Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 782

About Han Liling looked, unexpectedly discovered really Xia Tian disappears. But a moment ago Xia Tian side her, how such one will disappear: Vanished? Did anyone of you see a moment ago that person?” No.” That several guards shook the head! Your several, irritated me.” Yu Sheng referred to that several guards saying. Big live person unexpectedly can make them look to lose. Ok, Yu Sheng, he possibly does not like the person being too many!” Han Liling persuaded hurriedly, that several guards looked with the grateful vision to Han Liling, if were not Han Liling speaks, their several may probably meet with a disaster. Leaves behind two to defend to me here, other people go to look to me, here is the Yulong mountain village, cannot make him burst, if the place that went to should not go to causes trouble.” Yu Sheng said to that several guards. Because she actually does not want to make Xia Tian stroll, she worried that Xia Tian went to the secret places of some Yulong mountain villages, was killed directly. She does not know how should explain to Han Liling. That several guards looked for Xia Tian directly in all directions. Troubled you.” Saying of Han Liling apology, she was naturally bright in the white jade Sheng words the meaning. I said these to do to me, your savior I naturally cannot make him have an accident, walks, we see the Wudang double variant in that legend.” Yu Sheng excited saying. The Wudang double variants are two celebrities, a man and a woman, they already soon 30, but does not know how they maintain, they seem look like about 20 appearances.

They are 18 years old descend the mountain. Depends upon one set of superb Wudang swordsmanship, has defeated innumerable Expert. Moreover they are stem from the famous family to be authentic, all everybody compare to respect them, these true Expert are not willing to provoke Wudang. Therefore their fame are getting bigger and bigger. Now they became famous for ten years. On Jianghu has about their fables, person but who has seen truly their are not many, these people except for dying, became their friends, but said is the friend, actually these people awe to them, hold in awe and veneration. Heard that the Wudang double variants came, the Yulong mountain village living room surrounding has encircled quickly watertight. However they do not dare to approach, because the head of the clan in Yulong mountain village came out at this time. Vision that the Wudang double variants as if very much enjoy this type worship, their manner are very arrogant, from the start has not gone to shortly outside these people, seemed they must look at words, dirty their eyes will be the same. Wudang double variant unexpectedly comes to our Yulong mountain village, does not know that does?” Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village sat on the seat of honor directly, his expression was very tranquil, cannot listen to him is happy or was not happy. Lord Zhuang, our sighted people did not speak the code words, our time comes is because we heard that white tiger abstains in your Yulong mountain village, therefore planned that begs a favour to you.” Wudang double variant Lord Zhuang in that man's to Yulong mountain village has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, showed the respect. Zhuo few variants, I do not understand what you said is any meaning.” Lord Zhuang calm saying of Yulong mountain village, without any fluctuation, resembles him who he said really not to know to be the same.

Snort! Jade Lord Zhuang, do not come this set with me, I told you, if did not have the precise information, we will not come.” Zhuo Shaoxia cold snort discontented looks to Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village. Zhuo few variants, although you are the Wudang double variants, but you cannot bully.” Yulong mountain village saying of Lord Zhuang coldly. Bullies? Our two have descended the mountain since 18 years old, has not hit the given name of Wudang, that also discussed that what bullies? Jade Lord Zhuang, I urged you a bit faster to hand over, the white tiger abstention, you cannot preserve, I can guarantee that less than half-day time, outside your Yulong mountain village will enclose over a hundred Expert, less than three days will have several hundred Expert to catch up, when the time comes I feared that your Yulong mountain village will lose.” Saying that Zhuo Shaoxia disdains, afterward his vision specially has swept on the surrounding building and person. Snort! Sees a visitor out!” The Lord Zhuang right hand of Yulong mountain village patted directly on the table, saying of coldly. The person who surrounding these watch the fun has not thought that the matter will turn into this, resigned a channel, they think the Wudang double variants are the extraordinary two people, a person of virtue and prestige, but their opens mouth unexpectedly so to be wild. Two, please!” Butler goes forward to say. Jade Lord Zhuang, I urged you to should better not to regret that today we come to discuss, three days later words that we came, but was not this.” Zhuo Shaoxia said that walks toward outside directly, his Junior Sister is also stands up walks toward outside directly. They have not gone to look at the two sides any people from the start, the people in Yulong mountain village on own initiative made way a channel. These two people, are really mindless.” Han Liling said in a low voice. He and Yu Sheng they have watched the fun in side, just started her is also very curious, actually has the person of Wudang double variant name is, but she has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly was so unreasonable. Em?” At this moment in the Wudang double variants that female vision changed to Han Liling's voice directly. Sees her vision, surroundings these people cannot help but made way a channel, Han Liling are thought so by the opposite party, trembled at heart, no matter what, the opposite party was Expert in legend, but she, but was an average person.

Whiz! In the Wudang double variants that female, under foot Movement Technique launches, Movement Technique of Wudang is illusory, the speed is also quick. Suddenly, she arrived at Han Liling's front. ! The ear and area around it makes together directly, moreover her strength is very big, has hit Han Liling directly, nearby Yu Sheng has not responded, Han Liling had been hit by the enemy, she ran hurriedly goes, grasped Han Liling, if were not she grasps Han Liling promptly, Han Liling's head must hit on nearby pillar, Han Liling did not die must turn into the idiot. This time Han Liling left face swells high, the mouth is the blood, in the eye full is the tears. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to offend somebody in the Yulong mountain village, gives me to encircle them.” Yu Sheng angry shouting. Surroundings these people hear the words of Yu Sheng, directly the Wudang double variants to get up. That a man and a woman of Wudang double variant disdain has raised the corners of the mouth. Stop, draws back to me, asking them to leave.” At this moment jade Lord Zhuang shouts loudly, hears the jade Lord Zhuang words, these people resigned a channel. „Did I ask you to leave?” At this moment the coldly sound appears in the front of Wudang double variant together.