Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 770

Bang! The iron fan blood young master’s body has flown upside down directly, is Xuan Ji, Xuan Ji gets rid instantaneously, a palm patted to fly the blood young master directly, her left hand racket gently on the profound cold body, profound had been patted Xia Tian and the others by her coldly the sides. A palm! Xuan Ji has only used a palm, she relaxed neutralize fights of these two Expert. Quite fierce! Was the Boss gets rid.” Boss was too fierce, the opposite party links him one not to catch.” Has the Boss, we won, everybody killed.” Surroundings these person of excited shouting, Xuan Ji gets rid to have so strong overwhelming victory, this has brought very strong confidence to them, therefore they are also powerful. You give on me, looks at anything, had not seen that the Boss is so fierce!” Hu Lizhan shouts there loudly, he is one has not hit from beginning to end from the start. He has made others begin there. Hu Lizhan shouted in behind a meeting, feels very bored, therefore he looked at one in the surroundings, happen to saw Xia Tian and Butler have the Murong Xiaoxiao three people, he does not know Butler. Although Butler here is the sub base long status, but knew that his person are not many, especially these Martial Arts Expert, they are the base long look, some are the base long friends , some are the friends of friend, some are spend to hire. Is long as for here base, status is also very high. He is the senior official of Ministry of Defence. Your how many do look at what? On.” Hu Li arrived at the Xia Tian front to shout directly loudly. Bang! Hu Li body slowly but actually. You delayed me to see a play, well here was lying down, you did not come up to fight in any case.” Xia Tian to has been fainting past Hu Li to say. ! Iron fan blood young master coughed a blood, on his face has shown the surprised look, he has not thought the opposite party seemed like soft held unexpectedly to have the so formidable might.

Kills two, are you all right?” Kills the eldest children of group Assassins group to look that said to the blood young master. Sorry, the Boss, I am not her match.” Saying of blood young master face apology. Killed the eldest children of group Assassins group to arrive at the iron fan blood young master’s front directly, his facial color ice-cold, afterward his right hand direct racket to killing two: Relax, she gives me.” Boss!” Blood young master grateful looks to killing the Boss of group Assassins group. Girl, kills two is my brother.” Kills the eldest children of group Assassins group to walk toward the front directly, when he passed by a Martial Arts Expert side. Puff! The blood light dodges. That person of head high flies! Quick! Very quick blade. You are not my match.” Saying of Xuan Ji coldly. She has the self-confidence, she believes her strength. Profound cold stands in Xuan Ji has not spoken, looks at Xuan Ji that formidable back, he felt that he is very useless. Hates oneself strength to be insufficient?” At this moment, the sound spread to his ear together, his turning the head slowly looks. Is you!” Looked said unreliably coldly to Xia Tian. You hate your strength to be good to miss, cannot protect the woman who oneself love, especially when this she most needs to help.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly, he asked very direct. I do not have the qualifications to love her, she is a young lady, but I am only a servant.” Has strong inferiority unreliably coldly. Qualifications? I always do not know that the qualifications are any meaning, but I am very explicit, when my strength is insufficient, I can want completely all means to promote my strength, then protects the person who I love, but does not stand in her sighs.” Xia Tian said that moved toward nearby seat directly. Profound cold whole person there.

A language awakens the dreamboat! Profound cold had been exposed by Xia Tian all of a sudden, he likes Xuan Ji right, but he has thought own that qualifications have not liked the young lady, moreover he clearly knows that his strength cannot compare the young lady, but he wants to protect silently side the young lady. But he has neglected a very serious issue. Does Xuan Ji need a personal servant really like him? Matter that she can achieve, does she also need others? If she encounters the danger truly time, busily what can oneself add on? I made a mistake really!” Sighed unreliably after coldly, killed directly to the crowd. He knows that he could not help Xuan Ji, because he definitely was not that kills a match, even if he kills now , can only bring death in vain, not only could not help Xuan Ji's any busy, instead will divert Xuan Ji's attention. Matter that therefore he must handle now kills these Assassins of opposite party, this can lighten the burden of here Expert, this can also , avoid Xuan Ji diverted attention. It seems like he understood.” Nod of Xia Tian appreciation. Actually did you say what to him a moment ago? Did his whole person probably change was why same?” Murong Xiaoxiao sits in the Xia Tian side asks. He wanted to protect Xuan Ji before with all one's heart, therefore his attention on Xuan Ji, this will all make his vision more and more narrow, but he understands that now how can help Xuan Ji in the true sense.” Xia Tian answered. What meaning? Listens not to understand!” Murong Xiaoxiao said. Puff! That kills one little walks toward Xuan Ji, the blade in his hand like the lightning, is harvesting these Expert lives quickly with ease! Girl, I gives you a happiness!” Killed a saying to end appears in Xuan Ji's front instantaneously, the sharp knife in his right hand cut directly to Xuan Ji's throat. ! The blade light dodges! dāng!! Sound that [gold/metal] Tiejiao called together conveyed, in Xuan Ji right hand presented a dagger: Has any skill to use, I will not fear you.”

Ha Ha Ha Ha, girl, since you court death, I deliver you a regulation.” Kills a sharp knife to cut once more to Xuan Ji. dāng! Xuan Ji's dagger has blocked his attack once more. Skill that it seems like you boasted compared with your strength.” Saying that Xuan Ji disdains. Although she knows that front person is not good to cope, but she has very strong confidence to herself, she believes that regardless of runs into any match, she can win. Courts death!” Kills 11 blades to fling. Dozens blade shades cut directly to Xuan Ji! These blade shades are very terrorist, every probably, instantaneously covers Xuan Ji in inside, saw that these blade shades must tear into shreds Xuan Ji thoroughly. Returns to the blade edge technique! Xuan Ji's right hand, this angle is very strange, in all person eyes, she probably wants to kill own arm to be the same. Ka! Two sounds transmit, afterward all blade shades vanish completely. Xuan Ji's dagger caught directly has killed a sharp knife. Anything!” Xia Tian has stood directly, a face inconceivable looks at Xuan Ji. Interesting, was really too interesting.” A shadow appears in place of No. the 1 hall entrance.