Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 778

Leader. The status in Quicksand was very high. Each Leader is the Wei Guang trusted friend, he is usually favoring these Leader, looks like Bai Yu is the same, although he mixes up with Xia Tian, but Wei Guang has not said anything. Wei Guang does not have the family member in this world. He regards these Leader is his family member. This is why Bai Yu is not willing to leave the Wei Guang reason, moreover they respect Wei Guang specially, has called him for Sir Wei Guang. However now has had an accident, Yin Fu unexpectedly died. Quicksand Leader unexpectedly died. Those present remember, past matter. Also was Quicksand Leader died, previous Wei Guang flew into a rage, because that Leader was killed, he was in a rage, has put down every large or small over a hundred Assassins organizations directly. Because these organizations are related with that Leader death. The SSS Assassins group has not escaped death by a hair's breadth. The Assassins group that Qi Huan and Mo Li are is because was extinguished at this time. At that time nobody knows why Quicksand went crazy, only then sat these talented people here to know. Because of Leader. This is the Wei Guang manner, was now past one month, this matter unexpectedly occurred again, moreover what this dying was Yin Fu , Yin Fu was earliest one batch with the Wei Guang person. In such short time, Quicksand unexpectedly died figure of two Leader ranks.

Moreover what this murder is Xia Tian. Xia Tian is famous in Quicksand, because he both has the relations with the Quicksand two sworn enemies, Xia Tianlong and Yin Nie. azure Venerable, you told Xia Family, I agreed with the cooperation of Xia Family, but I took three hundred million, these three hundred million all burnt to Yin Fu .” Burns money!! If this matter makes others hear, will go crazy simply, moreover burns unexpectedly is three hundred million. This digit was also too terrifying. Em!” azure Venerable to nod. This is the Quicksand custom, previous that Leader died, two that Wei Guang will reward for services rendered hundred million all burnt to that person, this Yin Fu died, Wei Guang made Xia Family leave three hundred million, then burnt to Yin Fu . Snake Ji, you look for Bai Yu, making him leave, does not permit to meet with Xia Tian again.” Wei Guang first time to Expert of Leader rank with rolling this character, but this time was angry. Before although he also wants to kill Xia Tian, but in the final analysis, enmity between Xia Tian and Quicksand was not big. However is now different. The person of Leader rank died, then did not die regarding Quicksand continuous. Em!” Snake Ji nodded. Snake Ji understands that this Wei Guang was angry, before Bai Yu was mixing with Xia Tian together, although Wei Guang also knows, but has turned a blind eye, but this chapter of Bai Yu impossible to see Xia Tian. Jade is permanent, you go to Hidden Sect, told Mount Hua the person of sect, we agreed to cooperate.” Before Wei Guang, had not decided that follows not to work with these people, but he has set firm resolve now. Is this must carry on the decisive battle time.

Em!” The jade nodded permanently. Wei Guang stands up directly, in his hand is taking a long sword, directly to practicing the practice grounds walks. Xia Tian had not wandered about aimlessly for these days, but lies down in own room rests, he carefully has studied that ice lens, but does not have the result, moreover this thing gives his feeling to be very strange. Ok, did not make him, thought the means promotion strength, this time I killed Yin Fu , Quicksand will not give up absolutely, that killed the soul, actually that was any thing.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he does not fear with Quicksand to, although Quicksand Wei Guang also has that (spear|gun) god is very fierce. However Xia Tian already and Quicksand did not die the continuous aspect, but is sooner or later matter, he struck to kill Yin Fu is just actor's opening words. That killed the soul quite to be troublesome, Xia Tian does not know that the opposite party was anything, moreover listened to the meaning of opposite party, is not willing to provoke to kill the soul Wei Guang, moreover this killed soul unexpectedly to be known as the first under Heaven Assassins organization. That is fiercer than Quicksand. Enemy as many as headache, but does not have the means that if I let go him, then for these days definitely also will trouble unceasingly.” Xia Tian did not regret, because he knows, once oneself have put the opposite party, that leaves trouble for the future without doubt, when the time comes the opposite party possibly sends out more formidable figure to come, or direct use bomb and so on thing, if they dive quietly, will put in order a mountain to explode. In that base person must die without doubt. What this experiment is not sole saves several thousand individuals, if Murong Xiaoxiao parents have had an accident, then these terrorists definitely will coerce China, when the time comes may give the losses that the country causes to be hard to recall, or had more people therefore killed. Was good attacks because of the following these days nobody again. Finally keeps here Expert also only then Xia Tian and Xuan Ji also had are unreliably cold. Murong Xiaoxiao parental finally also success studied the antiviral hormone successfully . Moreover the hormone just used, obtained the good effect. Xia Tian mission also completed. „Can your this walk?” Murong Xiaoxiao does not abandon looked that said to Xia Tian. Em! mission completed.” Xia Tian nodded.

„Will you again also come to here?” Murong Xiaoxiao mood special is not good, she has caught up with Xia Tian to walk before, now Xia Tian must walk, in her heart very does not abandon. Perhaps!” Xia Tian light saying. Profound cold and Xuan Ji also walked. Thank you.” Xuan Ji looked that said to Xia Tian, although before her, very repugnant Xia Tian, but afterward was Xia Tian had rescued her life. Xia Tian has not spoken, but turned the head to look at profound cold one: keep it up.” Mr. Xia Tian, this time was really thank you, if were not you, the base possibly could not preserve.” Butler goes forward grateful saying. This is my mission!” Xia Tian is not artificial, but direct turn around left. What is published the sentiment is, teaches life loathsome appearance allow.” Murong Xiaoxiao looks that the Xia Tian back said. Butler helpless shaking the head, anything had not said. Whistling! mission completed finally.” Xia Tian long expiration, this time mission is quite thrilling, he returned to Shenzhen directly, this time must go to the Yulong mountain village to inquire matter that white tiger abstains. It seems like went to the road in Yulong mountain village not to be simple.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his vision has swept in the surroundings, afterward he sped up the footsteps, walks toward the remote place. He more walks is quicker. Meanwhile, the Xia Tian ten person's shadows followed. Is Profound Grade late stage Expert.” Xia Tian saying silently, his form dodges, submerged in deep alley directly.