Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 769

Iron fan blood young master was also considered as in China on is No. 1 figure, he hit the province not to have the rival by a oneself iron fan, at that time was the scenery is also infinite, but he started to be too ruthless, moreover heard that this person was very sinister and ruthless, therefore his personal enemy were also many. Afterward his whole person went into hiding on Jianghu directly, nobody knows where he went. But now his unexpectedly appeared, appears by a Assassins status, moreover he is this Assassins organizes inside No. 2 figure, the code number kills two. Cannot think that your unexpectedly reduces to so the situation.” Very profound cold disdains looked that to killing two said. Afterward in his right hand presented an iron ball, the iron ball has pounded directly unreliably to cold. ! The speed of iron ball is fast, but a twinkling pounded the iron fan blood young master’s front, iron ball above had the incomparably strong imposing manner, this imposing manner as if wanted to swallow to be the same the blood young master whole person. The speed of iron ball is not even slower than bullet . Moreover the might is even bigger. Snort!” Iron fan blood young master cold snort, his body fast retreat, the iron fan in hand in the front, has blocked the attack of iron ball afterward horizontally. Bang! The iron ball pounded after the iron fan, shot directly, the iron ball returned to the profound cold body. Blood young master, your this skill?” Saying that profound cold disdains.

The iron ball in profound cold right hand rotates with the hand back on his control, that numerous iron ball probably is the toy is the same, is rotating, his finger is very flexible. Surroundings these people noticed that profound had the superiority coldly, their imposing manners rise suddenly instantaneously. „Does Mr. Xia Tian, how you see?” Butler looked that asked to Xia Tian. If opposite party, only then this skill, that surely does not have the opportunity, although I do not know that you have anything to arrange, but I guessed that not so is absolutely simple . Moreover the opposite party was so simple to clash, if cannot extinguish them completely kills, that will be no end of trouble for the future.” Xia Tian said. Anything could not be full you, here research was very important, recently one batch of virus flowed in China, this virus was very dangerous, three days, merely three days a person in village all had been infected.” Butler said that this matter is secret, under normal conditions he will not say that listens to others, but Xia Tian is different, Xia Tian is the person who above sends. Is so serious?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Em, to prevent the virus spreads, the entire village was sealed up, moreover is completely close, there person now almost all was a living corpse.” Butler said the matter: Here to study anti-viral medicine, the master and wife are this expert in aspect, moreover they had discovered that a new gene combination, can control this virus, moreover now entire China also only then the master and wife can develop that medicine.” Originally is this, no wonder will link China No. 2 figure to alarm!” Xia Tian nodded, he understands finally why China No. 2 figure will make him protect Murong Xiaoxiao. China No. 2 figure?” Butler surprised looks to Xia Tian, he only knows that before above pays attention to this time matter, but he has not thought that unexpectedly is China No. 2 figure, moreover he also reexamined to the view of Xia Tian. Person who because China No. 2 figure is impossible to send one not to have the skill. He thinks before Xia Tian is also only ordinary Expert, now was different, person who China No. 2 figure sends, that can be super Expert. So young super Expert.

Em!” Xia Tian nodded, he is interested in this research very much. In entire China only then Murong Xiaoxiao parents can develop that anti-viral medicine, once they develop successfully, will then save the next over a thousand people of lives, moreover can control this virus thoroughly, after having the antibody, this virus will not have any function. But the people of these release virus, for this virus has possibly spent countless painstaking care and money, they want to use this virus to destroy and extort the China government, how they possibly tolerate in China some people to develop the antidote. Therefore they planned that seizes Murong Xiaoxiao parents, because under they will meet [gold/metal] Dan the hen, naturally, if the situation will be special, cannot seize them, that killed. This is mission that these people issue! This mission altogether two organizations have met, one is the killing group Assassins group in China, another is Quicksand. However Quicksand also said that they will only send out a Leader rank Expert. The opposite party hears Quicksand to be willing to send the Leader rank Expert, excited serious, adds money immediately, Quicksand is what exists? In China strongest Assassins organization, SSS level Assassins group. Moreover in the past, Quicksand had also ruined world famous several SSS level Assassins groups. Now the Quicksand reputation is very resounding. What Quicksand sends is Yin Fu , Yin Fu has not disappointed the employer, just got rid to find out that secret underground base, killed the group Assassins group to look for that many days not to have any news, but Yin Fu got rid to find the underground base. This makes Boss who kills the group feel one do not have the face very much.

He remembers the Yin Fu appearance very not to be feeling well now: Kills two, you are playing anything, a bit faster solution fight.” Hears the words of Assassins leader, the iron fan blood young master nodded: Boss was impatient, therefore I must a bit faster solve to fight.” ! The iron fan in his right hand has thrown directly, the forehead of iron fan presented the sharp knife, iron fan fast revolving, goes to profound cold to launch directly, the knife on iron fan is sharp, can cut open anything with ease. Profound cold body fast retreat, a body tuck dive evaded the attack of iron fan afterward, the sharp knife of iron fan has delimited the wall, has left behind a scratch on the wall, thus it can be seen, the sharp knife on iron fan actually how sharp. Profound cold! Let me come!” Xuan Ji arrives at the profound cold side to say. „It is not good, I do not permit anybody to injure you, I am since childhood big in the profound guardian, my life is the profound family is also your!” Profound cold Zhijie has rejected Xuan Ji's proposition, his self-respect. In his heart, Xuan Ji is the goddess of keeping aloof, but he is an obscure small role, if some people want to injure Xuan Ji, he will use the life to protect. Yeah! Also is an unreasoning passion fellow.” Xia Tian sighed to say. Profound Young Master cold Hexue their fights are getting more and more intense, the blood young master had certain superiority obviously, at this time the profound cold body had many wounds, but the blood young master’s body does not have any wound. Snort!” Xuan Ji leng snort, the whole person disappeared in afterward same place.