Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 765

Before is the robust man of head arrived at that purple table, he settled on this position, this position is very absolutely good, this position especially qualify his status, moreover after this position, will turn into his private property. Although he was invited here is protects the base, but he arrives must have the symbol of status. He is the eldest children of ten ghosts, naturally must have the imposing manner. Moreover the skills of ten ghosts are very strong, they also very much unite, where regardless of he arrives, to must have the imposing manner of King. This female seems, although good, but he wants the vertical prestige now, therefore he also can only the heavy hand destroy to spend, he must here to fear him, sets up him for the king, like this he can enjoy the emperor general treatment here. This woman is surnamed unreliably, is called Xuan Ji, simultaneously she is also the Boss who here is obvious to all, she is the first batch arrived here person, after she came, the treatment with other person of differences, some people had expressed the disaffection. However! Nobody can catch her one move! Her strength is very covert, these person of nobody who therefore afterward came in dare to provoke her again, moreover side that woman with a man, this man seems the patron god of this woman is the same. So long as some people dare to offend Xuan Ji, that this man will get rid! His skill also very mysterious, but similarly, nobody is his match. Therefore Xuan Ji gradually became here Boss. She usually is also the arrogance, radically not with here any person conversation, even if some people notified her, she also never responded, but nobody is discontented. Because everybody knows that she is not affable. She is here King, but this King, unexpectedly is provoked today. Moreover was provoked continuously twice. First time is Xia Tian, if usually some people dare to sit in her position, she without hesitation throws that person, when she saw Murong Xiaoxiao.

She knows Murong Xiaoxiao status. Also knows parents who Murong Xiaoxiao are important to here, therefore she has given a Murong Xiaoxiao face, lets off a Xia Tian horse. However when she eats meal, unexpectedly presented any ten ghosts, this made her mood more and more not good, Xuan Ji has put down the chopsticks in hand, afterward gaining ground slowly. You said again!” Snort, I said again one is also what kind of? The small girl, our ten ghosts have not feared anyone.” Boss cold snort of ten ghosts! Three seconds!” At this moment, that callous man opens the mouth to say suddenly. The attention of ten ghosts were captured the past by him. What did you say?” The eldest children of ten ghosts have doubts looks to that callous man. If you insisted for three seconds, I can put your horse!” That callous charming man said that he said very optional, probably was saying that a very ordinary matter was the same. The surrounding these people were all peaceful, because they know that this person must begin. This callous charming man is also surnamed unreliably, he called unreliably cold. Ha Ha Ha Ha! What did you say? Your unexpectedly said that can kill us in three seconds?” The eldest children of ten ghosts laugh were saying that he as if heard this century biggest joke to be common. Bang! His words just said that his whole person flew, at the same time, the profound cold body vanished in same place, the bodies of other nine guys all flew. Bang! Ten the bodies of men all fell on the ground, moreover suspended three characters.

Three seconds, were just good!” Said unreliably coldly sits down directly. Xuan Ji has not said anything, but continues to eat own thing. The surrounding these people were all shocked, they are also first time noticed that profound uses the true strength coldly, although before them, sees unreliably has gotten rid coldly, but was unreliable at that time coldly copes with some ordinary roles. This difference. Coldly what this time profound copes is ten ghosts, Expert that they become famous, but profound cold unexpectedly only used for three seconds to knock down these ten people, after the person who the surroundings went on patrol came, has not spoken, directly that ten people lifting. Quite fierce!” Murong Xiaoxiao wiped off the cold sweat on forehead, now her also a little fear, if a moment ago Xia Tian has enraged this person, they may be miserable now. Em, good!” Xia Tian nodded, has not said anything. Said good two characters. Hears the Xia Tian words, Murong Xiaoxiao associates in the meaning to his words, because these words as if are appreciating Junior to be the same. Possibly was he speaks incorrectly!” Murong Xiaoxiao has not thought much. In the dining room returned to once more normal, after Xia Tian finished eating the thing, sat has the drink in hand there. Here environment generally speaking good, the only shortcoming cannot exit to ventilate and sun easily. Hey!” A man moved toward the Xia Tian position! Em?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to him, he does not understand that this person must do, but he actually saw on that face writes the disaffection. Your boy has remembered to me, sits in that side that is our Boss, later the eye put to shine, some people cannot offend.” This man disdains has sized up Xia Tian one. In his eyes, Xia Tian is just closes right up against the opposite this female to evade a boy of tribulation.

He such does, to give a Xuan Ji good impression, he is not first time has such done, some people almost must offend Xuan Ji each time time, this person will appear. Because of Xuan Ji's frightening, therefore he comes out now, quite therefore bullies the weak by relying on powerful connections. Xuan Ji knows that he is taking advantage of his reputation act high and mighty, but her also being disinclined managed, several times, this man more and more loved act high and mighty, what because he was hitting was Xuan Ji's title, therefore nobody dares to offend him. „Were you speaking to me?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to that man. At this time his face smiling face, probably in looking at a joke is the same, that man saw the Xia Tian expression, the look that on the face covered entirely is stronger: What expression are you? Said that your you also refuse to accept.” Clothing! Refuses to accept, you are so fierce!” Xia Tian face earnest saying. Em, this is good!” That man satisfied nod of then looked that continues to say to Xia Tian: My name was Hu Li, remember, later saw the Boss time to me limelight.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile has not spoken! That Hu Li satisfied got out of the way, his goal has been achieved, after he bullies the weak by relying on powerful connections, said own name, actually his true goal i.e. left own name. Here comes is some Expert, so long as he said his name that he had the opportunity of becoming famous. Bang! At this moment, a bang passed from outside.