to him, now steps on, afterward Xia Tian once more squatting down body, joined his bone. Then steps on. Join! Steps on! …… So repeated dozens back and forth, this middle blue elder brother had been fainted by the pain several times, but was waked by Xia Tian each time, then continues, at this time periphery these people all looked silly. Blue elder brother's that four little brothers also completely were shocked. Saw that the blue elder brother's pupil is lax, obviously was the spirit must collapse, Xia Tian called a halt finally: Excuse me, started to be a little heavy.” Bang! Afterward he called to kick the side of his four subordinate blue elder brother: Quickly runs away him, otherwise one will die.” The blue elder brother who that four little brothers lift the ground hurriedly, then runs to outside. Lin Feng the back is cold sweat, he must with front this terrifying fellow single Tiao, now think to think the fear a moment ago, this fellow was really too terrifying, has surpassed his cognition completely. Not only strength formidable. Moreover that suffered the method of person a moment ago is to let his heart startled, he has thought that if change into that blue elder brother, perhaps already bit the tongue to commit suicide. That pain was really too fearful. At this moment, Xia Tian turned the head to look suddenly to him. Xia Tian this looked that had a scare him directly, body retreat cannot help but three steps . Moreover the whole body shakes.

„Do you want to do?” Lin Feng a face frightened looks to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian moved toward him. Xiao, you a bit faster prevent him, no matter what, Lin Feng are the friend of mine.” Sister Xue sees Xia Tian to move toward Lin Feng, anxious saying, Lin Feng must fight with Xia Tian after all a moment ago. When Murong Xiao must go forward to speak. Ka! He noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly is setting a broken bone for the forest peak. Lin Feng thinks that Xia Tian must cope with him, but saw that Xia Tian for he sets a broken bone, he also stares. Thanks!” Lin Feng said thanks, this representative beforehand matter all neutralize. Does not use politely.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Was good, today I celebrate a birthday, everybody, I also with everybody introduced happily this new friend, he is Xiao. Friends!” Sister Xue just wants to say the bodyguard, afterward thought the bodyguard too not to others the face, therefore said directly was the friend. Volume!” Murong Xiaoxiao stares slightly, today is the Sister Xue birthday, therefore she did not say anything: Makes your this smelly bodyguard first favorite meeting.” Their people returned in the theater box, the forest peak has taken up the beer on table directly but actually two cups: Brother, the matter was I am not right, I gave you to apologize.” What Lin Feng said is the matter of fault-finding. „!” Xia Tian received the liquor to drink, he does not follow the person who does not know to drink generally, but Lin Feng such person can lag behind the facial skin to apologize with him, he naturally must show due respect for the feelings. Thump! Comes.” „It is not good, several, you reported to the police, now outside by one group of people encircling, lead was that group of people a moment ago.” Manager face anxious saying of hotel.