Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 780
That old man is just one guards the door, but he actually Yellow Grade late stage strength. Thus it can be seen actually the Yulong mountain village is the how terrifying place. Solely is an old man of guarding the door is Yellow Grade late stage Expert. If before, Xia Tian certainly by such ostentation shaking, but now he is Profound Grade late stage Expert, moreover bumps into the ability that Earth Grade Expert he also one fights. Therefore he does not pay attention to the Yellow Grade late stage person now. The old men do not think at first Xia Tian dares to begin, what because here is the Yulong mountain village, nobody dares to begin in the Yulong mountain village. However he could see that front person is not cracking a joke absolutely, so long as the blade in his hand goes forward slightly is so little, oneself will die: „Do you want to do? I told you here, but Yulong mountain village.” The old men hope that can suppress Xia Tian with the name of Yulong mountain village. ! Cold air approached the neck of old man, he can feel that the blade moved his fine hair, he even suspects the knife edge with his necks in distance , is less than one millimeter. This distance does not exaggerate. Near! He can only say that was too near. I asked that your is your temperament can change?” Asking of Xia Tian coldly. Can!” The old men do not dare to say other, he believes that so long as said again other, the dagger in opposite party hand, will directly certainly cut off his neck, therefore he does not dare to say other. „, This also almost, goes in the notification, said that Jiang Hai City Xia Tian seeks an interview Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village.” Xia Tian is not does not have good manners number, he understands that he arrives at the opposite party Zhuangzi, that most at least must tell with seeking an interview these two characters.

Good, my this goes.” The old men ran hurriedly. He does not dare to offend this youth, otherwise he also really worried that the opposite party will kill directly. Does? Flustered.” The old men hit directly, in has worn on the man of long gown, an opposite party palm of the hand flew the old man racket directly. Bang! The old men do not dare to have slight disaffection, crawls hurriedly, then kneels on the ground: Manager Sir, sorry, is small was harebrained.” What's the matter?” The manager knows that the status of old man, therefore asked. Is one asks any Xia Tian person to seek an interview outside.” The old men said hurriedly. „The Yulong mountain village never receives the guest, you asked him to leave were not good, did this also teach you with me?” Manager very discontented saying. I have said that but he does not walk, moreover he is Expert, I am not his match, he said that he is Jiang Hai City Xia Tian, making me notify.” The old men kneel on the ground do not dare to gain ground. Who I manage him am, gets up, goes out to have a look with me.” A manager brow wrinkle, walks toward the entrance directly, the Yulong mountain village comes back this person frequently, but these person of final fate two, gives way before difficulties, another died. The old men saw the manager to speak, stood up hurriedly. He knows fierce of manager, so long as the manager gets rid, what Expert no matter that the opposite party is, was useless. The manager arrived at the position of front door directly, his high and low has sized up Xia Tian, discovered Xia Tian is a young man time, on the face has filled disdaining, in his opinion, Xia Tian is just one does not know the profound brat. Person who you had hit a moment ago my?” The manager looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, had not denied.

Beats a dog must look at the master, the person in your unexpectedly Yulong mountain village also dares to hit continually, I thought you are live is impatient.” Manager coldly looked that said to Xia Tian, afterward his right hand forms to cancel the claw, prepares to get rid at any time. Xia Tian just wants to say anything, he behind presented two people. Yo! Manager unexpectedly of Yulong mountain village such has the interest, knows that we must come, comes out to greet personally.” An appearance handsome man walked from behind, his side with a female. After two people, carries a long sword. Appears very strange. Wudang double variant!” The Butler complexion slightly changes. Snort! Since knows that our status, boil to me, the good dog not to obstruct the road.” That female cold snort said. The Butler complexion becomes very ugly, he is Butler of Yulong mountain village, what the status is very high is unexpectedly by the opposite party name is the dog, but he has not dared to talk back, because the opposite party is not he can offend. You get two few variants to go to the living room, I invited the master.” Butler was saying to that guarding the door old man. Guides, my patience is limited.” The females look that old man said that in her words has filled disdaining, she looks down upon anybody, nearby Xia Tian was also directly is given to neglect by them. They under old man's leadership, walk toward inside directly. Xia Tian sees own awkward situation, helpless shaking the head, also walked directly, now also nobody blocks him, this also stains that Wudang double variant up. Wudang! Is a familiar name. Looked that the Butler expression knows a moment ago the Wudang double variants certainly are two extraordinary big figure.

However their arrogance are also very high. Xia Tian comes in the later discovery, although here is very big, however the surrounding person are not many, person who only then several clean there, but is that the person of several cleaning also uniform is the Yellow Grade Initial Stage strength. Yellow Grade Initial Stage Expert outside why, regardless of can attain many income. However at this time these Yellow Grade person unexpectedly only match sweeps the avenue here. This Yulong mountain village is not simple, unexpectedly sweeps the avenue with the Yellow Grade person, is really the violent dispatches the gifts of heaven.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, several months ago, he bumps into Yellow Grade Expert in Jiang Hai City, but must carry on an intense war. But here unexpectedly sweeps the avenue with the Yellow Grade person. Xia Tian has not gone the living room with that two Wudang double variants, because he does not like these two people, these two person arrogance, looked that the person never uses to look straight, as if despises the feeling of world. His five senses are very keen, he hears right there to have many people, therefore he planned that strolls in the left, but has not waited for him to go out many had discovered a courtyard, courtyard outside has the guard . Moreover the guards are the Profound Grade strength. unexpectedly has the guard, will not have any shameful matter.” The Xia Tian body dodges, turned the wall to enter the courtyard directly. In the courtyard is very big, moreover is very beautiful, here everywhere fine spring day, moreover there is a current of water, here was a paradise, Xia Tian walked a meeting following the track simply, but he arrived at a Tanbian quickly, the deep pond upper right was a small waterfall, Tanshui is limpid, but these were unimportant. What is most important is in Tanshui is having two females to play with water.