Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 756

Sees Sister Xue that exaggeration the expression, Murong Xiaoxiao and Xuanxuan are anticipations. „Is Sister Xue, how is it?” Xuanxuan's anxious asking. Sister Xue had not answered, but continues to eat the noddles in bowl, she does not dare to speak, she will be afraid the noodles therefore to be cut off, because this noodles were really too the strength, entrance. A noodles entrance probably exploded was the same, moreover this bowl seemed in consomme clear water noodles unexpectedly unexpectedly has been full of a mysterious flavor. Quick Sister Xue all finished eating that long noodles, on her face has written all over the happy heart. „Is Sister Xue, so really delicious?” Murong Xiaoxiao puzzled asking. Em.” Sister Xue very earnest nod, then looked that asked to Xia Tian: „Do you achieve? Noodles unexpectedly can such strength, moreover seems is the consomme surface, will inside flavor so be why full?” I rub the surface, only then several millimeters Bo Du, then makes the surface maintain unceasing, its naturally strength, I kneaded dough raw material mix in water, therefore the surface ate the flavor to be very full.” Xia Tian explained: Was good, you also try other dishes.” Hears the Xia Tian words, several female direct starts, their each same vegetable must taste. Every time finished eating on vegetable their faces to present the feeling of satisfaction. Delicious, was too delicious.” Xuanxuan's excited saying. Also good.” Although Murong Xiaoxiao is not willing to acknowledge, but she has saying that the meal that Xia Tian makes is truly delicious. This is the most delicious birthday supper that I have.” Sister Xue said. Egg-fried rice.” Xia Tian looked that said to three females, that egg-fried rice was really too attractive, therefore three females have not hated to touch, now listened to Xia Tian saying that can eat, their three direct starts. Three people pack front dish.

Then opens eats, just ate up the first time, on three people of faces all has written all over inconceivable, afterward three people of nobody spoke, fast all ate food in the dish. So to be how delicious!” On Xuanxuan's face is tears! This is the happy tears, she has not had such good egg-fried rice, this was also too moving, she discovered that originally eats meal can also such have the happy heart. I have decided that I did not dismiss you, I must let the chef who you became my family.” Murong Xiaoxiao has decided that although this person is very repugnant, however his cook is truly good. Therefore makes him be this chef is good. Was too affected, is too moving, my unexpectedly can eat such delicious good food.” Sister Xue whole face excited saying, she first time has such delicious egg-fried rice, the flavor of this type of egg-fried rice was really too the delicacy. Although three female expressions are different, however their ideas are the same, that was too delicious. Remaining final peach shaped birthday cakes.” Xia Tian has referred to that ice sculpture. The appearance that the ice sculpture was carved the elderly person, in the hand of elderly person is holding a peach shaped birthday cake at this time. Looks that this peach shaped birthday cake they are not cruel enough to eat. Sister Xue, you come first!” Xuanxuan said that today is the Sister Xue birthday, that takes responsibility by Sister Xue. Em!” Sister Xue nodded, she moves away the peach shaped birthday cake gently the cover. Scoff! When the cover was opened later one group of mist to brave, the mist presents time, all turned into the immortal the entire elderly person, because these mist twine the elderly person instantaneously.

Quite attractive!” Both eyes of Sister Xue brave the star. Tastes!” Xia Tian said. Sister Xue extended in the chopsticks the immortal fog, has clamped one casually. This is the different fruits, was slivered the same size, places among the peach shaped birthday cakes, on various fruits braves the cold air. Sister Xue the fruit has placed in the mouth the time, her expression very nature, relaxed. In ice, but also braves cold air, puts the mouth unable to be very cool?” Asking that Murong Xiaoxiao has doubts. Reason that not, I use to ice, do not make the fruit be frozen, but gives the fruit to maintain freshness with it, fruit after cryopreservation 20 minutes best, becomes clear incomparable, such hot day can play the cool Xie Shu role, moreover eats other greasy vegetables to eat the words of several fruits again, can open the appetite.” Xia Tian answered. Quite neat, I felt that the body of my whole person has the comfortable feeling of not being able to say.” Sister Xue said. This food, three females eat many, the words that anything loses weight and so on, had gotten rid at this time completely, the cleanness that they make all food that all eat Xia Tian. After Xia Tian finished eating, has inspected the monitoring in courtyard, he now is a bodyguard, cannot let Murong Xiao any matter, otherwise he may not have the honor to see China No. 2 figure. After three females have eaten meal, went to Murong Xiaoxiao room. Does not know that was chatting anything in inside. Bodyguard gentleman, you looks that these monitoring are much bored.” Sister Xue walked from the room, but she has changed night clothes at this time, the night clothes that she wears are of gauze, although is conservative, but gauze itself translucent, this partly visible X-Ray Vision feeling, to person a mystery. Xia Tian sees the Sister Xue attire, the whole person stares slightly, the X-Ray Vision eye cannot help but opened.

The gauze, penetrated. Quite beautiful!” The Xia Tian vision was attracted to pass completely. Tick-tock! Sound that the liquid drops. Volume!” Sister Xue saw that such scene stares slightly, afterward she takes the paper goods in table hurriedly: You flowed the nosebleed.” Sister Xue scratches the Xia Tian nosebleed hurriedly. She has not thought that Xia Tian anger unexpectedly is so prosperous, the unexpectedly start class nosebleed, saw outflow that the nosebleed kept , the Sister Xue whole person quickly was shocked, afterward on face one happy, she has heard, only then the anger most prosperous young virgin can flow the nosebleed. Xia Tian has not restored from this happy heart, discovered that Sister Xue threw to him. He is afraid Sister Xue to throw down, therefore has not dodged. Sister Xue possibly is reason that because worries, body one crooked, plunged Xia Tian directly, at this time her the body lost thoroughly balanced, she such throws, the upper body hit directly on the face of Xia Tian, they like this poured above the sofa. Xia Tian felt that on own face one soft, he immersed during this wonderful feeling completely, his face moving cannot help but. Volume!” Sister Xue a little hoodwinked, this and Xuanxuan sees by Murong Xiao who in went out of the room. You. Are you doing?”