Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 786

Huang elder brother? What thing extinguishes the dragon congress is?” Immediately some people asked. This went to you to know, you one with me, will go to be able standing front.” Very yellow enters saying that upholds justice. Huang elder brother has the face, we mixed with Huang the elder brother.” Surroundings that several people worship looked that said to Huang Jin, they felt Huang Jinzhen had the face . Moreover the experience so was also broad, looked that has seen the person of magnificent scene, they mixed with this Huang elder brother, in the future will not certainly make a mistake. I have any face, brothers think highly of me to be good, but makes the front point position not to have the issue.” Huang the elder brother strikes one's chest to say. Really thanked Huang the elder brother.” Em, was good, I first and you said that the demon Venerable and relations between that Shennongjia auctions.” Huang the elder brother enjoys now this feeling very much, usually he is others' little brother, but currently he also has his little brother. Surroundings that several people all are look at Huang Jin who a face anticipates. Must say that relations between these two, that has to raise a person, he called Xia Tian.” Huang Jin mentioned Xia Tian this name time, is a worship of face: This Xia Tian is big figure, before he was not famous, he can be said as a war becomes famous, half a month ago about, on Jianghu presented a terrifying news, Quicksand Leader Yin Fu died.” We also heard, Quicksand Leader may be peerless Expert, is who can kill them? Is China the person of four big Expert that ranks?” Naturally, did not kill Yin Fu that was called the Xia Tian person, after this war, he it can be said that became famous in the world, afterward some people dug out his status, said that he was not one obscure individual, initially he bought the crystal jade bone at Shennongjia auction, moreover finally was also he delivers the crystal jade bone.” Huang Jin said. What? Why then good valuable beta can deliver?” Good that this issue asked that actually afterward some people analyzed, finally obtained two results, first was Xia Tian felt one could not protect the crystal jade bone, therefore he delivered, but also some people said that he knows in the crystal jade bone possibly had the fascinated thing, therefore he did not want.” Huang Jin said.

Huang did elder brother, then, that obtain the person of crystal jade bone finally is the present demon Venerable?” Right, that obtains the person of crystal jade bone finally is finally that demon Venerable.” Huang Jin spoke of here time, has eaten directly, here thing was they buys from outside, greatly black day here can eat these things is very happy. Surroundings that several people specially excited. They felt that own this time entered Jianghu. Because they heard the related Jianghu hearsay, moreover they also want Venerable to be the same to that demon, turns into on Jianghu all of a sudden most famous figure, but this opportunity must bump into the treasure. So long as after having the treasure, they had the opportunity to turn into Expert. Reaching the sky in a single bound. You also know that this everybody comes to here to see white tiger in that legend to abstain is any appearance, if obtained by luck, that can say that has reached the sky in a single bound, I listened to others saying that so long as after obtaining that ring, had the strength of China four big Expert that ranks.” Yellow enters eats, while said. What? Such fierce? Huang the elder brother, aren't you will be deceiving us? China four big Expert it is said are the unmatcheds in the world.” I deceive you to do, treasure thing, no one can guarantee that whose hand finally will fall to, looks like previous that crystal jade bone is the same, in the person of that competition has many Expert, but obtains the person of crystal jade bone finally, before also was just a Profound Grade Initial Stage person, therefore this gadget must look at the luck.” Huang Jin said that looked at around these people to continue saying: Perhaps your people have the opportunity to obtain that treasure, when the time comes I must rely upon you.” Hears Huang Jin the words, that several people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim, they felt probably really one must turn into that lucky fellow to be the same immediately.

This looks like buys the lottery ticket to be the same, although the probability is very low, but these people buy, specially excited, thinks one certainly are that lucky fellow, even also some people listen to the explanation of any Master, buys according to the rule. These people continue to think that afterward Huang Jin inquired many matters, Huang Jin give answers readily, this made everybody be convinced to him, thinks that he had certainly very high reputation on Jianghu. Talked nonsense completely! However the demon air/Qi in crystal jade bone is so strong, definitely some people were corroded by the demon air/Qi.” Xia Tian understands that this should be Gu Shengta the real objective. Otherwise Gu Shengta will not sell to him the crystal jade bone by that low price. Reason that the ancient Saint tower such does for fascinated, finally initiates the war. This Gu Shengta was too mystical, I later carefully select them, what thing but that does extinguish the dragon congress is?” Xia Tian is not interested in that Huang Jin words, because in his words the moisture content are too many, majority add inflammatory details. Curtain of night arrival gradually. That several people more chatted are more congenial, these that but that Huang Jin finally said were almost false, because he really had nothing to say the way that can only partly boast finally showed off his experiencing. Around him that several people soon worshipped dead simply he. Huang the elder brother is long, Huang elder brother short keeping was calling. Was good, the time was also up, us.” Huang Jin looked at her watch, stands up directly, walks toward the distant place, several other people also followed.

The direction that they walk is a forest. Nearby that forest direct connectivity all hills, take a quick look around do not look to the end, this nearby woods and hill are many, have a main road, to the Yulong mountain village. They just entered shortly after the woods, Xia Tian heard the disorderly sound, obviously inside this time already going in many people. Then walked was less than five minutes, Xia Tian saw one group of people, the population probably in more than 100 about people, moreover this population also keeping was increasing, the surroundings lit many torches, front had a platform. On the platform has about two rows of seats, the middle also has a seat. The person who however now on the platform nobody, the surroundings gather more were more, Xia Tian also mixes in the crowd. Article elder brother! I in this.” At this moment Huang Jindai that group of people was waving to the front person. After yellow embarks on an official career looks to that person that several people worship: Originally this is the article elder brother in legend.” After that article elder brother looks yellow entered, his at present one bright, his vision in looking at Huang Jin, but after looking yellow embarks on an official career beauty, sees this beauty time, his both eyes shine.