Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 762

Jiang Hai City! Hateful! Suddenly to present how these many Expert!” Xu deeping frown, they have been resisting Island Country Expert recently, moreover their succeeded has prevented a Island Country storm, but Island Country organized the second storm immediately, moreover this Island Country came all was Expert. They want to do destruction in Jiang Hai City in all directions, suddenly, the Xia Tian person defends very difficultly, if not because Qi Huan has killed many Expert, the present scene must become more difficult. However Qi Huan double fist difficult enemy four, more and more Island Country Expert intruded China, Island Country all sends China all Expert probably, was used to attack Jiang Hai City. They have determined, Xia Tian is protecting this city, therefore they must start to destroy this city. Bai Yu was transferred by Quicksand. At this time can have Qi Huan with person who the opposite party contends with, Fan Zhuifeng, the Zhaoshan river, that three people of robber gate, they several battle efficiencies are strongest, but Island Country this time has almost used fully. Their Expert are getting more and more, has Ninja, the military circles, blade guest wait / etc., even also sent out including the Island Country recluse. Their this time has the goal that has to achieve, that hat is snatches also to snatch. Xu, we now what to do? Now we had many people wounded.” The fire always looked that asked to Xu, although they were the Xia Tian people, but the Xia Tian army majority are Xu in old age transfers now. Thinks that Xu Laoshi most starts with the person who Xia Tian mixes. Therefore his right is also biggest. Makes everybody move, the police and Flying Tigers are supporting us, gathers to me these fellows, drives away to a place.” Xu has thought a person, before this person is Xia Tian just before leaving, told him, told him unless it is absolutely essential to find this person. Now is not time as a last resort. Therefore he wanted to invite that person. Good, my this makes everybody rush to one these fellows.” The fire is old, although does not know Xu meaning, since Xu has decided that then he gave orders on the line. This time Lin Bingbing leads the Operations Office person to carry on resistance furiously specially.

Big cow, your marksmanship gives me on time.” Seven groups of Leader shout. Relax, Leader, I ensure the ball not empty sends.” The big cow shouts. This time Lin Bingbing stands there, in her hand has the radio, she is directing specially the fight of Operations Office, the special Operations Office present fight soon entered turns red-hot. Captures the ringleader first!” Finally some people saw existence of Lin Bingbing. „It is not good, is endures, protects the department head.” That several special Operations Office Leader hurried hurries to the Lin Bingbing position. Snort!” Already without enough time. In that endures cold snort one, the sharp knife blade in hand cuts directly to Lin Bingbing! Bang! When the sharp knife blade must chop on Lin Bingbing immediately, the Lin Bingbing whole person disappears in same place, afterward her left hand fist endures to hit to fly that in directly: Do not manage me , to continue to fight.” Violence! Island Country these people think Lin Bingbing this leader is just an embroidering pillow, but they have not thought that Lin Bingbing unexpectedly is so fierce. Department Head Lin in? I am the fire am old.” At this moment Lin Bingbing earphone sound. Fire is old, I in!” Lin Bingbing understands that the present fire is old and Xu is the commander-in-chief. Catches up with all enemies to the beautiful face main road.” The fire always said. Good!” Another. Qi Huan is fighting these accurate shade level Expert.

Qi Huan, I am the fire am old, directs the beautiful face main road the enemy.” Good!” Little Fei and the others, the Xia Xue people received this news, the people of police station and Flying Tigers also received this news, they are driving away the enemy to the beautiful face main road. In a Jiang Hai City tall building. Mr. Zhuge, we not on?” Hongwu asked. If this troublesome could not be solved continually, I have not helped his necessity.” Zhuge Wanglang light saying. Good, I listen to Mr. Zhuge.” Hongwu said. This time Islander had been compelled to a place, here is the beautiful face main road, after the Islander accumulation, the Jiang Hai City person not only has not taken any advantage, instead could not let loose, especially the police and Flying Tigers have become the ornaments, they do not dare to open fire. Because the people of both sides have mixed up, once to open fire, may injure accidentally own person. Ha Ha Ha Ha! On everybody, mixes up with them, today we can capture Jiang Hai City.” Expert of accurate shade level shouts. At this time Qi Huan has panted. He alone faces Sanming accurate shade level Expert, this is his limit. Everybody do not give up.” Lin Bingbing shouts loudly, she has also joined the battle efficiency. At this time the person damage of Xia Family armed forces is very big, these female completely not awfully, Island Country Expert not awfully, therefore their most people have been injured, is Little Fei, he fought these Islander not awfully to be afraid. Although he kills the enemy innumerably, but he now wound are also many. Fan Zhuifeng and Zhaoshan river, although usually does not kill people, but the present is protecting our homes and defending our country time, they also started to slaughter, but the good outlook did not last long, they also by Island Country Swordsmanship Expert staring.

Now with ease can only kill people only then the big cow, the big cow uses Xia Tian to give his Sniper Rifle, strength growth doubled and re-doubled. His (spear|gun) can kill a person. However he was also attempting to these Expert to open fire, but failed finally. Now the Jiang Hai City person beset with a crisis in giant, the fire old personally has also gone forth to battle, although his blade skill was not skilled, but coped with general Ninja not to have any issue. Xu, you are certainly quick.” Fire old anxious saying. Everybody in one vigorous effort, takes Jiang Hai City.” The Island Country person imposing manner surges upward, they cross the rubicon completely, moreover now occupies is also inclining to them. The Xia Tian person loses very in a big way. The Jiang Hai City police and Flying Tigers are very puzzled, does not understand that these people must do, why must choose this place always fights a decisive battle, but they have not dared to open fire, had the increasing number of people unable to bear rushes to fight handata-titleo-hand directly. Puff! In the Qi Huan mouth spouts the blood, he felt that his body has overdrawn, but he is still clenching teeth to insist. Because he understands that he cannot have an accident, otherwise Expert of these three accurate shade levels can turn around the situation instantaneously. Bang!! At this moment, the surrounding ground rocked, a Qi Huan opposite accurate shade level Expert head directly high throws.