Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 771

The Xia Tian flash opened own X-Ray Vision eye, but his unexpectedly had not discovered that actually Xuan Ji how achieves. He called out pitifully every large or small war to be many, moreover with many Expert to fighting, has been able to say his operational experience very foot, but so he is unable to see that actually Xuan Ji how achieved a moment ago. In his opinion, that angle, Xuan Ji's arm certainly cut off is right, but Xuan Ji unexpectedly has blocked the opposite party strikes. How is this possible?” Kills a whole face inconceivable looks at Xuan Ji. He had not looked that actually the enemy how blocks this strikes. I here, nobody can rush.” Xuan Ji coldly looks that kills said. Snort, nobody can block me.” Kills one cold snort one, kills once more to Xuan Ji, he does not believe Xuan Ji can be his match, in his opinion Xuan Ji that absolutely is by chance. Otherwise Xuan Ji is impossible to block his attack. You can try.” Although Xuan Ji is only a female, but she will have regarded is a man looks. Kills 11 blades to fling. Dozens blade shades cut directly to Xuan Ji! These blade shades are very terrorist, every probably, instantaneously covers Xuan Ji in inside, saw that these blade shades must tear into shreds Xuan Ji thoroughly. This blade with was exactly the same a moment ago! Returns to the blade edge technique! Xuan Ji's right hand, this angle is very strange, in all person eyes, she probably wants to kill own arm to be the same. Ka! Two sounds transmit, afterward all blade shades vanish completely. Xuan Ji's dagger caught directly has killed a sharp knife.

Was just the same as the situation. One time can be said as the coincidence, then twice absolutely was not the coincidence, but was the strength issue. Kills one, you were really more and more useless.” At this moment the coldly sound conveys together, this sound spreads, the surrounding person all cannot help but hit one to tremble. Cold ice world! Whistling! Cold air blows to the surroundings, in a flash, starts from the entrance of No. 1 gate, the body of person starts to ice up one after another. Ah! saves me!” A person looks helplessly own body frozen was lived. What? What style is this? So is why terrorist?” Good terrifying, these people to be frozen.” „It is not good, the surrounding ice is spreading, came to here, runs away quickly.” Martial Arts Expert Assassins that these are slaughtering mutually stopped battle instantaneously, the rearward runs away together. Hateful! What style is this?” Xuan Ji complexion changes. Yin Fu , are you doing, my person also incurred.” Kills angry shouting. Yin Fu !! Hears these two characters time, all people all are one startled, Yin Fu is very famous big figure, Quicksand Leader, Quicksand that say nothing, China strongest Assassins group. Chief is of Southern Kill Wei Guang China four big Expert. Kills one, I was disinclined to look that you played the monkey there, you brought your waste to go home.” Saying of Yin Fu coldly, is only flash, one-fourth of entire No. 1 hall already completely frozen.

In the hall had 70-80 people sealing up by his ice. Yin Fu , you stop to me, otherwise the father kills you first.” Kills angry shouting. Kills one, I warned you, do not annoy me, otherwise I linked you to kill together.” Saying of Yin Fu coldly, his vision contemptuous looked that to killing said that if not because kills a status to be special, he already under Assassins. Just started him also to count on that killed one to be able a little to affect, most at least must break into inside hall, but saw killed one by the time that a small girl blocked, he thorough was disappointed. Xuan Ji noticed that these ice are still spreading, a brow wrinkle, kills directly to Yin Fu . Although she does not understand that actually the opposite party how uses the ice, but she believes that so long as kills Yin Fu , that these ice naturally can dissipate. If she does not organize Yin Fu , then entire laboratory finally frozen. Her mission failed. Bang!” The body of Yin Fu vanished in instantaneously same place, the blood color break-up, his fist has hit together directly on Xuan Ji's body. Xuan Ji's body has flown upside down directly, at the same time, her body starts to ice up! Young lady!” Profound cold rushes hurriedly goes, hugs Xuan Ji in the bosom, but this hugs, these ice follow his body to start to spread. What to do? We what to do? If the ice such spreads, we died.” Runs away, a bit faster runs away, we radically are not his match.” „Is this Quicksand Leader strength? This was also too terrifying.” The scene is chaotic immediately. Kills deeping frown, he has not thought that Yin Fu unexpectedly is so fierce, he has thought Yin Fu with him same is only Profound Grade late stage Expert, but he understood now, he and between Yin Fu radically is not a scale. He today was true experience the Yin Fu skill.

Was bad.” The Butler complexion changes, he has not thought that unexpectedly linked Quicksand Yin Fu also to come. Moreover Yin Fu strength unexpectedly so formidable, but also has sent out such terrifying strength, Xuan Ji is not his match, this time Xuan Ji and was unreliably cold they already frozen. Kills one, I give you an opportunity, person who is bringing your now kills, so long as you dare to turn head, my you together killed.” Saying of Yin Fu coldly. Yin Fu , do not go too far.” Kills one angrily looked that said to Yin Fu , he acknowledged he is not the Yin Fu match, but he is not the soft egg, whatever Yin Fu acts bashful. At this time defends the morale of army to be very bad. Because their Boss Xuan Ji the opposite party has stroked the defeat. Kills the person condition of group Assassins group not to be good, their whole faces panic-stricken looks at Yin Fu , the great strength of Yin Fu has surpassed their imagination, this type formidable very terrifying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, kills one, I have not dared to kill you, ok, I cannot count on your this crowd of waste.” Yin Fu hears to kill words, suddenly has thought of anything, he truly cannot kill to kill one, because kills one behind big figure, therefore Wei Guang had told him at that time, cannot kill this to kill one absolutely. Snort! If you your skill is certainly big, on that you.” Area killed his these Assassins to stand directly the one side, was waiting for the appearance of seeing a play. Desperate, during these Martial Arts Expert that guards soon fell into to despair. Nobody can block me!” Yin Fu stands there, seems the King is the same. Bang! The fierce flame in ice blasts out together, the spark four shoot: I most dislike your act high and mighty.”