Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 768
Thinks!” Nod of Murong Xiaoxiao makes an effort, she now already completely not repugnant Xia Tian. She heard Xia Tian to say to watch the fun, immediately one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Mr. Xia Tian!” Butler looks hurriedly to Xia Tian. Butler, or you also together go.” Xia Tian knows that Butler is worried about anything, he knows that Butler is worried about Murong Xiaoxiao safety, how even if he explained again that Butler same will also be worried, therefore he simply called Butler to see a play together. These intruder the situation is not good at this time, here mechanism has made the digit of their casualty bigger and bigger, moreover some people sneak attack. Hateful! Stops going forward!” Is person of angry saying of head, afterward his stand forth, the right hand presented the golden powder directly, then he uses the mouth to blow. The golden powder was blown off by him directly! Afterward the surrounding situation had change, on the road presented many footprints. Walks following footprint most places.” Saying of that person of coldly, his behind these people flush away directly forward: Snort, has wasted my treasure Jinsha, hateful Yin Fu , must waste my time.” Kill! Large quantities of Assassins have rushed ahead, had Jinsha to lead the way, these Assassins also nobody intruded in mechanism again. Without concealing of mechanism, these Expert also had is killed by these Assassins, suddenly, the fight of both sides became chaotic, but the guard armed forces that above the base, these remove were still carrying on the gun battle with part of Assassins. All people are listening, directs them to No. 1 hall in!” Xuan Ji said using the earphone order, although she does not have what special position, but hears her sound, these Expert all acted accordingly. Because she is here Boss. Butler, where No. 1 hall is?” Xia Tian asked. „The position that here altogether three halls, you live is No. 3 hall, front separately is 1st and 2nd, that No. 1 hall most starts, No. 2 hall in behind of No. 1 hall, each hall is very big, moreover there are different rooms, No. 1 hall is the dormitory positions of above these guards.” Butler answered. In other words, she planned that makes there carry on the fight the person of opposite party!” Xia Tian thinks this fight can continue to be very long, but he has not thought that such quickly must have a decisive battle.

They hurry to the position of No. 1 hall. In No. 1 hall, these Assassins flushed, these Assassins strengths are good, they are not ordinary Assassins, but is process super training some Assassins. The both sides strength disparity at this time fighting is not big, a side majority that although defends are Expert, however their population be are only less than 100 people, but the opposite party is different, the opposite party altogether has more than 300 Assassins, just entered No. 1 hall, had the big tangled warfare of collective. The tangled warfare is continuing. Defends a side unceasingly Expert shivers with these Assassins, but these Assassins are very ruthless. Moreover their large number of elderly persons, therefore suddenly, they had the absolute superiority, defends the side these Expert unceasing retreat. On, you give on me, if who dares retreat, I have killed him for the Boss.” Hu Li shouts in behind, he has not gotten rid, but has kept there was shouting. Although periphery these people to him are disaffection, but everybody is not willing to provoke him, because he looks like a fox is equally sly. Puff! Also was Expert of defensive side is killed. Snort! If you think that these people are just ordinary Assassins, you have been completely mistaken, they are the international mercenary skilled people, the winner in underground resort to violence field, their strengths are not worse than you.” Assassins saying of leader coldly. Bang! At this moment, the form entered in war together! Slaughter! A slaughter launched. That person gets rid to carry off a Assassins life each time.

What?” That Assassins leader stares immediately, he just blew his Assassins fiercely, but opposite party unexpectedly presented such fierce figure all of a sudden. He discovered that scene these defense sides the Expert imposing manner as if had very big change. Boss came, is Boss!” Expert of defensive side shouts. Person imposing manner instantaneously suddenly to increase who Xuan Ji's arrival lets the defensive side. Snort! Do not think that you came several people so dissolute.” That Assassins leader cold snort said. Do not misunderstand, we come to see lively, just slightly to the advance party two, we now has approached retreat.” Xia Tian said hurriedly, afterward he really to retreat several steps. Sees the Xia Tian movement, Xuan Ji disdains. Because in her eyes, the Xia Tian action is the spiritless representative, has the matter to approach retreat. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Really is one group of good to look at but of no use fellows!” That Assassins leader laughs was saying that afterward he waved to behind one person, that person has killed instantaneously! Enters in the opposite party crowd unreliably coldly time, meets no resistance, these Assassins any have not been the profound cold matches, less than a half minute, he has killed more than 30 Assassins. However at this moment, a shadow killed to him. Bang! Both sides first round fighting, their bodies simultaneously retreat three steps! Boy, good, I called to kill two!” That shadow appreciation looked that to profound said coldly. Profound cold!” Profound cold also identifies one's role when first coming on stage, only then these obtain Expert that he approves, he will tell the opposite party his name, he with this shadow, although has only fought one round, but he also discovered that the opposite party strength is not simple. Bang!

Both sides killed one instantaneously! They frequented each other have attacked instantaneously dozens rounds. Quite fierce, I soon could not see their people.” Murong Xiaoxiao surprised saying. Bang! The body of both sides explodes instantaneously draws back, the profound cold corners of the mouth have flowed out the blood. Profound cold, you are all right!” Xuan Ji asked. I am all right, but was sneak attacked by his weapon.” Wiped off the bloodstain of mouth unreliably coldly. Sneak attack?” A Xuan Ji brow wrinkle, she knows that profound cold Ke is not the person who that general idea has a low opinion of the enemy, but opposite party unexpectedly can sneak attack him. Em, is the iron fan, before this Assassins is that iron fan blood young master.” Profound cold light saying. Iron fan blood young master, cannot think that his unexpectedly also reduced to making the Assassins situation.” Very Xuan Ji disdains looks that kills two, before iron fan blood young master, slightly has reputation figure on Jianghu. However now his unexpectedly turned into Assassins. unexpectedly had been seen through status by you, I cannot let off you.” Iron fan blood young master opened the iron fan directly, front of iron fan presented a row of sharp knife.