Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 764

That sound of footsteps presents time, the entire dining room was peaceful, when they had determined was that person, they hid by far, does not dare to approach, because they feared! Together those who come is two people. Walks in front, in behind. Xia Tian felt the change of surrounding atmosphere, but he has not gained ground, but continued to eat food in the plate. The discussion sounds of these people, he heard a moment ago. Since knew what's the matter, he does not care, but was eats own. Murong Xiaoxiao also felt that the atmosphere is not right, but he noticed that Xia Tian in lowering the head to eat meal, therefore she does not dare to gain ground, but continues to eat thing in the plate, but her present thoughts already completely not in tray. She also heard that sound of footsteps! Because now here was really too static, she wants unable to hear difficultly. That sound of footsteps is approaching to them. The sound is getting more and more near, Murong Xiaoxiao heart has also hung, she does not know one are afraid anything, in brief she is being afraid. This is my seat!” A voice of woman reached in the ear of Xia Tian. Although the sound is a woman, the imposing manner that but she spoke was more like a man, Xia Tian has not gained ground, but continued to have the food in plate. Disregard! That woman was disregarded. Saw that woman was disregarded, the surrounding person was all shocked. They have not thought that this newly arrived fellow unexpectedly dares to disregard here Boss, this simply and courts death not to have what difference.

Here is my seat.” That woman opens the mouth to say once more. You are quite bothersome, that is not also the vacancy, you take a seat, I have not shut out you to put together the table.” Xia Tian impatient saying, he continues to have the fried rice in plate very afterward, as if regarding him, that fried rice is more important than the life. „Did you hear? His unexpectedly dares this tone to speak to that person.” Was insane, he certainly was insane, this time he died absolutely, nobody can save him.” Really does not know profound fellow.” The surrounding person was discussing in a low voice, they do not dare to put the voice of speech too in a big way, once because has angered that person, they may unable to eat to capture. Volume!” That woman hears the Xia Tian words to stare slightly, when she wants to get angry, her behind that man moved, the speed of that man is quick, but a twinkling rushed to the Xia Tian front. Wait / Etc.!” That female extended the left hand, has blocked the movement of that man directly. Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, he has sized up that woman one eyes, what this woman combs is the short hair, the face has the null circle, the eye is big, the five senses are not very attractive, however crowds together, is very worth looking, is that type more looks at a more attractive person. At this time on her has worn a purple half sleeve, lower part of the body purple jeans. Purple! Also has on the chair with the table exactly the same purple! But that man who she blocks is a very charming fellow, male black clothes, facial features coldly, making the person seem does not dare to approach. Xia Tian, we change a seat!” Murong Xiaoxiao said. Xia Tian nodded, afterward carries the tray and drink stands up directly. „Are you surnamed Murong?” That female looked that asked to Murong Xiao.

Em!” Murong Xiaoxiao nodded! Looks in your parents' face, I let off your one time.” Saying of female coldly. After Xia Tian they leave there, female sat on that purple chair, but that callous charming man sat on her nearby table, has not shared a table with her. The surrounding these people also think can look at a good play, but has not thought that such simply finished. Obviously that person knows that girl surnamed Murong, therefore has let off her one time. Others eat anything are hit, when this woman sits there, some quick people delivered the vegetable and drinks have come up, something also people who that man of her side was eating delivered. ***, What damned place is this? For money, the father will not come to this damned place, wants anything.” At this moment the dining room entrance has broadcast a ten points unharmonious sound, one line of ten robust men walked from the entrance, their ten are newly arrived, moreover just came, each of them's body is very strong! Muscle from top to bottom seems is full of the explosive force. After their ten come, vision contemptuous took a fast look around in the surrounding these people, can treat here, is simple without any, appearance that but these ten robust men, as if very disdain regarding these people. Makes, you blocked the road!” That ten robust men behind some people said. Em?” Is the robust man of head has turned around immediately, angry-looking looks that person said: „Don't you know our border area ten ghosts? unexpectedly dares such to speak to us.” What ghosts do I manage your? You blocked my road.” That person of very discontented saying. Bang! Pounds from a that person of recent robust man direct fist, but has not arrived at that person, but he actually pounded small pit the wall. Here wall majority is rock, but his unexpectedly fist has left behind shallow holes on the wall, thus it can be seen, his fist might actually how formidable.

The opposite party is also very flexible person, has fought that robust man directly, frequents each several other rounds, that person unexpectedly also had a superiority. However at this moment! Bang! Also the robust man began, his fist sneak attacks successfully, the opposite party knocks down directly, several robust men come up afterward a person of foot, finally that is known the life by the person who they hit. Violence! They entered the stage use violence to prove their great strength. This is setting up the prestige, told here person, although their ten were afterward, but was not similarly affable. The surrounding most people frightened look to their ten, but some young people directly hide by far, the scene has not gone to look at their ten, only then that woman and charming man, Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao. Saw that these person unexpectedly dare to disregard itself, is the robust man of head walks toward that woman directly. He has picked this table, because this table and chair with here other different, in high-end atmosphere scale! This table happen to conforms to the air/Qi of their present King, therefore he wants to sit there, moreover he wants to appropriate to oneself this table directly, after this table, is the place that he eats meal. This table I wanted.” That robust man stands the side of woman to say.