Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 777

A giant finger empty shade appears in the Yin Fu front, although this time finger empty shade not compared with big anything, but this time finger empty shade entity, moreover Yin Fu felt one evade not to be possible to evade. A formidable imposing manner almost crushes him. Hateful! This is any strength.” The both arms of Yin Fu protect in front. Bang! The giant finger empty shade hit punctures above in these ice. Ka! The ice punctures breaks completely. Bang! The body of Yin Fu was raised to fly directly, all people think that Yin Fu is the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, but they have made a mistake, Yin Fu is just Profound Grade late stage Expert. Reason that he can relaxed victorious Profound Grade, because of the reason of that ice crystal, moreover he is Vampire, the speed and strength strove to excel compared with general Profound Grade late stage Expert. Crash-bang! Yin Fu ice crystal crushes completely. A Xia Tian foot stepped on directly on the body of Yin Fu : Yin Fu , you lost.” Has killed me!” The Yin Fu strength of spirit is very hard, he to killing same begging for mercy, because he knows how, regardless of he begs for mercy, Xia Tian is impossible to let off him, he and grievances between Xia Tian was really too deep. Moreover his Yin Fu will not beg for mercy to anybody absolutely, especially before this, Xia Tian that he most looks down upon. Now although he dies is not very willingly, but he will not speak any begging for mercy words with Xia Tian absolutely. Bone is very hard, but Yin Fu , you also know that I am impossible to let off your.” A Xia Tian foot stepped in the arm of Yin Fu , present Yin Fu is skinny, the arm was such stepped on by Xia Tian, the bone was stepped on directly. Ka! Sound of bone break.

Yin Fu clenches the teeth, has not shouted a character actually. I remember that my father's death is also related with you.” The foot of Xia Tian has placed on another arm of Yin Fu . Ka! Both eyes of Yin Fu are red, he has still not sent out any pitiful yell. „It is certainly painful.” The Xia Tian squatting down body looked that continues to say to Yin Fu : My father? Can you imagine his then pain? You cannot, but I can!” Ka! Xia Tian direct crumb the joint on Yin Fu arm. Xia Tian, had to plant you to kill me!” Yin Fu shouts loudly. Kills you? You did not think that was too cheap you?” Xia Tian looks to Yin Fu light saying: You monitored my these many years, but also has killed my father, you want to make me such simple lets off you?” Right, Xia Tian, your father is we kills, come, you have any skill to come, ha ha ha ha.” Yin Fu has exuded the frigid laughter. The Xia Tian left hand carried Yin Fu , in right hand presented a [gold/metal] blade. Good, Yin Fu , you are not want dead is happier? I help you, I will sliver 1000 you, will not be many, will not be few.” Xia Tian directly Yin Fu high throws. ! The golden light flashes through. Yin Fu felt the part on own body in little leaves itself. Ah! Xia Tian, you die like a dog!” In the Yin Fu mouth has sent out pitiful yells, dismembers, he had been dismembered by Xia Tian, moreover in the Xia Tian hand [gold/metal] Dao has cut the limiting velocity. 1000! The body of Yin Fu dispersed in each corner of this hall completely.

Meanwhile, in Xia Tian left hand were many ice lens, this thing starts coldly, he has placed in this thing the pocket directly. Finished. This war eventually ended. One generation of Expert Yin Fu die in light of this. Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist firm saying: Wei Guang, I will certainly make compared with Yin Fu that you die more miserable.” After having solved Yin Fu , Xia Tian walks toward inside directly, he has knocked the gate, in the gate has a small electronic eye, had not been destroyed, Murong Xiaoxiao Butler sees Xia Tian time, opens the door hurriedly. Mr. Xia Tian, you are all right.” Butler said hurriedly. I am a little tired, first rests a meeting, outside matter you process!” Xia Tian said that went back to own room from the people directly. After Xia Tian leaves, these people all walk toward No. 1 hall. The horizontal corpse spreads wildly! This. Here exactly what happened?” His unexpectedly has killed these many people, Yin Fu ? Why doesn't have his corpse?” Here has not exported, Yin Fu is impossible to flee, the only explanation was he died, moreover very clean that type that was dying.” Thinks of here, all people were all shocked, who is Yin Fu ? That is becomes famous for a long time big figure, but Yin Fu unexpectedly died now, this was also too terrifying, that has died by person unexpectedly that they underestimated. Head good pain that Ah! I fear.” At this moment, the ground crawled a person, saw this person time, all people all were the heavy lines of whole face, his unexpectedly was also living, this person Hu Li. Hu Li who that likes bullying the weak by relying on powerful connections. They still remember that at that time in dining room, how Hu Li is with Xia Tian act high and mighty, he extremely arrogant serious, looked down upon Xia Tian at that time radically. Boss worthily is an Boss, we won.” Hu Li sees ground these corpses time, just started to stare slightly, afterward he immediately starts to flatter, afterward his vision looked in the surroundings: I thought that that brat in dining room sneak attacked me, other people? Dares to hit including me, is really live is impatient.”

Hears his words, surroundings these people all with looking at the idiot same vision of visit him. No? Died? The young fellows, calculate that you picked, otherwise I must abandon you personally.” Hu Li has not forgotten blowing. Surroundings these person of nobody pay attention to him. Because of everybody's vision surroundings here, actually they have not been able to imagine a moment ago what happened. Butler is also inconceivable of whole face, but he called people to clean up here, over the next few days, these Expert one after another all said goodbye, their status also had the record, therefore they do not dare to say here information. However a news exploded in Jianghu quickly. Quicksand Yin Fu was killed. Probably is one person who called Xia Tian killed. This news is a heavy case bomb seems to be same, quick spread on entire Jianghu. Xia Tian this name, was not strange on Jianghu, everybody knows that he is the Yin Nie apprentice, the Xia Tianlong son, but nobody thinks that his unexpectedly can defeat one to become famous for a long time figure Yin Fu . This time Quicksand. Wei Guang sits well there, has not spoken, although he is not very strong, but the body actually appears very tall and strong. Sir Wei Guang, Yin Fu died, now what to do?” Wei Guang gaining ground of slowly, in the eye bright light dodges.