Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 766

Hears this sound time, in the dining room all people all stand up. Their vision look to that on wall is extinguishing the lamp! That lamp is the warning lights, so long as lamp one bright, represents some people to attack, if the lamp turns into the red, that showed that the enemy intruded. Xuan Ji and was unreliably cold they also to look to that lamp on wall. That lamp changes green, they need standing by, if the lamp turned into the red, they need to get rid immediately. Was green!” The lamp changed green, the person in dining room one after another ran to outside, they must start standing by. Lamp one green, represented has the enemy to attack. Although here is very covert, but they are clear, the wall that has not ventilated, these people will find sooner or later definitely here, but they have not thought on this day was too quick. What happened?” Murong Xiaoxiao looked that asked to Xia Tian. Should have the enemy to invade!” Xia Tian answered. Enemy? Here is so covert, how to have the enemy?” Murong Xiaoxiao whole face inconceivable saying. Regardless is covert, was impossible forever unable some people to find . Moreover the opposite party clarified is exerts its utmost to this research, therefore their certain meeting wants completely all means.” Xia Tian said. Although he does not know that this research concrete is anything, that group of people but who sold from before he could see, this time matter no small matter! Moreover this experiment can alarm China No. 2 figure! Thus it can be seen, this experiment is serious.

„Don't you help?” Murong Xiaoxiao looks curiously to Xia Tian, she may experience Xia Tian fierce. Xia Tian shook the head: I just am responsible for protecting your, other matters I do not manage.” Good, do we exit to watch the fun how is it?” Murong Xiaoxiao proposed. Here should have the control room, goes to there to look that should be livelier.” Xia Tian said that stands up walks toward outside, he now is very chaotic until outside, moreover exited, definitely cannot see any good scene. Murong Xiaoxiao followed directly. Although she does not know control room in any position, but she knows that Xia Tian can certainly find. „The position of control room where?” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, but he had not found the position of control room, but he actually saw two people, is Xuan Ji and profound cold. Followed them should almost to find.” Xia Tian followed directly, Murong Xiaoxiao also followed, she also noticed that Xia Tian was tracking Xuan Ji and is unreliably cold. However she has not said anything, but is static following behind. Followed to meet her suddenly to discover that front unexpectedly was the control room: He knows that these two people do meet the control room? He was really more and more mysterious.” After Xuan Ji and profound entered the control room coldly, sat on the front seat directly. Person in the control room sees their times, has not said anything, but has poured the tea for them. „Who are you? Here cannot enter randomly.” When Xia Tian and Murong Xiao Xiaogang must enter in the control room, their was blocked. Why they can enter, we cannot enter.” Murong Xiaoxiao very discontented saying.

Xuan Ji and profound looked coldly to the entrance. They are different, they protect here super Expert, they naturally had the right to enter in the control room, other people cannot enter randomly.” The guards answered, here all people almost knew inside that two. That two are representing here strongest strength, they are symbolizing the god of here protection. Therefore besides laboratory inside, other places, they can pass and out casually. Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao is newly arrived, here guard naturally did not know them, the guard regarded them is these ordinary Expert, therefore the soldier disliked. Xuan Ji has turned the head, was disinclined to look at Xia Tian they. Profound cold has also turned the head, looks to the front video. I must go in!” Xia Tian said. „It is not good, here is no one can go.” Guards is still blocking the entrance. I, if can go in?” The Xia Tian expression suddenly becomes very cold, cold makes that guard turn into the whole body to tremble, that guard felt one stared by a wild animal. This wild animal momentarily possible to eat to be the same him. You. Do you want to do?” Body retreat of that guard cannot help but one step, in his retreat the flash, two person's shadows has flashed through from his side, is Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao. They entered in control room, they sat in Xuan Ji and profound cold directly, after they sat down, Xia Tian has taken up the tea on table directly, drank under. After he drinks next, the person in room all visits him with the strange look, what because he drinks is Xuan Ji's tea.

This cup is Xuan Ji special-purpose, but the Xia Tian unexpectedly mouth was drinking to the cup, this probably indirectly kissed to be the same. Catches them.” The entrance guard shouts loudly, at the same time in the room person all they walks toward Xia Tian. Saw that here atmosphere was getting more and more strange, Xuan Ji's complexion is also very ugly, she has not thought that this person unexpectedly dares so dissolute, oneself have let off his one time obviously, but his unexpectedly dares to provoke again and again oneself. Snort!” That of entrance guarded cold snort, he thinks one a moment ago unexpectedly frightening to feel humiliation very by such two babies, moreover he was here guard Captain, he had the right to arrest to dare to intrude here fellow. Therefore he has directly issued the order, he does not believe that the opposite party dares to hit back, how even if they are again fierce, once will begin also to be punished here. Moreover now two big Expert in base, Xuan Ji and profound cold also, they do not look that some people cause trouble here. Therefore his energy very foot. These people already Xia Tian and Murong Xiaoxiao surrounding, them momentarily possibly have gotten rid to Xia Tian now. You are walk, I called them to throw to you, then reported that gave above?” That guard of entrance their here walks directly to Xia Tian. I, if doesn't elect?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that guard asked. Snort! Do not be wild, the person like you I saw, thinks can one select Kungfu on extraordinary? I told you, here was the national SS level base, here control was very severe, if you were dissolute, some that naturally people will tidy up you!” That guard said. Right? I do not believe.” Xia Tian light saying. Begins!” That guard in front of that ten people to him said directly.