Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 758

Heard the warning to make a sound, Xia Tian drew Sister Xue to run in the room hurriedly. Murong Xiaoxiao and Xuanxuan are looking at drama series there, hears the alarm sound time, their two both had a scare. What happened?” Murong Xiaoxiao saw Xia Tian time asked hurriedly. Possibly is the enemy raids!” Xia Tian opens monitors the television, afterward he changes the stage unceasingly, finally is the same: Periphery all monitoring were all destroyed, your several careful, do not leave here.” Xia Tian has put out the hawks of that two desert directly. The surrounding monitoring video recording was destroyed, the obvious opposite party knows these monitoring the positions. Exactly what happened?” Sister Xue puzzled asking. Should have the enemy to submerge here, regardless of what happened, your three do not wander about aimlessly, believes me.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he understands that this enemy came. Moreover is very likely the fully-armed enemy, here terrain is open, not suitable fight, moreover he must protect three female safety. Therefore the matter will be very troublesome. Bang! Bang! Two gunshots transmit. Ah! Ah! Outside has transmitted two pitiful yells, is the thin person their voices of fatty. Hears the gunshot time, three females had a scare. (Spear|Gun), is a (spear|gun)!” Sister Xue whole face startled saying. Came.” The Xia Tian vision observes the situation all around, both hands aims at two sides.

Bang! Bang! Ah! Xia Tian fired two (spear|gun)s continually, the window place has transmitted two pitiful yells immediately, afterward his fast ran to the front. Bang! Bang! He just opened the position, was punctured by dozens bullets. Ah! Which three female have seen such scene, immediately frightens inconsiderately shout, the hand covers the head, then the body lies under the sofa, hides. Their three bodies shiver, surroundings all are the sound of gunfire. Is erupting the fight in all directions. The Xia Tian marksmanship is very good, moreover he trades the speed of ball to be quick, one second, the time of his load has only used for one second. Your several do not move!” Xia Tian hurries to their three there hurriedly. Bang! Bang! The Xia Tian two rounds of bullets make, two just the person who jumped from the window directly is killed by Xia Tian. This. This what's the matter?” On the face of Sister Xue is tears, she has not seen such scene, sees Xia Tian time, throws to the Xia Tian bosom directly. They are catch Murong Xiaoxiao, but you could rest assured that has me in this, you will not have the danger.” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of Sister Xue saying that flash, he had killed a moment ago at least ten gunners, however the person of opposite party were probably getting more and more, periphery's all monitoring were destroyed completely. Here sound of gunfire definitely already brought in the police, but the help of Xia Tian non- extravagant demands police, the police least also take 15 minutes to 20 minutes to here . Moreover the ordinary police, genuine Flying Tigers arrive few also take 45 minutes. 45 minutes, enough have hit too have fought much, if this time mission so is really simple, that will not alarm China No. 2 figure, China No. 2 figure will not ask him to help.

How like this, why so many (spear|gun)s.” Murong Xiaoxiao had been frightened to hoodwink. Otherwise? You think why I can come, if is just the general Hei society kidnaps, you think that I far away will run this to come?” Xia Tian reproved. Murong Xiaoxiao had not regarded a matter the crisis. Before she must dismiss Xia Tian, that is because she did not know the gravity of matter. Bang! At this moment, a rocket projectile has shot directly, is the bazooka, this group of person unexpectedly have carried the bazooka. Lying trough!” Xia Tian sees the rocket projectile time, the whole person is about to have been shocked, his both hands held Xuanxuan and Murong Xiaoxiao, then holds Sister Xue to flush away to front directly. Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian does not dare to hesitate, directly with flickering the body technique escapes, that is a rocket projectile, even if his hit words, meets the severe wound, but if other three females were hit, must die without doubt. Hateful, these people to not catch living witness? Why will use the rocket projectile.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, he thinks before these people must catch Murong Xiaoxiao, the parents who then to Murong Xiao threatened, but he has not thought that these person of unexpectedly dare to use the rocket launcher to attack. This represents them not to plan to catch the living witness! Hateful, where is not certainly right.” The (spear|gun) in Xia Tian right hand flings, a bullet has hit. Puff! The bullet penetrated that person of head directly, that person just wanted to start out the Missile Forces, the result is killed by Xia Tian directly. What to do? What to do should we?” Murong Xiaoxiao anxious saying. Such scene was really too terrifying, (spear|gun), moreover unexpectedly also had the rocket projectile, Murong Xiaoxiao has only seen such scene in the movie, other two females were also frightened heavily, Xuanxuan's face turned into the purple, body unceasing shivering. These are normal person's responses, do not say that is their three women, even if these men if bumps into such situation suddenly, will be frightened the whole body to shiver, even might be frightened the urine pants.

Do not fear that your three hide in this, which do not go, I a little am angry now.” Xia Tian stands up directly, afterward walks toward outside. Ping! Two bullets shoot to him, the head of Xia Tian in a flash, has avoided that two bullets with ease. TM leave to the father, your unexpectedly dares to make the woman cry, unforgivable!” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to the surrounding these people, he most cannot bear was the woman cries. In his eyes, the woman should not cry, naturally, regarding these wicked women, Xia Tian will not be lenient, for example Wen Ya. Between he and Wen Ya, is not you dies is I perishes! Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian both hands to open fire, his each (spear|gun) starts unceasingly in the vacancy. Bang! Bang! Bang! Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells send out from the surroundings, any appears personally, can be killed by Xia Tian instantaneously, along with Xia Tian to open fire, surrounding enemy where, regardless of hides, cannot escape from the (spear|gun) in his hand. This.” Three females in fear completely had been a moment ago still shocked, their three even forgot to fear, because the surrounding enemy has not dared to appear, they did not even dare to open fire, only then some people cropped up, came out from any angle. Xia Tian can a (spear|gun) solution, some people wanted while Xia Tian changes the bullet the time a moment ago kills, but these people have not waited to clash, had been traded Xia Tian of bullet killing. This was also too graceful.” Sister Xue received the tears, whole face surprised saying. Brat, you can hit very much, I asked the person to rumble this villa, I thought how you died.” At this moment outside has broadcast a sound.