Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 787

Huang Jin noticed that Wen the elder brother has not responded him, walked hurriedly: Article elder brother, I came.” „, Slightly enters, how to come.” After Wen the elder brother looks yellow entered, the vision continues to that female looks. After yellow embarks on an official career that several boys to look at Wen elder brother's wear with the imposing manner, is the admirations of whole face, they looked that Wen the elder brother has the Expert style, just this time article elder brother attention probably not on them. „Is article elder brother, what you looking at?” Yellow enters puzzled asking. Slightly enters, do you have a look at that female how is it?” Wen the elder brother color narrows the eyes looked walked a female who to the distant place, the female puts on jumped the black skirt, in addition black silk high-heeled shoes, no matter how looked, this females probably were prepare to window-shop, but was not participates this extinguishes the dragon congress. Top Grade, Wen did the elder brother you have a liking for her?” Huang Jin said directly. Truly good, very long such woman, not having made me look at one to feel excited.” Wen elder brother's attention was captured completely by that female. Article elder brother, I gave you to take her telephone number in the past.” Yellow entered a little brother who brought to stand directly. Who are you?” Wen elder brother puzzled asking. Article elder brother, I am Huang elder brother's little brother.” Saying that man grovels. Huang Jin hears self introduction of opposite party, is very satisfied. „, Good, you pass, if you can help me probably come, I naturally cannot treat unjustly your.” Wen the elder brother nodded, at this time here many person, the majority of people mutually was chitchatting, naturally, there are few people are stands there alone. However at this time most people's attention was captured the past by that black skirt female, because this female Zichang is actually very attractive, the stature is also very good, probably is a person of mixed blood. That little brother, ran directly to that female: beauty, my Boss is Wen the elder brother, he wants to know you, can give the contact method?” He is very intentionally loud, moreover a pride of face Wen elder brother these two characters said. In his eyes, can know that Wen elder brother like this big figure, that is a very proud matter.

Article elder brother? Did not know.” The females walk toward the front directly. That little brother has not thought that this female unexpectedly does not know Wen the elder brother, after in same place two seconds, once more circled front of female: „Have you seen that side that person, he is Wen the elder brother.” That female gained ground, looks to Wen elder brother's direction. Wen the elder brother noticed that the female looks like to oneself, immediately waved. What kind, in the past knew! Our Wen elder brother is extraordinary Expert.” That little brother proud saying. Good Ah! female to show a faint smile. Saw the female to agree, that little brother was similar to feel one contributed to the great merit to be the same, ran up to Wen elder brother's front directly: Article elder brother, I led her.” Good, your boy is good.” Nod of Wen the elder brother appreciates. That person hears the appreciation of Wen elder brother, immediately felt one specially excited. Saw that female walked toward the article elder brother, surroundings these people all are envy the envy to hate. What looks at to look? Courts death Ah! article elder brother's vision coldly took a fast look around wicked saying in the surroundings. Was too aggressive, worthily is Wen the elder brother, surroundings these person of dare to answer does not have.” Article elder brother simply was too Might.” We have Huang the elder brother to mix with Wen the elder brother, in the future perhaps can also become Expert.” That several little brothers who Huang Jinxin receives are the excitements of whole face, now here may from regional Expert, but their unexpectedly was given to shake by article elder brother a few words.

Stands Xia Tian helpless shaking the head in crowd, now here solely is the Profound Grade late stage person has more than ten, moreover there are two Profound Grade greatly complete Expert. But that article elder brother is just the person of Profound Grade intermediate stage. However his unexpectedly believes, reason that surroundings these people did not speak, was because was given to shake by him. beauty, hello.” Wen the elder brother pretends very aggressive appearance to say intentionally. Article elder brother, hello!” Females sweet smiled, the smiling face of seeing the female, Wen the elder brother directly is almost charmed. Well good!” Saying of Wen elder brother face smiling face. Boss, she in that.” At this moment, one line of 56 people run to here. Is small ****, I thought that which you this toward run.” Is person of angry shouting of head. Article elder brother, they are unprincipled people, saves me.” The females grab Wen elder brother's arm to beg, Wen the elder brother such was caught by the female, the vision looked directly to that five people, he has regarded as the female at this time is his person. These people must deal with his person, he naturally cannot let off these people. Moreover in this case, so long as is male will stand. „Who are you? unexpectedly dares to scold my person.” Wen elder brother coldly looked that said to that five people. Your matter, quickly has not boiled to me.” Was that person of head cursed angrily one. Your does unexpectedly dare such to speak to the article elder brother, lives is impatient?” Yellow enters directly from article Elder Brother has stood, that several little brothers who he behind newly receives together have also stood.

Em? Are more than person with us? Do you know that who we are?” Is that person of head sees Huang Jin and the others time, a brow wrinkle, Wen Elder Brother here has ten people at this time, but they have five. „Who I manage you am, dares to have the idea of my woman, I will not let off you.” Wen the elder brother stands there powerful saying. Was that person of head looked at an article elder brother's behind that female, clenched teeth: On.” Five people threw directly to Huang Jin and the others, suddenly, both sides have made into one group, the surrounding person gives way to traffic hurriedly, although that five people the person are few, but is having the superiority at this time. Fights is less than a half minute, Huang Jin and the others retreat in defeat again and again. The opposite party five people follow up a victory with hot pursuit, after yellow embarks on an official career that several humanities not to have any cohesive force, just knew that saw the match is so strong, does not dare to leave fully, retreat. Snort!” Wen elder brother cold snort: Slightly enters, you draw back.” He has seen through the opposite party strength, in the opposite party five people, was that person of head just entered Profound Grade, other four people all were Yellow Grade late stage, therefore both sides fought are less than one minute, Han Jin their nine by the opposite party routing. Wen the elder brother walks toward the opposite party directly. Snort! I warned you, do not mind others'business.” That Profound Grade Initial Stage person cold snort said that he had just defeated Huang Jin and the others, therefore is confident at this time. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The flash, Wen elder brother's body vanished in same place, he presented again time, four people of opposite party have all flown upside down, that Profound Grade Initial Stage person has sounded instantaneously a signal. ! A pyrotechnic signal from the sky explodes directly.