Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 752

Skillful, the police come was too skillful. Rapid elder brother these people just left, the police came. Over a half minute, the police impossible not to have noticed that such important goods person leaves. Police who I reported that but did not catch him, is the ground was lying down these people, that group of people who exited a moment ago, they were the Hei societies.” Sister Xue walked from behind, although she felt that these police some are not right, but goes forward to explain. What to talk nonsense? Hei society that which comes, the Shenzhen public security is so good, to have how possibly your Hei society, do not speak at a venture, looked that these people were injured by him.” That police to the end shout to behind person directly: Gives the handcuffs to get up him, carries off.” You so are how mindless.” Sister Xue angry looks to these police: I must sue you.” Casual, sues.” That police do not care. Said that his behind these people put out the handcuff, Xia Tian have not revolted, but showed a faint smile, he anticipated which very much these fake police then want to lead him to go, these people, although wore the clothes of police, the handcuff and matched the (spear|gun) is also the police special-purpose. However Xia Tian sees them is false. However he has not worried to expose. He does not like troubling, therefore he wants directly to solve these troublesome. Sister Xue, what to do?” Xuanxuan looked asked anxiously to Sister Xue. Does not need to be worried that Murong Xiaoxiao, I warned you, cannot leave this, here waited for my one hour.” Xia Tian looked that said to Murong Xiao, afterward was direct these fake police to walk. Bastard, why you orders me, you are just a smelly bodyguard.” Murong Xiaoxiao angry shouting, when she noticed that Xia Tian was seized by the police, at heart is also one hurried. Hears Murong Xiaoxiao words, the people know that originally this Expert unexpectedly is Murong Xiaoxiao bodyguard. Lin Feng hears here, the mood is excellent, he thinks Xia Tian is Murong Xiaoxiao pursuer, now hears Murong Xiaoxiao words, he knows that originally Xia Tian is Murong Xiaoxiao bodyguard. This showed that he also had opportunity.

Sister Xue, we what to do?” A person asked. You go home first, today is laborious you, I accompany Xiao to wait for her bodyguard here.” Sister Xue said. We also accompany you in this.” Does not use, you walk first, we one will walk.” Sister Xue said. Good, Sister Xue, we walk first, happy birthday to you.” These people 11 said goodbye with Sister Xue, Lin Feng wanted to stay behind finally, but had also been persuaded somebody to leave by Sister Xue, making him go home to rest well, after all he today also by that Islander hitting. Afterward the hotel came some people , helping hooligan carry off that the ground fainted. These people walked had not arrived for five minutes, one group of police flushed. Police who who reported?” The police come to ask. Police? Hadn't you come a moment ago?” Sister Xue whole face doubts looked that asked to that several police. When has come? After we receive the alert notice, caught up, we should be quickest, moreover mission assigned after us, others did not know.” That police asked. Was bad.” The Sister Xue complexion changes: „Were these police fake?” What's the matter? You talk clearly!” The police asked. Sister Xue the process of matter will say hurriedly a moment ago, naturally, she has hit the matter of person slightly to cross Xia Tian. After the police hear this matter, is hurried the police, the request assistance, but also wants Sister Xue their several to go back to assist to investigate.

However Sister Xue they said that must wait here for one hour. The police are finally helpless , can only leave, said that will have the news definitely to inform their. You said that he will be all right really?” Xuanxuan asked. I do not know that waits to look!” Sister Xue said. Does not come back well.” Murong Xiaoxiao that appearance, she is ill-speaking but soft-hearted, if she also thinks that she already walked, will not wait for Xia Tian here. This time Xia Tian back these fake police brought in a loading warehouse. „Isn't this probably a police station?” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to that several police. You can also smile, will wait to have you to cry.” ! Good balls color.” Some people walked from the warehouse, claps to appreciate. This person was that rapid elder brother. Yeah! I guessed correctly that was you.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he has to acknowledge this rapid elder brother truly compared with Jiang Hai City these person of some small brains, but all these cannot escape from the eye of Xia Tian. Reason that he determined that several people are the fake police , because in that several people have a person to wear the travel shoes to come out. The police have the police is very strict, if some people wear the travel shoes to match the police uniform, that does not make a mistake such near simple, moreover usually in the institute also forbids to wear the travel shoes. Said you already saw these police are fake?” The rapid elder brother looked that asked to Xia Tian. Difficultly what this has?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains.

„Do you also with, you intentionally bring death?” On rapid elder brother's face has written all over the ridicule and disdaining. He thinks that front this boy is just is striving for the last face to oneself. Because I want to solve troublesome your.” Xia Tian coldly looks to rapid elder brother, his idea is very simple, kills, these people know that blue elder brother is Islander, but they also with blue elder brother together, moreover deal that they have perhaps made many injuring someone. Therefore their position high person, must die here, position low also needs to turn into the idiot. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The rapid Columbia University sound said with a smile: You may really laugh at me, do you know that now is any situation, all people come out to me.” As he issues an order, the surroundings presented more than 200 people. These people already here ambushed, moreover in their hands any thing has, shackle, fishing net string wait / etc.. The rapid elder brother knows Xia Tian to be fierce, therefore he must hold Xia Tian with these things first, has killed then, he believes a person, regardless of fiercely has nemesis, naturally, even if these methods cannot succeed, he also has the (spear|gun). However does not arrive at time accidentally, he will not use the (spear|gun). Because the public security in Shenzhen is very strict, in the event of the guns, that entire police system vigorously will question. „Can't you hit very much? Overthrows my more than 20 brothers, now here has more than 200 people, you hit.” On rapid elder brother's face had the smiling face of pondering, afterward he waved to these people: Gives on me.” Yeah! Mixes up from you and Islander, you were doomed to have this one day.”