Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 761

After Xia Tian they boarded, has not spoken, that person of driving has not spoken, this peaceful driving, the vehicle more has started is more remote, finally left Shenzhen directly . Moreover the vehicle starts is not the main road, but is the track. The vehicle more starts is more remote, finally the vehicle stopped in a courtyard, courtyard inside had guard with large army, Butler is waiting for there, saw that Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao was all right, on his face one happy. Although he understands that definitely will not have an accident, but Murong Xiaoxiao is he looks to grow up, therefore some worries at heart. Now saw that Murong Xiaoxiao is all right, his heart put finally. However he on own initiative comes up to speak with Xia Tian first: Mr. Xia, was really thank you.” All right, this is my responsibility.” Xia Tian said. Mr. Xia, please, we walks while said.” Butler said that they have led into Xia Tian a tent, although outside seems is a tent, but entered inside later is a basement. Basement only then gloomy light. With tightening, do not wander about aimlessly, has gone astray the meeting deceased person.” The Butler reminder said. Murong Xiaoxiao follows in Butler behind, Xia Tian follows in Murong Xiao behind, this can avoid Murong Xiaoxiao because of the curiosity, but going astray place, therefore makes Xia Tian conclude in behind. This has facilitated Xia Tian actually, the Xia Tian vision has swept several in the surroundings, here has many small mechanism, in other words, here is orderly, does not have to enter. However by the Xia Tian memory, actually very relaxed has remembered the correct gate position. Meanwhile, outside base.

The black form hides in darkness together: Originally was here, how no wonder we to look could not find.” What this person represents is dark, after he had found the place, has not begun, but left here fast, his speed is quick, quick inconceivable, moreover is having blood light on his body. After Xia Tian they walked for about ten minutes, went to a spacious hall. When sees the environment in this hall, the first feeling of Xia Tian is a laboratory, very big laboratory, this laboratory constructs in very much underground, here is very everywhere bright, moreover in all directions is the glass. Has the glass isolation, these glasses all are the bulletproof glass . Moreover the turnover is to need the password, therefore Xia Tian they can only go sightseeing outside, but is unable to go. Here is the antiviral R &\; D center, you can stroll casually.” Butler they introduced with Xia Tian. Reason that Butler makes them stroll casually is because they looked also uselessly, because here research does not look with the eye, moreover they do not know the password, therefore they cannot go from the start. In the glass and outside is different, in the glass cannot see outside situation, from inside to outside looked that is black. Proceeds is the position of dining room, there has the meal of most nutrition, behind is the place that stays and takes a bath, the left side is a washroom, recently for these days do not leave nearby this, to ventilate calls me, if I, you did not call the person of security, but do not leave the base secretly, if directed to trouble the enemy.” The Butler reminder said. The person who here passes and out may be many, majority is the security personnel, naturally some mysterious people, Xia Tian has also been able to look at these people from walking of these people are Expert. Part of various senior officials in aspects have passed and out several times. Xia Tian has not exited to take a stroll, but found a room to train.

Now he understood this time mission probably. „The present situation definitely also in planning of Senior Official, he knows that finally I definitely also will come here, he lets is not only Murong Xiaoxiao who I protect, this base.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head , No. 2 figure did not tell his concrete mission, but made him try to find out gradually, but he also knows that Murong Xiaoxiao parents definitely were important figure of this experiment. Therefore No. 2 figure will make him protect Murong Xiaoxiao. Whistling!” The Xia Tian one breath has made 3000 standing upside down single-handed braces. First has the mouth food.” Xia Tian went out of the room directly, walks toward the position of dining room, here hall is very spacious, but is very narrow the hall to the middle channel of dining room, can only accommodate two people simultaneously to pass. In dining room person has, because here not only has the good food, but also has various types of drinks, but also dining room interior decoration also good, even also has few people there bucket of landlords. Sees these person of idlers, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, these people protect here Expert, without danger, they do not need to handle any matter, therefore they have also played on several person gangs. Has the male to have the female. Part is a special police officer, they are in shifts, each channel has the guard of special police officer, the surrounding dozens special police officers is also protecting. They are the three shifts. Eight hours a class. Xia Tian treated here is appearing ramble were many, because he did not have explicit mission, moreover there are these people, in his ordinary circumstances does not need to get rid.

Comes fried rice, one cup of drink.” The thing that Xia Tian wants is very simple. He just sat down, Murong Xiaoxiao appeared, she also simple wanted a thing, then sat in the Xia Tian opposite. Thank you!” Murong Xiaoxiao had not said thanking to Xia Tian, today she said thanking finally, because was Xia Tian has rescued her life, and because of that war, she was also from the heart thanks Xia Tian. Especially Xia Tian is willing to suffer that moment of bullet for her. She felt that her heart is about to melt, she thinks at that time, if ascends the sky to her comes an opportunity again, she will not bully Xia Tian absolutely, but must treat him well, treats this to suffer the man of bullet for her. Xia Tian had not said with enough time does not need to thank, he discovered that the visions of surrounding these people are not right, he discovered that periphery all person unexpectedly all looked with the strange look to them. Meanwhile, in a Shenzhen hotel. Place I had found, but in is very definitely dangerous, that is your work.” Saying of black-clothed person coldly, his sound is cold, the expression is colder, as if periphery a speech immediately must ice up to be the same. Yin Fu , Wei Guang may say, this time you must fully coordinate our motions.” Bang! His words said that whole person directly by Yin Fu according to wall: Do not call my name directly, because you do not match, do not call the name of Sir Wei Guang directly, otherwise my suck dry your blood.”