Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 774
Xia Tian discovered after one cast off carries a heavy load, although can evade the attack of Yin Fu , but he cannot overtake Yin Fu similarly, therefore he starts retreat directly, Yin Fu sees his retreat, pursued directly. At this moment, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the right hand double refers to ejects instantaneously. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. A giant finger empty shade appears in the Xia Tian front. Because Yin Fu is away from Xia Tian to be too near, moreover his speed was too fast, therefore he is unable to change, moreover he was away from the Xia Tian position at this time is really too near, is unable to shunt. Bang! Giant finger empty shade hit maliciously on the body of Yin Fu . Hateful, I must kill you.” Yin Fu saw finger empty shade time also had a scare, how he possibly does not know that this is Inner Strength manifestation, when the finger empty shade hits that moment of his body he to discover that this radically is not Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation. Although his body is painful, even the bone was hit, but has not died. Then near distance, if Earth Grade Expert gets rid, he must die without doubt. Although the bone broke several, within the body is also the vitality tuck dive, but Yin Fu was also considered as is a dauntless man, he has experienced the innumerable fights, so long as the person did not die, he will not give up. Because he knows that nobody will care about process, what everybody looks is only the result. Opposite party not because you were injured stand you therapy there. Therefore Yin Fu has adjusted fast own condition, afterward killed once more to Xia Tian, a moment ago he because of general idea, therefore was sneak attacked by Xia Tian successfully, now he will not be sneak attacked the successful second time by Xia Tian absolutely. Quite fierce, actually a moment ago what happened? Why can't my what see?” I had not seen that their speeds were too fast, fights is also the flash.”

Was too quick, my eye was probably colored, I could not follow their speeds completely.” The surrounding these people discovered that Xia Tian and Yin Fu just started possibly to fight one in the left side, afterward is less than one second, they appeared in the right, after having fought one, might appear in front. In brief, their speeds to were quickly inconceivable. Dies!” The clothes saw that the body of Xia Tian was tripped by a line, on the face happy, true Expert contests, often is the little fault, possibly caused the death, a moment ago Xia Tian in telling process of migration, the foot hung in a heavy line directly. Yin Fu will let how possibly up such good opportunity, his right hand punctures directly to the head of Xia Tian, he does not believe Xia Tian to be able, when the body lost balanced evades own strikes! Ended!” Saw Yin Fu the strikes, some people started the close eye. The body that because Xia Tian pours absolutely does not have any borrowing point of force. Puff! When all people all think Xia Tian must die, the golden light flashes through together, afterward a hand high throws, in that hand is also bringing the blood fog and cold ice air/Qi of! [gold/metal] Dao! Is [gold/metal] Dao. „To make you be swindled, but also is not really easy.” Xia Tian looked that said to Yin Fu , he threw down a moment ago intentionally, he knows that Yin Fu will not be swindled easily, therefore he has chosen this position. Because he disguises to throw down when this position, Yin Fu will be will not miss absolutely, because this position scene that must kill, but Yin Fu does not know that Xia Tian will have [gold/metal] Dao, therefore he ate this has owed. His right hand cut off by the [gold/metal] blade root continually. Ah!

The pitiful yell sound shouted together from the Yin Fu mouth that any Expert, the hand broke is very painful. What?” When kills saw the hand of Yin Fu cut off, on the face has written all over inconceivable, he has a dream has not thought that this just started directly by the person who his a few words retreat in fear, unexpectedly is so fierce, Yin Fu is not his match. Won! This person unexpectedly has won, this was also too terrifying.” His unexpectedly has defeated Yin Fu .” Quicksand Yin Fu unexpectedly lost, is actually this person who? His unexpectedly only has defeated really that Yin Fu with a hand.” Person who guards is whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, regarding them, Xia Tian was really too mysterious, they do not even know that Xia Tian called anything. Has won, his unexpectedly won.” On the Butler face has the joy of not being able to conceal, then he has put out the cell phone, has dialed the base long mobile number: Plan changes, the B plan cancels temporarily.” Good.” This time Xia Tian arrived at the Yin Fu front to say slowly in a low voice: If several months ago, you can very relaxed massacres me, but you are afraid my master, therefore you do not dare, now you already not that opportunity.” He he!” Yin Fu clenches the teeth coldly smiles: Xia Tian, your unexpectedly also dares to preach to me, you think very much you have won?” Sees Yin Fu this smiling face time, Xia Tian feels not well, he goes to retreat hurriedly. Bang! The ice punctures the position that was at from Xia Tian a moment ago to jump out together. Bang! Bang! Bang! Afterward ice one after another punctures from ground projects.

This move of original manuscript is I leaves Fan Zhuifeng, now I give you it!” The Yin Fu right hand makes an effort in the heart is a racket, afterward body fast withered getting down of his whole person, ice Crystal Stone appears in the Xia Tian front. Ices the Crystal Stone all over the body blue color, moreover above edges and corners are distinct. This is any thing.” All people all looked to that pack ice Crystal Stone in Yin Fu hand. However they had discovered immediately a more terrifying matter, Yin Fu body unexpectedly started to get down witheredly, less than ten seconds, he turned into a skinny appearance, probably was the dry corpse, the mummy is the same. The moisture content in his body probably by that ice Crystal Stone suction. What thing that is, unexpectedly here fierce, that frozen, these ice thorns were Yin Fu used this thing to send a moment ago a moment ago?” This is any thing, so will be why terrorist, now Yin Fu resembled the whole person swallowing by that stone.” Treasure, that stone certainly is a treasure, everybody on, snatches together the treasure.” Hears this shout, these Martial Arts Expert could not give a thought to this time situation, all rushed instantaneously. Under the heavy treasure, must have Isao. They coped with the foreign enemy a moment ago time such has not united, but sees ice Crystal Stone in Yin Fu hand now they probably is went crazy to be the same, because present Yin Fu probably turned into one not to have the mummy of resistivity to be the same in their eyes. But reason that Yin Fu a moment ago can a person almost all kill all people, because of this ice crystal, so long as they snatch the ice crystal, then they may be possible all of a sudden become that fierce. „It is not good, runs away quickly.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly. This is I finally kills to incur.”