Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 751

The complexion of restaurant manager is very ugly, a little pants, thus it can be seen he ran over a moment ago. What happened?” Sister Xue stands up to ask. Other people also looked at vision to that restaurant manager. Outside came dozens people, the people of several car(riage)s, you a bit faster reported to the police, otherwise without enough time, a moment ago these people had retaliated you.” The restaurant manager said again. Snort! Lawless, Hei society unexpectedly dares to be so flagrant.” Lin Feng angry saying. Sister Xue! We what to do?” Xuanxuan looked that asked to Sister Xue. Warning, they are one crowd of rascal, we are not worthwhile with them fight.” Sister Xue nodded, as soon as she listens the opposite party has dozens people of times, knows that the opposite party is not affable. In Shenzhen, can such quickly assemble these many people, that certainly is not the simple influence. Today is her birthday, she does not hope that some people have an accident, therefore she plans to report to the police. Xiao, your friend that can hit, perhaps he can solve these people.” The females said that other people are also look to Xia Tian that the whole face anticipates. Do not create a disturbance, he is not Superman.” Sister Xue very discontented saying. Bang! The gate was trampled. Rapid elder brother, is he, was he has injured the blue elder brother.” Before that person that was injured by the forest peak with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian, he has referred afterward to Lin Feng: He.” moda foka, was you have injured Aqing, gave to leave, otherwise I made one to kill, when the time comes do not blame my person not to understand to show tender affection, which young lady has injured.” Rapid elder brother's vision has swept several on the surrounding these females. Here space is too narrow, moreover they do not hope to cause trouble in the hotel generally. This is the custom.

Generally they must repair anyone, do not delay others business. Therefore the rapid elder brother said that makes Xia Tian exit. Saw that the opposite party has gotten the gate, the people in theater box specially anxious, Lin Feng directly has stood: You think that own extraordinary, who feared.” Lin Feng noticed that these people remember him to be stepped on the feeling when under foot by the Islander blue elder brother. Your boy is rampant, I heard that you is a second generation of rich, that is better, this time matter, 5 million can solve, you do not need to renounce, we will ask your father to ask for money.” Rapid elder brother coldly looks at Lin Feng, afterward turns the head to look to Xia Tian: I heard that your boy very can hit, comes out, my outside prepared dozens to make you hit personally.” In the eyes of rapid elder brother their these Hei societies has money. I look up three integers, if three integers you do not come out, my person will kill.” Rapid elder brother vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian shows a faint smile. His gaining ground slowly comes to see to the rapid elder brother: This gate comes to lie down.” Heard Xia Tian the people in words room to be shocked. Extremely arrogant! His saying said a little was also too extremely arrogant. Sister Xue, happy birthday, I do not have any gift to give to you, then this play is regarded as to everybody performs to add to the fun, everybody can open drinks.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks to Sister Xue. His smiling face gives people a very strong security sense. Xiao, you have a look at your bodyguard to be good, his a few words can these many to feel at ease.” Xuanxuan looked that said to Murong Xiao, through being together of today's with Xia Tian, she thought the Xia Tian person is very good, moreover is also good as the strength of bodyguard. Everywhere randomly will show off.” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented saying, she does not know that Xia Tian to which so is why noticeable, but she noticed that Xia Tian such shows off is not feeling well.

You, do not know to satisfy, if he my bodyguard that would be nice.” Xuanxuan is also a face worship looks at Xia Tian. Murong Xiaoxiao has not thought of including oneself best sisters Xuanxuan also by Xia Tian confusing. She was angry. Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is really I hears the funniest joke in this century.” The rapid elder brother shows a faint smile, afterward he waved to behind person: Begins, hacks to death him.” Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed: Did not make you look, the following matter children were not suitable.” Xia Tian standing up slowly, the both feet uneven flying general nearest two trampled to fly directly, then his direct general's family closed. In the hands of these people is the blade. He exited, what to do?” Will not have an accident, to only then that many people, moreover they have the blade.” „, How the police have not come.” The people in room are special worry. I exit to help him, do not open the door.” The forest peak directly flushed, Xia Tian met the arm for him a moment ago, moreover saves from the under foot of that Islander him, making him little receive many insults. Therefore he must clash now. But when he exits, his whole person there. Outside customer and service person already ran, now in the entire hall is the person, but these do not make him most surprised, what he is most surprised, Xia Tian unexpectedly sits on a chair. His surroundings are lying down is the person.

Although also has the continuous person to clash to him, but the results of these people are all same, all was hit to fly. moda foka, haven't you eaten meal? Who can hack to death his me to give who an owner.” Rapid elder brother angry shouting. Lin Feng does not know how completely should begin, he opened the door of theater box directly, theater box inside person all flushed, when they saw outside situation, the chin soon fell to the ground. One man guards the pass Yorozuo opens! Although they did not know ancient times Guan Yu fiercely. However they determined that Xia Tian should not compare that Guan Yu to miss anything, this time Xia Tian sits in their front, the opposite all enemies all will have blocked, how regardless of these people clash, is unable to break through Xia Tian there. Good. Quite fierce!” Murong Xiaoxiao has also been shocked, this time saw fierce location of Xia Tian. She finally understands now the Butler words were any meaning. This person is really Expert. Stops!” The rapid Columbia University sound shouts, he knows that such got down is not the means that this many Freshman meetings, had close 20 brothers to fall down, but the opposite party stood not to stand continually. Even if such has hit, finally they can also lose is very miserable. How to hit?” Xia Tian lazily saying: My arm has not moved.” Snort! Sometimes wants to deal with a person is not only then chops person means that we walk.” Rapid elder brother corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, has shown the sinister smiling face. After they just left the hotel, the police have come, not over a half minute. Police who who reported? Here how these many people are injured, is hand that you move, grasps to me.”