Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 784

Xia Tian and Han Liling turn head to look to the opposite party. Is Yu Sheng. Liling, you, the people in Wudang are not carefully affable, after exiting, find the way to run away.” A Yu Sheng face worries looked that said to Han Liling, she did not complain about Xia Tian, conversely, she thinks that the Xia Tian procedure had the strength of spirit very much. If Xia Tian saw does not get rid, she can looking down upon Xia Tian. Moreover Xia Tian and Han Liling or friend. However Yu Sheng did not have any means at this time, now their Yulong mountain village is also facing very big difficult position, the Wudang double variants also said a moment ago, in less than three days, will have over a thousand Expert to come. When the time comes, may hit very much. Although the Yulong mountain village was known as, if Earth Grade Expert rushes unable to live is leaving, but their Yulong mountain village is strong, has a limit, they are impossible to contend with entire day below Expert. How many in the world does Expert have? Nobody knows. Moreover this time matter is not small, will have when the time comes definitely some Expert to mix in the crowd. That was more formidabe. White tiger abstention, the thing in this type of legend, once spreads any news, will then cause everybody's coveting, because it is King's symbol, reason that Xia Tianlong died these many years, in China four big Expert also has his name , because the white tiger abstention had not taken. Once some people put out the white tiger abstention, then showed that this person was one of the new four big Expert. Although obtained, definitely also will be snatched to kill by other Expert, but they want to obtain the hand the white tiger abstention.

After all white tiger abstains in their eyes, that is the most mystical and sacred treasure. Even some people have said that reason that China four big Expert can aspire to seize the entire China peak, because of the reason of that four treasure, on that four treasures has the mysterious strength. Even if were the average person obtained, definitely can also the strength increase. Therefore these talented people will abstain to white tiger such are interested. The matter of reaching the sky in a single bound, is to the person biggest enticement. Em, this time also implicated you.” Saying of Han Liling apology. I am all right, was closed a confinement, you, certainly are actually careful, can see from the matter that the disposition of that Wudang double variant is very inferior, they have a grudge to report, therefore you also lie low until something blows over to outside.” Yu Sheng reminder said. The attitude of Wudang double variant, let all people a moment ago is disdaining, because they bullied simply, moreover bullied the weak and feared the strong, bumps into directly gets rid, bumps into Xia Tian this fierce role that bullied on dingy walking. Actually the Wudang double variants also merely are Profound Grade late stage Expert, was also considered as in China by this grade of strength on is Expert, moreover their swordsmanship were exquisite. But who is Xia Tian? If he leaves fully, even if Profound Grade late stage Expert he can also Insta-kill. Moreover he gets rid decisively. Gets rid directly is fully, was perplexed that Wudang double variant. They rampantly have usually been used to outside, when has seen the person like Xia Tian, even if these strengths compared with them, does not dare to get rid to them, but these strengths almost, hide slightly by far.

Xia Tian got rid thoroughly to hit not to have their confidence. They strongest swordsmanship does not even dare to use. Hides? Why can hide?” Xia Tian had not planned must hide. So long as he now does not bump into Earth Grade intermediate stage above Expert, he will not run away, naturally, the Quicksand vice- leader is an exception, his marksmanship is Xia Tian does not dare to resist hardly. Believes me, Wudang is not you can stir up, in China four big Expert besides Southern Kill Wei Guang, other three big Expert went to school in Wudang some Kungfu, Wudang Mountains is not only strength formidable, but also their personal connections also proliferate the world, if they want to cope with anyone, that has no place to go simply.” Yu Sheng saw that Xia Tian planned really completes that three days of commitment, immediately face anxious saying. Good! We walk!” Xia Tian has not explained anything, walks toward outside directly. Yu Sheng worries looks at Xia Tian and Han Liling's back, then walks toward behind, she was closed the confinement, must go to back side of the mountain there to treat. After Xia Tian and Han Liling go out of the front door, the front door is closed instantaneously, moreover at the same time, the front door and wall flank raised rows of iron pole, these iron pole are the same with the basket, defends the entire Yulong mountain village . Moreover the iron pole child above is the circular telegram. In other words, if some people want to rush hardly, this first pass suffices his headache. „Do we go?” Han Liling looked that asked to Xia Tian. I deliver to a safe place you first, do not wander about aimlessly there, half a month later came out again, yes?” Xia Tian looked that said to Han Liling, although he does not fear death, moreover does not fear any enemy, but Han Liling is not good, Han Liling is just an average person. If presents Expert to constrain Xia Tian, then some people sneak attacked Han Liling to go bad. Han Liling also knows the situation to be special, together left with Xia Tian, Xia Tian has delivered to that place that Han Liling Murong Xiaoxiao and her parents live in now, there is also very covert, is a new underground laboratory, moreover this nobody guarded, if not know the person who entrance, could not find. Now Murong Xiaoxiao parents tested have succeeded, these Assassins also on thorough losing heart.

Because they were now grasp not to have any use Murong Xiaoxiao parents. Therefore now Xia Tian has delivered to Murong Xiaoxiao there Han Liling, Murong Xiaoxiao saw Xia Tian time is very happy, but sees side Xia Tian with beauty time, the complexion was poor, moreover she also knew Han Liling. However finally under the Xia Tian injunction, Butler and the others all ensure what will not make Han Liling take the post. Arranged all, Xia Tian hurried to the Yulong mountain village once more, this time he has not hit the hiring, but depended, when he arrived suburb neighbor, he discovered that here came many rental cars. Moreover nearby inn guesthouse wait / etc. were all full. It seems like came many people.” Xia Tian looks here situation secretly thought, the local time that he wants to look, did not have the place, finally he can only choose on the tree of open country. However he has discovered the interesting matter immediately. Open country unexpectedly also has many people. „Did you hear? That realm of the devil Expert this time also came.” Realm of the devil Expert? What you said is that demon Venerable?” Right! Is he, I listened to others saying that moreover he also put down the words saying that who dares to snatch with him, he killed anyone.”