Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 783

Han Liling unexpectedly dares saying that the malicious remarks of Wudang double variant, they naturally must teach. Yu Sheng wants to vent anger for Han Liling, but unexpectedly had been blocked by his father finally, although she is angry very much, but family's these people listen to her father. Looks vision that female who Wudang double variants ridiculed, she wished one could to rush to insert the eye of opposite party directly. Saw that female must exit. But at this moment, the sound reached in the ears of all people together, everybody follows that sound to look that they discovered that unexpectedly is a stranger, but Yu Sheng is not strange to this person. Because she had seen this person a moment ago. What thing are you?” Young Master Zhuo the eye selected, looked at Xia Tian one that disdained, although he came in Xia Tian together, however came, he has not gone to look at Xia Tian one from the start. Actually this so-called Wudang double variant also is just they proclaims. Although they have also killed some feudal bullies, but they have killed the good person also has many, many people even are only because looked at that female one eyes to be given to kill by them, finally gave to add on a yin clever given name. They can also fall the good reputation of ridding the people of an evil finally. Moreover nobody dares to retaliate them, because they are the Wudang disciples, although the disciples in Wudang are not many, but each is Expert, once some people have killed them, then Wudang will certainly not give up. Xia Tian has strolled in the courtyard a moment ago, he wants to have a look at can discover any secret room and so on place, after he took a stroll, anything had not discovered that therefore he plans to leave first. When he gets to the entrance, he sees with one's own eyes a Han Liling's in female palm of the hand by that Wudang double variant to be hit to fly. When sees such scene, Xia Tian facial color cold. Han Liling is his friend.

Xia Tian had not answered, but is walks toward them directly, saw that Xia Tian walks to oneself, the glance that Zhuo Shaoxia disdains Xia Tian, the right hand congealing fist has ejected instantaneously, wants to hit to fly Xia Tian. Bang! ! Two sounds also appear! The left hand of Xia Tian double referred to with Zhuo few variants to one, his right hand palm hit on the face of Zhuo Shaoxia Junior Sister forest female hero. In a flash, Zhuo Shaoxia body was repelled directly more than ten steps! But his Junior Sister, forest female hero whole person hit hit directly on the pillar, at this time forest female hero did not have the beforehand appearance again, but was half face swells the pig head, the mixture of spitting blood and tooth of in the mouth kept. Junior Sister!” Zhuo Shaoxia stops own body hurriedly, runs to own Junior Sister. When he arrives at oneself Junior Sister front, sees the Junior Sister pitiful condition, his both eyes get angry same looks to Xia Tian: You court death.” Waste!” Xia Tian only said such two characters, then turn the head to move toward Han Liling. Such scene made all people be shocked, a moment ago put on a high and mighty act, did not place the Wudang double variant in eye anybody, at this time unexpectedly had made into this, moreover they were used to being supercilious, at this time they also tasted are used this look to look are any taste. Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village also stares, then a brow wrinkle: Ended, you caused trouble.” Although he did not know that who Xia Tian is, but he can look, this person should know with own daughter. Xia Tian has not paid attention to jade Lord Zhuang, but is the squatting down body, right hand stroking of gently on Han Liling's face, Inner Strength flowed on Han Liling's face, after a half minute, Han Liling's face is not painful, moreover thoroughly lessened the swollen area: Went back to spread with the ice piece is good.”

The situation of Wudang double variant may not be good, Zhuo Shaoxia felt own within the body vitality tuck dive, but his Junior Sister forest female hero condition was worse, the face swells more and more, probably also a little trend of spread. Junior Sister, are you all right?” Asking that Zhuo Shaoxia keeps. Hum! The forest female hero anything words could not say. Yu Sheng, I, no matter that person is your anything friend, you must drive out to me him.” Saying of jade Lord Zhuang coldly. Why?” Yu Sheng indignant looks to own father. Snort! Jade Lord Zhuang, do not install, certainly is you do not want to hand over the white tiger abstention, therefore finds the person to insult us intentionally, I had already heard your Yulong mountain village has to let the skill that Earth Grade Expert cannot exit, is quite fierce, unexpectedly used on our Senior Brother younger sister, it seems like that this time matter, we must ask our masters to come to us to take responsibility.” Zhuo Shaoxia holds his Junior Sister to walk toward outside directly, passed by side Xia Tian the time he looked at Xia Tian: Three days, three days later, I want you dead not entire corpse.” I and others your three days.” Xia Tian light saying. After seeing they went out of the Yulong mountain village, jade Lord Zhuang helpless shaking the head of: Yu Sheng, your friend brought the big trouble.” How? They that rampant domineering, teaches them should be.” Yu Sheng does not think one have any wrong. What do you understand? You know that what school Wudang is? In China four big Expert has three more or less in Wudang Mountains has studied the skill, you understand that now Wudang Mountains is what existed?” Straight stamping the feet of jade Lord Zhuang air/Qi. Hit in any case has hit, can be what kind of? Our Yulong mountain village guards sternly, if rushes hardly, Earth Grade Expert do not want to live exiting.” Yu Sheng said. You must irritate me, informs all people, Bi Zhuang.” Jade Lord Zhuang shouts loudly, simultaneously he looked at Xia Tian one: „The Yulong mountain village does not welcome you, you lead your injured friend to exit, we must shut the village, three days later, you are live die with our Yulong mountain village not any relations, if you have feared, hurries to run away, do not blame me not to remind you, Expert that Wudang sends is very fierce.” Feared? My Xia Tian always does not know that is afraid of getting into trouble any meaning.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly.

Xia Tian? Are you Xia Tian?” A jade Lord Zhuang brow wrinkle, was on the rise. Right!” Xia Tian nodded. „Is Yin Fu you kills?” Jade Lord Zhuang doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian said. Cannot think that you so are really young, such young can kill Yin Fu , really extraordinary, but this time feared your luck not to be good.” Jade Lord Zhuang said that direct turn around leaves. He does not know that Xia Tian is the Xia Tianlong son. Xia Tian holds up Han Liling's hand to walk toward outside, he does not have to think own present was also known. Before nobody knew him outside Jiang Hai City, but knew that his these people open mouth will say he was the Xia Tianlong son, the Yin Nie apprentice, behind his given name had this name throughout. However was now different, others mentioned that his Xia Tian name, will think first that has killed Yin Fu that Xia Tian. Wait / Etc.!” When Xia Tian just about to goes out of the Yulong mountain village, some behind people shout suddenly.