Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 754

Hears this sound time, three females simultaneously look to behind chair that sees only Xia Tian to sit on the chair at this time. You are all right, was really good.” Xuanxuan's excited saying. I was certainly all right.” A Xia Tian natural appearance, if one group of hooligan can kill him, he may disgraced lose in a big way. I also think that does not need me to dismiss you, you were killed, it seems like your also a little skill.” Murong Xiaoxiao sees Xia Tian to be all right, has felt relieved much, but she sees Xia Tian on the vitality. Why she does not know. Was good, was good, such good bodyguard, how you must dismiss him.” The Sister Xue hurried persuasion said. Sister Xue, spoke for him including you.” Murong Xiaoxiao discontented saying, she does not understand that this Xia Tian has anything to be good, why everybody spoke for him. Walks, since your bodyguard came back, we go to your family, happen to my this birthday also overflowed, we go to your family to cross.” Sister Xue proposed. Good Ah! good Ah! Xuanxuan to clap the hands and shout praise. Xuanxuan! You speak the truth, you will not be will have a liking for this color pig.” Murong Xiaoxiao felt that Xuanxuan is very strange, before asked her to go to that she always some reasons cannot say, but she likes going to her home today probably especially. However, she gives the nickname that Xia Tian has is quite aggressive. Color pig! Because Xia Tian first time sees her to occupy her to be cheap, therefore she said the Xia Tian color! Xia Tian can eat specially, moreover finished eating rests. Therefore she said that Xia Tian is the pig. About in same place was color pig.

Do not speak irresponsibly.” Xuanxuan's face is also a red, hurried argument said. Sister Xue has as if seen through Xuanxuan's small thoughts. Handsome fellow, do you have the girlfriend?” Asking that Sister Xue comes straight to the point directly, hears Sister Xue to ask that Xuanxuan and Murong Xiaoxiao simultaneously looked to Xia Tian, their two both very anticipated. Has.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward walked directly. Heard Xia Tian to say sometimes, Xuanxuan and on Murong Xiaoxiao face simultaneously presented the facial expression of losing. Murong Xiaoxiao does not know why one lose. Three females also walked, Murong Xiaoxiao already made the driver go back first, what therefore their three sitting is the Sister Xue car(riage), Sister Xue knows the family that Murong Xiaoxiao, after boarding, Xia Tian starts eyes closed to maintain mental tranquility. Pig!” Murong Xiaoxiao noticed that Xia Tian sleeps, immediately angry saying. After Xia Tian closes the eye, in his mind is the China four big rare treasures matters, white tiger abstains him to take carry back, first this thing is his father, he has the right to take carry back, the next this thing may be related with his mother very much. At this time in his mind fragmentary fragment, many a thing. Reason that his father will die, definitely not only to protect China big figure, but also afterward resembled that big figure and nothing, in other words, his father is independent one person walks finally, he clearly knows person who the front will have Quicksand. However he also intentionally goes. Because some people told him, Wei Guang there. Finally his father consumption is too big, moreover is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, was struck the abyss by Wei Guang. His father clearly knows to have the danger, but looks for Wei Guang, certainly to look for Wei Guang wants the rosefinch feather, he wants to obtain the China four big rare treasures, then goes to that place, he must go to the reason of that place to have one only.

That is the Xia Tian mother there. Excited! Xia Tian present mood specially excited, these many years, he had mother's news finally, although this news is only his guess, but he will have found the way to guess that becomes the reality. Anyone of you knows where the Yulong mountain village is at?” Xia Tian opens the eye to ask. Yulong mountain village!!” Hears this name time, several females simultaneously stare, obviously their several know existence of this place. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. „Did you ask this doing? Do not think that you hit several hooligan is very fierce, I told you, if you dare to go to the Yulong mountain village to stir up trouble, you were absolutely impossible to live coming out.” Murong Xiaoxiao very discontented saying. I just must visit.” Xia Tian said. „The Yulong mountain village outside Shenzhen, that is a giant independent manor, is very big, moreover in the legend in the Yulong mountain village mechanism is densely covered, mountain village that was from the Qing Dynasty end existed, but afterward was renovated.” Sister Xue answered. Listens to your meanings, there is very probably dangerous.” Xia Tian exploratory asking. Em, this is all people knows that so long as is a little experience people had heard the Yulong mountain village, it is said there does not welcome the bystander, only if some acquaintances said that if you dare to rush to the village, that must die without doubt, once had many people to go to there to stir up trouble, but resembled these people to be finally missing.” Sister Xue said that here time body trembles. Obviously she solely said that felt the whole body is not comfortable. „!” Xia Tian nod of silently. It seems like this Yulong mountain village is not simple, in the modern society unexpectedly also has the semi-enclosed mountain village, inside has certainly the strangeness, waited to complete this time mission, must well had a look.” Xia Tian set firm resolve, how such has the challenge place he possibly not to have a look.

Moreover there also has the news that white tiger abstains. Inquired blindly that there is inquires casually? I heard that there is a under nobody's jurisdiction place, does not go to the control the country.” Although Murong Xiaoxiao complained, but she also said some news. I hear not that strange, only knows that there does not like the guest . Moreover the Yulong mountain village also has the business outside, which company but concrete is, any business, nobody knew.” Xuanxuan also said the matter that some she knew. Thanked.” Xia Tian nodded. The quick vehicle arrived Murong Xiaoxiao home. Big. The young lady is good.” The thin people also stammeringly notified Murong Xiao with his sound. After arriving in Murong Xiaoxiao home. Today my birthday, our four person makes a meal, no matter is delicious, must make one, how is it?” Sister Xue proposed. Good Ah! Xuanxuan to clap the hands and shout praise. But I cannot.” Murong Xiaoxiao depressed saying. Has not related, any vegetable.” Sister Xue said. Good!” Murong Xiaoxiao sits there is thinking make anything, at this moment she looked to Xia Tian: „Does color pig, what you make?” Xia Tian hears this nickname irritably. However he is also very helpless, because he knows that Murong Xiaoxiao will not change: Heavy snow azalea.”