Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 788

retreat that the person body of that Profound Grade Initial Stage keeps, at the same time, he has sounded a signal flare. Bang! When he sounds the signal flare, Wen elder brother's right hand pinched directly on his neck, him pushed to the ground, all these were less than from all sides for ten seconds, but this fight had ended. Yellow enters his behind that several little brother face worships sees Wen the elder brother. Was too fierce, Wen elder brother unexpectedly was so fierce.” Article elder brother is really Expert, that person is Profound Grade, unexpectedly one defeated by the article elder brother.” Huang elder brother, our whole life with deciding you.” These little brothers who Huang the elder brother receives newly all are excited see Wen the elder brother, they thoroughly confirmed now, Wen the elder brother is Expert in legend. That is natural, but Wen elder brother Expert in Expert.” Huang Jin excited saying. At this time Wen the elder brother is very aggressive, his right hand the opposite party according to the ground, saying of coldly: Offends me, you simply with courting death not to have what difference.” Although Wen the elder brother has not turned head. However he can imagine look that the vision and that female who behind these little brothers worship admire. Look that the surrounding these people awe. Had to plant you to kill me.” That Profound Grade Initial Stage man sees Wen the elder brother angrily. Bang! Wen the elder brother fights with the fists on the belly of that man. Ah! Called, weren't you very good? My person you also wants to move.” Wen elder brother coldly looked that said to that Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wen the elder brother three fought with the fists once more on his belly, although he stood up directly. Calls me!” Wen the elder brother issues an order, Huang Jin and his several little brothers directly rush come, one to that Profound Grade Initial Stage person beats, solemn Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert, unexpectedly was kicked by several Yellow Grade boy circles. Surroundings these people all hide is very far. Overbearing of Wen elder brother lets these person some fears. Wen the elder brother has turned head, wants to take undeserved credit with that woman, but at this time he suddenly discovered that woman disappears: Well, person?” Idiot!” Xia Tian stands in the crowd said that a moment ago that female obviously with him, when the shield, his unexpectedly had not discovered that moreover before that female walking, was suitable for his thing. Do not hit!” Wen the elder brother gives a loud shout. Huang Jin and his several little brothers call a halt hurriedly. Person? That beauty?” Wen elder brother angry asking. Person not.” Huang Jingang wants saying that in article elder brother behind, he discovered that female unexpectedly vanished. White. Crazy. Has a look at your things.” Person difficult saying of that Profound Grade Initial Stage, his present mouthful is the blood, but he not only has not shrieked with pain, instead contemptuous looks at that several people. Hateful, your unexpectedly also dares to scold me, I have killed you.” Wen the elder brother moves toward that person directly. You did not have the opportunity.” That person has supported the body with the arm difficultly, he own body by tree. Poisonous gate immortal harnesses!” The sound conveys, hears this sound the time from behind together, all people all look to behind, the sedan chair, a sedan chair appears in the front of people, this anything age, in the 21 st century, automobile full Jiepao, the age of airplane run all over the place, some unexpectedly also people rode the sedan chair. Hears poisonous gate immortal these characters time, these people obviously were to retreat more than ten steps, in the crowd also some two opening both eyes of slightly, even if here so were a moment ago lively, they have also depended there sleep, but they have opened both eyes at this time. Poisonous gate immortal! The leader of poisonous gate, the strength excels, moreover a poisonous merit is immeasurably deep.

Called him the poisonous gate to be old outside everybody. Came one well.” Xia Tian turned the head to look to that poisonous gate immortal, at this time this poisonous gate immortal sat, in eight lifted on the big sedan, but his followed more than 50 people enormously and powerful, this is tonight the first gang. Others most ten people, few person come, but his unexpectedly leads a person in entire school to come. Beats a dog must look at the master, you are any thing, the unexpectedly immortal disciple also dare to hit continually.” In front of the sedan chair of poisonous gate immortal has stood a man, the vision of man stubbornly looked to Wen the elder brother. Sees an opposite party so weaponry, Wen the elder brother also slightly stares, moreover he has heard the poisonous gate old monster reputation. I do not know that he is the poisonous gate person, had to offend a moment ago.” Wen the elder brother recognized has instigated, article elder brother unexpectedly that a moment ago was fearless recognized directly has instigated, saw that Wen the elder brother recognized instigated, on that several little brother faces that Huang Jinxin received has written all over inconceivable. They think a moment ago Wen the elder brother was topest Expert, but Wen elder brother unexpectedly recognizes now instigates. You are any thing, unexpectedly dare such to speak to the article elder brother, lives is impatient.” Saying that a little brother is not convinced, although opposite party person are many, but he believes Wen the elder brother. Puff! A blood color break-up, the complexion of that person has turned purple, then the whole person in the tuck dive that the ground keeps. Ah! Ah! Good pain Ah! His body starts to occur rottenly, seemed like corroded by the sulphuric acid was the same. The person of getting rid, in front of the poisonous gate immortal is standing that disciple. Big Senior Brother, revenges for me.” In tree shouts by that Profound Grade Initial Stage the People sound: That girl was let escape by them.” Although you handle matters disadvantageously, but you after all are our poisonous gate person, since your had been injured, we naturally will revenge for you.” Big Senior Brother of poisonous gate looks up directly to the article elder brother. Wen the elder brother saw the big Senior Brother look, body retreat cannot help but one step, when poisonous gate big Senior Brother looked to him, he felt one probably staring to be the same by the poisonous snake, discomfort that could not say from top to bottom. You have killed to me that several chop suey, this person gives me.” Poisonous gate big Senior Brother waved to behind person, immediately more than ten Expert kill directly to that several little brothers who Huang Jin and he received newly.

Puff! Puff! One round, has only used one round, that several little brothers who Huang Jin and he receives newly were decapitated. Sees such scene, Wen elder brother's back is the cold sweat, afterward his direct turn around opens runs away. One! Big Senior Brother of poisonous gate starts Zha Shu! Two! He has not pursued, but looks that Wen the elder brother escapes there. Three! Bang! Wen elder brother's body directly but actually. Was just good, saying that three steps but actually,” big Senior Brother of poisonous gate disdains. Died, that good B article elder brother, now unexpectedly such died a moment ago, big Senior Brother of poisonous gate arrives at Wen elder brother's side, all people saw, a centipede crawls from article Elder Brother, finally has climbed in the poisonous gate big Senior Brother sleeve. Bang! A poisonous gate big Senior Brother foot kicked out Wen elder brother's body, Wen elder brother's body hits on the tree, the blood scatters. Hey, splashed to me.” Xia Tian looked at own pants, very discontented saying.