Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 781
Here has the woods, has colored, has the alcove, has the hill, there is a Tanshui. However these beautiful scenes cannot compare this time Xia Tian front scenery. At this time here can be said as Shan Hao, water is good, the person is better. Two female upper body anything have not put on, Xia Tian put on one to be similar to the thing of swimming trunks, at this time two females are creating a disturbance in Tanshui, but Xia Tian stood in the water's edge is appreciating here beautiful scene. beautiful! Xia Tian does not know should with any glossary described at this time front scenery. His present two females as if are fresh and beautiful equally beautiful moving. Is Top Grade in Top Grade. At this moment, a female saw the inverted image in water suddenly, she stopped the movement in hand, returns hurriedly, when he saw near Tanshui is standing when Xia Tian, both hands covered the upper body directly, the step on of jade foot in the submarine stone, the jade trampled fully directly to the Xia Tian pit of the stomach. If this foot hit, Xia Tian must die without doubt. pervert, dies!” The females give a loud shout. Her foot oncoming force is fierce, looks is Expert, saw that her jade must kick the Xia Tian pit of the stomach fully. At this moment a big hand held her ankle directly. Another hand holds the body of female directly in the bosom, this sudden change, making the female one startled, she does not have to think own unexpectedly let slip, moreover at this time own body unexpectedly in the opposite party bosom. The both hands of opposite party are are very dishonest. You let loose me, I must kill you.” Female angry saying.

At this moment, in the water other female stares slightly: Xia Tian?” Hears some people to shout that own name, Xia Tian looked to the female in water: Han Liling? How is you.” How is you, how can you Lai Yulong Mountain village?” Han Liling confirmed the opposite party is Xia Tian time, on face one happy, plans to start to chat, at this moment she discovered the situation is not right, because Xia Tian vision stared is staring at her upper body. Ah! Han Liling calls out in alarm one, has covered own upper body hurriedly: You a bit faster transfer.” „!” Xia Tian nodded, switched through, but he is also hugging other that female at this time. You let loose me!” Female angry shouting. Xia Tian, you let loose Yu Sheng quickly!” Han Liling said hurriedly. Xia Tian called the female of Yu Sheng to place the ground that directly, then walked toward the front alcove. Snort!” Called Yu the female of Sheng angrily snort, then took up the ground the clothes to put on, Han Liling also walked from the water, has worn the clothes hurriedly: Yu Sheng, should not be angry, he is my friend.” He visited up me, how did you make me not be angry?” Yu Sheng enraged saying. Yu Sheng, asked you, should not be mad at him, I one will make him give you to apologize, he has rescued my life.” Han Liling's anxious saying, she also really worried that Yu Sheng can be angry, because here is the Yulong mountain village, but Yu Sheng is here young lady, if she is angry, that Xia Tian died. Has rescued your life?” A Yu Sheng brow wrinkle, she truly wanted one to make one to kill Xia Tian slightly a moment ago, but hears Han Liling's words, she hesitated, Han Liling is she best sisters. If this hateful person has saved Han Liling, she also really can only suffer loss without redress. Em, I come back, some people must kidnap me, was he has saved me, moreover these people have not worn a mask, must threaten my family member with me, then silenced a witness of crime.” Han Liling still remembers then situation now.

Then situation was urgent. If not Xia Tian, she even suspected, after these people first Jian, kills. Therefore she is from the heart to thank Xia Tian, she has wanted to look for time thanking Xia Tian well, but the Xia Tian cell phone has closed down, therefore she will separate for several days to telephone. However Xia Tian closes down. She has a dream has not thought that she and Xia Tian meets again, unexpectedly in this form. Such meeting form was really too special. She and she best friend Yu Sheng unexpectedly looked at bright light by Xia Tian, moreover is stands near Tanshui uprightly and frank looks. Xia Tian, how did you come?” Han Liling looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian, this matter she has worn clothes, what put on was a long skirt, the long skirt appeared very noble on her body. Others are wear noble clothes to appear they are very noble, but Han Liling is different, she wears any clothes, then that clothes become because of her noble. Her side is standing female Yu Sheng, the skin of Yu Sheng is very white, the eye is very big, Xia Tian saw two pure element face beauty now. However her the anger of present whole face, probably wanted to be the same Xia Tian swallow raw and whole. I took a stroll a meeting outside, discovered that here some people guard, I also think has interestingly any, who knows.” Xia Tian said here time awkward flexure scratching the head. Who knows that your this big pervert unexpectedly runs to peep we to take a bath secretly.” The look of Yu Sheng as if in must kill people same. I am not slide, I turn the wall to come in frankly and uprightly.” Xia Tian serious saying: Right, is frank and upright.” Sees the Xia Tian that very proper look, the heavy line of Han Liling whole face.

Yu Sheng was angry, turns the wall to come, he also dares saying that is frank and upright: Shameless!” Yu Sheng stared Xia Tian one. Afterward walks toward outside directly. Han Liling has caused a look to Xia Tian, afterward they followed. Yu Sheng gets to the entrance time, stared that several guard one eyes: Waste.” That several guards by not the clear any meaning that Yu Sheng scolded, but they understood immediately, because in the courtyard unexpectedly went out of a man, saw this man time, they all standing by. Because they have defended here, only then the young lady and her friend have gone. Halts!” That guard shouts loudly. Waste, shouted that what shouted? He goes in hadn't you discovered? He is my friend, makes way to me.” Yu Sheng will certainly not make these people feel embarrassed Xia Tian, because Xia Tian is Han Liling's savior. These guards hear the words of Yu Sheng, made way directly. „Is that side so how lively?” Yu Sheng asked. Young lady, was the Wudang double variants came, many people in village watched the fun.” The guards said. We watch the fun together!” Yu Sheng has turned head to come to see to Han Liling, at this moment she stares slightly: Well, person?”