Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 760

After two females left the villa, runs directly to the police station. In this time villa, Xia Tian looked at opposite that Assassins: You can to open fire.” The finger of that Assassins takes away the trigger in trend hand, but he has let loose, his face ponders looks at Xia Tian: I like present's feeling very much, you have prepared to go to obviously, but I actually must suffer your at heart.” You did not fear that the police do come?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Assassins. Time I am clearer than you, therefore I can play with you slowly.” That Assassins face fierce looks at Xia Tian to say. This time Murong Xiao received the tears, looks that these sisters are willing dead with her together, this smelly bodyguard unexpectedly, for she also dares to bring death, she has not been afraid, her fear transformed the anger. She hates herself, hating oneself too to be usually unkind to Xia Tian. If previous time gives her again an opportunity, she certainly to Xia Tian good. Two females who leaves the villa. Sister Xue, won't they have the matter?” Xuanxuan asked. Will not have the matter, certainly will not have the matter, Xia Tian is so fierce, reason that he makes our two walk first, he certainly has the means.” Sister Xue comforts Xuanxuan saying that actually she also lacks self-confidence, but she must be strong, because she is older than Xuanxuan, Xuanxuan also called her Sister Xue. Right, he is so fierce, he will certainly not have the matter.” Nod of Xuanxuan makes an effort. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. In villa. Xia Tian cell phone unexpectedly made a sound. Wait / Etc., I answer a telephone first.” Xia Tian has taken up the cell phone directly. Hey, who?”

Mr. Xia, I am Butler, your there matters I know that you are all right.” Em.” It seems like you are the speech are not quite convenient, after one will finish up, you wait a while in that I send for meeting you, the young lady was unsafe in that the master and wife also know that your there situation, they said that must meet the young lady, otherwise their anything could not do.” Was good, I knew.” Xia Tian said that has hung up telephone directly, because he noticed that Assassins complexion is very ugly. Fight time, Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to answer the telephone. This was too simply relaxed, moreover in that Assassins eye, Xia Tian this simply is to his insult. I played to suffice.” Assassins coldly looked that said to Xia Tian, he has not wanted to delay again, he wants to open fire to kill this to dare to insult his person directly. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is static looks at that Assassins. Bang! The bullet projects from his (spear|gun) boring directly, Xia Tian has not dodged, his body pouring slowly on the ground. Bang! The body of Xia Tian pounds in the ground. Snort, I also think that you are fierce, same died in my hands.” Saying that Assassins disdains, he pulls up Murong Xiaoxiao afterward directly, walks toward outside. Murong Xiaoxiao looks at the body of Xia Tian, in the innermost feelings has been full of the lamentation. Just they still together were preparing food, eat meal, but matter unexpectedly turned into this now.

When that Assassins arrives at Xia Tian corpse side, stepped in the body of Xia Tian with the foot: „Weren't you a moment ago very good B? Gets up to hit me.” Ka! Sound of bone break, moved, Xia Tian corpse unexpectedly moved, his right hand pinches, pinched the joint of that Assassins directly, then his left hand flung an silver needle to shoot through the head of that Assassins directly. Puff!! To dying that Assassins has not understood this what's the matter, he remembers that he that (spear|gun) hit a moment ago obviously on the heart of Xia Tian. Father continuously very good B.” Xia Tian stands up, stepped on stepping in the body of that Assassins. You.” Murong Xiaoxiao whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. My anything, I have certainly been all right, I am Expert.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, on him puts on gold thread soft armor, do not say is the bullet, these sharp incomparable swords cannot puncture. However the impulse of bullet rubs a Xiaokouzi his skin. ! Murong Xiaoxiao could not control own tears again, threw the Xia Tian bosom directly. Was good, do not cry, has me.” Xia Tian patted Murong Xiaoxiao jade back to say. You scared to death me, I think that you died, I think that my this whole life is unable to forgive itself.” Murong Xiaoxiao cries while said. I will die how possibly, I have many matters not to do, even if some people have killed me, I will also crawl from the coffin.” Xia Tian pulls open from bosom Murong Xiaoxiao, then wiped the tears in her eyes: Regardless of pretty after the woman has cried, changes the clown.” Murong Xiaoxiao had been amused by Xia Tian directly, in her eye is the tears, but on the face is actually the facial expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Do not cry, gives them two to telephone, tells them to go back to rest well, recently you should unable to see them, our two must go to your parental there.” Xia Tian looked that said to Murong Xiao.

Em!” Murong Xiaoxiao nodded, then has dialed the Sister Xue telephone. Xiao, is you? Were you all right?” Em, Sister Xue, I have been all right, was Xia Tian has saved me.” We go back now.” Does not use, Sister Xue, you and Xuanxuan go home, my meeting must go to my parents there with Xia Tian, will not come recently possibly out, after my parents there finishes, I look for you.” Good, you are all right well.” The police came quickly, after they came, has not felt embarrassed Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao, because on here situation had already greeted, moreover after they saw Xia Tian, salutes. Although they do not know the Xia Tian status. However they know that this is Senior Official, he this time in completing very arduous mission, when they see corpse everywhere, knows that this Senior Official some were actually fierce. They can look, the scene is this young Senior Official person's to fighting more than 40 Assassins, moreover these Assassins unexpectedly have the rocket projectile. After they will have cleaned on the spot, left. Quick, the car(riage) that Butler sends came, is one driver who wears the person of black clothes to be. He has not spoken, but has nosed carefully, and used the hot feeling meter to inspect, after determining not to have the issue, drove to leave. After that car(riage) drives away, the black form appears in the surrounding of courtyard together, the body of this person ice-cold, his surrounding flowers and plants trees are on the wane: Xia Tian, we met finally, this time happen to my strength once more breaks through, after I have killed you, goes to Jiang Hai City to kill Fan Zhuifeng.”