Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 785

Realm of the devil Expert?” Xia Tian lies down on the tree, hears this name time came the interest. He had not heard what realm of the devil, what this realm of the devil is Expert? Sounds to give people a very mysterious feeling. Moreover listens to chats of these people, probably this demon Venerable is very famous big figure, but Xia Tian has not actually listened to this figure, naturally, he had not listened not to represent does not have this figure. After all China is so big, recluse Expert must have. Moreover the world is so big, each country has figure that oneself take gets rid, looks like Island Country Ninja same also has these Swordsmanship Expert to be the same. Although the cultivation method is different, but they can also finally cultivation to Earth Grade Realm. Can become Earth Grade Expert. Which regardless of arrives is command respect, moreover they also all are dominate a side Expert. Generally, Earth Grade Expert few people take a walk outside. Therefore on Jianghu, profound and abstruse principles Expert that is extraordinary figure, these Yellow Grade people generally are also very popular in the society, because their strengths endure to compare Special Force. Has many Special Force armies in China, some Advanced the member strengths of Special Force army even in the Yellow Grade intermediate stage above, moreover they do not have cultivation any Martial Arts, really practices. Such person bumps into the Yellow Grade late stage person, they can also fight, moreover in the ordinary circumstances even can win.

That demon that you said Venerable me also to hear, the time that it is said that he presents is not long, probably after is previous that any Shennongjia auction, appears, but he, as soon as appears greatly kills the four directions, in all directions murder, moreover he only kills the strength excel person.” Here has many people, one of them hears them to chat the matter that the demon Venerable, is direct to join in the fun. Within the four seas all brothers! So long as there is a common interest, they can chat the same place to go. Shennongjia auction? What you said is in that legend auction that only then Expert can go to? You also went, you certainly were Expert.” Several other people heard him to say Shennongjia auction time, a face worship looked to him. That person enjoys the vision that these people worship specially: I am also by chance together go with my cousin, if not my cousin, depends on my this strength, the gate could not find.” „Is your cousin definitely one becomes famous for a long time big figure?” Saying of these person of face anticipations. My cousin.” That person told only half, swallowed back the words: This cannot speak irresponsibly casually, my cousin this time also came.” You talk about the matter that demon Venerable to us!” The surroundings encircle 67 people all of a sudden, they all are look to that person that a face anticipates, that person also likes this feeling, then sat directly. You drink water!” Some people have handed over the water and drink. This has to eat, although is not the good thing, but the flavor is also good.” Nearby person delivers to the front of that person food also end that they prepare. That person of satisfied nod, then directly opens the mouth saying: Since everybody can crowd together is the fate, my name was Huang Jin, you can call my Huang elder brother, later had any matter also to look for me.” Huang elder brother is good!” Surroundings that several people go forward to greet with Huang Jin.

Huang Jin most liked the vision of others this worship, he felt at this time one turned into figure of big brother rank probably all of a sudden. Good, I told you, Venerable the matter that related to Shennongjia auction and demon, but you cannot speak irresponsibly.” Yellow entered the vision to sweep periphery these people one to say. Relax, Huang the elder brother, we will definitely not speak irresponsibly.” Is, Huang elder brother, if some people spoke irresponsibly, my first did not let off them.” Words that who dares to speak irresponsibly, we will not let off him, Huang the elder brother, you said.” Surroundings these people strike one's chest the guarantee saying that although Huang Jin knows that these people's guarantees are the same with the skin, are not worth a red cent, but he wants to share these matters that he knows with others. Because he felt that he knows these are the senses of achievement. Em, I believe you, now I first told you origin that demon Venerable.” Huang Jin nodded to continue saying: „Before that demon Venerable actually , is just ordinary Profound Grade Expert, although Profound Grade Expert was very fierce, but merely depends on this strength, he naturally cannot become the demon Venerable.” As soon as surroundings these people listened to Huang Jin to say was just Profound Grade Expert time, they confirmed that front Huang elder brother has certainly seen the person of magnificent scene. Regarding their several Yellow Grade people, Profound Grade that is quite extraordinary figure. Reason that he can become the demon Venerable, that is because he obtained a treasure! A very extraordinary treasure, that thing is called the crystal jade bone, I did not tell you as for the origin of this thing, because this is secret.” Huang Jin did not say intentionally the origin of crystal jade bone, periphery this can that several to anticipate. Although these people do not know that actually that crystal jade bone is any thing, but they heard the treasure time two to shine.

crystal jade bone? Is.” Xia Tian on tree stares slightly , to continue to listen to following that Huang Jin to explain. „After obtaining this treasure, his strength turns time of growth simply, these Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert, look like before him the ants is the same, direct Insta-kill.” Huang Jin spoke of here time specially excited, resembled that demon Venerable is he is the same. Insta-kill! Hears these two characters time, surroundings that several people were much more surprised. In their eyes Profound Grade Expert is quite extraordinary figure, but that demon Venerable unexpectedly to be able Insta-kill Profound Grade Expert, this simply was too terrifying. Right, is Insta-kill! Nobody knows that actually he now is Expert of any rank, but bumped into his person majority dead, few people can live running away, moreover after the homicide was excellent, will keep the hemorrhaging character, the demon Venerable! A time long everybody started to ask him the demon Venerable.” Huang Jin to them explains origin that the demon Venerable. What these people listen is with great interest. Because this matter regarding them, simply is the flash news, later saw friend time can also take to boast, this appeared they very much has the experience. Huang elder brother, what relations does that demon revere with that auction also has?” Immediately some people asked. That relations may be big, met me to tell you again that extinguishes dragon congress 12 : 00 pm to open, your several can't go?” Huang Jin looked that asked to that several people.