Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 755

The quick three females all completed their vegetable, the meal that Sister Xue and Xuanxuan made have compared to have the appearance, what Murong Xiaoxiao did is what nobody knew, everybody can only see dark one piece, does not know that what was? Xiao, so what is darkly bulk is what?” Xuanxuan asked. Carrot!” Murong Xiaoxiao awkward saying. Carrot integral root puts into the pot, this really?” Xuanxuan looks that integral root big carrot instantaneous feeling makes Murong Xiao prepare food is a mistake. That this one by one?” Sister Xue has swallowed spit awkward asking. That is the cucumber.” Murong Xiaoxiao said embarrassed, although she will not cook, but in her impression many repertoires, but she has not thought fries thing unexpectedly is this appearance. My came!” When Murong Xiao awkwardly, the Xia Tian sound came out from the kitchen. Everybody heard the vegetable that he said a moment ago, is called the heavy snow azalea. Their three are looks to the position of kitchen the whole face anticipates, actually they want to take a look at this heavy snow azalea are any vegetables, why they have not heard. But when they see that dish in Xia Tian hand, directly has almost not shouted'mother-fucker'. shit, isn't your this persimmon mixes the white sugar? Added any heavy snow azalea.” Murong Xiaoxiao very discontented saying. Oneself look, is this heavy snow azalea.” Xia Tian has gesticulated with the hand. Looks at his such gesture, three females understood finally, this is the so-called heavy snow azalea. Four vegetables finished up.

Xia Tian sat by the table. What this group is dark is toxicant?” Xia Tian saw when that dish that Murong Xiaoxiao makes stares slightly! Heard Xia Tian saying that Murong Xiaoxiao face turned into the sauce purple immediately, other two females embarrassedly said a moment ago that Xia Tian unexpectedly said directly, Murong Xiaoxiao face anger looked to Xia Tian: You can not eat!” That type of thing is unedible, ate the meeting deceased person.” Xia Tian said. Who said that I eat!” Murong Xiaoxiao picks a smallest thing, places the mouth directly, she wants not to chew to swallow directly, but the thing just entered the mouth, her complexion changed, runs hurriedly to the washroom. On three vegetables, is probably insufficient.” The Xia Tian brow wrinkled the wrinkle, afterward stands up. „Do you do?” Xuanxuan asked. Stir-fried dish!” Xia Tian walks toward the kitchen directly, he prepared to show the cook, in Hong Kong, but the executive chefs held in high esteem to him continually, although was opportunistic at that time, his cook impossible to be better than these executive chefs, however his skill may actually be not bad. Especially the blade labor, the flour dim sum, in stir-fried dishes and fried rice these craftsmanship, he was plagiarize was also many. First Xia Tian took out the big ice piece in the refrigerator, then starts to carve, then various vegetables fast cutting, kneads dough afterward, chooses the fried rice material. The several females' in dining room and others some are impatient, therefore they ran up to the entrance of kitchen secretly, when they see in the kitchen situation, has been shocked completely, this time Xia Tian is meets the doing several things at the same time technique to be the same probably, a person is doing the different work, especially this time movement, his left hand is carving the ice piece fast, the right hand float from the sky turns circle the surface. Oh, was not my eye will go wrong, I saw very inconceivable one probably.” Xuanxuan whole face surprised looks at Xia Tian in kitchen, at this time the Xia Tian action has shaken completely her. This fellow was also too fierce.” Murong Xiaoxiao is also the surprised look.

He said that he has girlfriend, had not said that marriage is right, this man I snatched.” Sister Xue could not give a thought to the status the issue. Xia Tian still in accelerating the movement in his hand. Probably about ten minutes, the movement in Xia Tian hand stopped! Afterward he starts to continue to work, the three air/Qi stoves of kitchen were all used by him, moreover he still cuts the thing there, his technique is very mysterious, the blade labor may be called perfect, quick that he cuts, did not look . Moreover the thing size that he cuts is exactly the same. Entrance three females have been shocked completely, afterward Xia Tian took big peach, pulls out spatially inside, finally various fruit incisions even puts in the spatial peach, then covers the cover. At this time everybody looked finally, thing unexpectedly that he a moment ago continuously carved was the longevity god male, but that peach that he afterward made were the peach shaped birthday cake. Helps, carries to exit it!” Xia Tian said. I come!” Xuanxuan ran directly, then her cautious and solemn carried this carving, she carried very careful, was the fear with suddenly has not grasped on the ground, that may go bad. At this time on this carving also braves the cold air, looks like the immortal fog is the same, such one looked that felt the longevity god male lived to be the same. Three female vision all on this carving, they already by this carving deep being infatuated with. Photograph, I must photograph.” Murong Xiaoxiao has put out cell phone photograph. When she male shoots this longevity god, she discovered with amazement that longevity god male unexpectedly Might in picture is more aggressive, probably is really one living the longevity god is male. After ten minutes.

Comes to help!” Xia Tian shouts one, three females all ran. At this time in the kitchen had seven dishes, each vegetable is the different tastes, moreover meat and vegetarian dishes matching, cool and hot wait / etc. were every kind complete. Finally Xia Tian has carried golden egg-fried rice and one bowl of surface walked. Sees that golden egg-fried rice time, several female vision were attracted to pass again. Because this golden egg-fried rice turned into the gold to be the same at this time probably, sparkling, on each grain of rice was wrapping the egg, the entire fried rice looked like glittering gold is the same. Finally is that bowl of surface in Xia Tian hand, the surface goes superficially is the consomme, not any special place. First ate the long birthday noodles!” Xia Tian has given Murong Xiaoxiao the noodles. After Sister Xue received the noodles, blows, then opens directly eats, she saw the noodles, only then, in other words eats cannot break, because this is the symbol of longevity. Looks at the consomme clear water the surface, her appetite is not big, but Xia Tian laborious does, he naturally must eat, therefore she opens directly eats, but worked as the noodles just the entrance, her eye opened the eyes big, on the face has written all over inconceivable. Sister Xue, how?” Murong Xiaoxiao puzzled asking. Sister Xue, how is it?” Xuanxuan is also asking of face anticipation. Sister Xue has not spoken, but was the whole person soon is shocked.