Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 763

Died. Island Country accurate shade level Expert died. Moreover was struck kills. Such scene frightened the surrounding all people to jump immediately. Finally caught up.” Xu Boss mouth pants for breath he to shout afterward directly loudly: Draws back!” Hears Xu the words, these Xia Tian people have all drawn back, at the same time, together person's shadow fast shuttles back and forth in the Islander group, his place visited, flesh and blood flying in all directions, death! His arrival with death. The surroundings increasing number of people die in his hands, was only the flash, Island Country has large quantities of Expert dead in that person of hand. Hateful, this what's the matter? Blocks him, blocks him to me.” Island Country these accurate shade level Expert shout loudly, but after that person's shadow first time sneak attacks is successful, with Expert of accurate shade level to fighting, but is processes these strengths to be worse. Parallel advancement.!” Xu gives a loud shout. All person all stand forths, because Xu has sent out to order, their advancements quite therefore are slaughtering, the together attack is unable to resist. What is main was that shadow lethality in opposite party crowd is really too big. Mr. Zhuge, that person is quite fierce.” Hongwu and Zhuge Wanglang stood in not far away at this time. Em, this person should be the Xia Tian card in a hand, has this person , the Heavenly Connection foreign country opens time, he had a bigger superiority.” Zhuge Wanglang nodded. That person should be the Earth Grade intermediate stage or the late stage strength!” Hongwu nodded to say. Hongwu, who were you fierce with him?” Zhuge Wanglang looked asked curiously to Hongwu, he with Hongwu also understanding not short time, but he to the present does not know that Hongwu was any status, his strength. This is not just like, because fights time must look at many factors, but I do not believe that some people can meet my full blade hardly.” Hongwu answered. Zhuge Wanglang nodded, he was longer in the together time with Hongwu on exceed thinks Hongwu to be interesting, because Hongwu can always take to him some surprisedly, moreover he forever could not see through the true strength of Hongwu.

However a little he can determine that the disposition of Hongwu was too pure, if not bump into him, but bumps into Yu He, that Hongwu will turn into a Yu He important instrument. Reversal! The war had the big reversal, Jiang Hai City these Expert has attacked each time can strike to kill the match, but these Island Country people also retreated in defeat again and again, their morale dropped the valley all of a sudden. Bang!! At this moment in the Island Country crowd as if had the earthquake to be the same, that central place other people all were instantaneously by Beng Fei! Can hit does not have!” This everybody saw clearly that shadow finally the appearance, his whole person seemed very sloppy . Moreover the hair also had some blanches. A moment ago that nearly in the invincible shadow was this person. „Who is he? Quite fierce!” Fire old whole face inconceivable saying. Fire Cloud evil god, Xia Tian big card in a hand.” Xu shows a faint smile. The fire old has not continued to ask, but is static looks among that person Islander groups. War ended.” Lin Bingbing light saying. Island Country occupied the fight of superiority, at this time had the startled day big reversal, because of a appearance of person, the entire war had the huge change. Jiang Hai City won! A moment ago Fire Cloud evil god that struck has been possible super Swordsman to kill Expert of that several accurate shade levels. Now here space is narrow and small, these Islander have had no place to go. Surrenders or dies!” Xu takes the loudspeaker to shout loudly. All people prompt forward once more!

Death!” These Islander also has the strength of spirit, they chose have fought at risk of life, but they had not discovered that at this time the two sides high places already seized by Flying Tigers and police! Helps them!” Xu gives a loud shout! Bang! Bang! Bang! The intense sound of gunfire transmits from the surroundings, that shadow vanishes instantaneously, rapidness that he comes, goes also quick! Slaughter! This was unable to say is fight, but slaughtered. Is less than a half minute, majority of Islander died, the remaining that some people are the disabled situation are also very serious. Finished! After this time war, Island Country compensated the madame to fold the soldier simply! They not only lost face militarily, politically also lost face, now their Expert all casualties completely, after this fight, the Island Country 20 years are unable to restore. Shenzhen. In antiviral R &\; D center. Xia Tian discovered that the surrounding these people all visit them with the unusual vision, he felt that the situation is not probably right, because the visions of these people are telling him probably, you must meet with a disaster. You how?” Murong Xiaoxiao looks puzzled to Xia Tian. This seat with other somewhat different?” Xia Tian asked that afterward his vision looked in the surroundings, he discovered the seat that they sat was in this dining room a best position . Moreover the chair and table were different, was clean, all over the body purple! Outside the chair set is also purple. Probably is here master very likes this color resulting.

Moreover Xia Tian thought that he arrived at this time, the surroundings had many people, but these person have not sat on this seat. According to the truth, this seat is so comfortable, should be very marketable, but here unexpectedly nobody sits now. Probably really different.” Murong Xiaoxiao had also discovered situation is not right, awkward looked that said to Xia Tian. She also saw the vision of surrounding these people, as if took pleasure in others'misfortunes , seemed is looking at the good play, in brief did not have one is the good expression. All right, you eat!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, saying of not caring at all, he also starts to lower the head to eat meal afterward. „!” Murong Xiaoxiao hears the Xia Tian words, she nodded, starts to eat meal directly. These two people died, their unexpectedly dares to sit on that seat, this time they brought the big trouble.” I estimated that their bones will be broken directly, may make into the idiot directly!” Certainly is newly arrived, no matter they are any status, this time they were really miserable.” Surroundings these people all think Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao this being either dead or wounded, because they sat that seat, that special seat, in entire dining room only different seat. Here that seat is symbolizing the King. Only then that talented person can sit in that. Tread! A clear sound of footsteps reaches in the ear of people, all people will all focus on dining room the place of entrance, sees that person time, then on the face presented a fear.