Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 789

All people all surprised looks at poisonous gate big Senior Brother. That article elder brother some were a moment ago wild they to be noticed that moreover that article elder brother strength is also very strong. However his unexpectedly by big Senior Brother of this poisonous gate to Insta-kill, they had been heard fierce of poisonous gate before, but everybody has heard the poisonous gate leader, poisonous gate immortal, but big Senior Brother of this poisonous gate makes them broaden the outlook now, article elder brother unexpectedly of Profound Grade intermediate stage was killed instantaneously. He has not even gotten rid, only looked up three integers, that article elder brother died. When poisonous gate big Senior Brother kicks Wen elder brother's corpse, the blood splashed the bodies of surrounding many people, but these person of do not dare to speak, only then a Xia Tian face discontented looks at poisonous gate big Senior Brother. Poisonous gate big Senior Brother just set up prestige. He thinks that he has shaken periphery these people, but he has not thought that some unexpectedly people dare to stand. Em?” Poisonous gate big Senior Brother coldly looks to the opposite party. Looks at anything to look that you are sick, he died you also to kick.” Xia Tian very discontented looks at that poisonous gate big Senior Brother. Hears his words, these people of his side all hide by far, they think that Xia Tian died, unexpectedly dares to provoke this terrifying fellow, the poisonous gate big Senior Brother strength they may be a moment ago look clearly. They may be afraid the big Senior Brother accidental injury of poisonous gate, gives to affect them. The big Senior Brother brow wrinkle of poisonous gate, the eye has sized up on the body of Xia Tian, saying of coldly: Brat, you know that you did speak to whom again?” Your does TM do ominously? Some words said well, my CNM.” A Xia Tian face suffering from injustice looks that poisonous gate big Senior Brother said that saw words that his suffering from injustice expression and he said that surroundings these people all hoodwinked. He is cursing at people obviously, said is so suffering from injustice.

Courts death!” Big Senior Brother of poisonous gate was such scolded by Xia Tian, the anger has come up directly, the right hand lifts instantaneously. Puff! In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, a long centipede was cut from the middle short. What?” Poisonous gate big Senior Brother whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, the rate of progression of that centipede is fast, is not slower than the speed of bullet, but opposite party unexpectedly cut off the centipede directly. Periphery these people also all were shocked. They have not seen that centipede, moreover a moment ago that centipede was also such relaxed massacred Wen the elder brother, but front this male unexpectedly has blocked the attack of poisonous gate big Senior Brother at this time. Oh mother, such big centipede, scared to death the baby.” Xia Tian pats own chest to say. Big Senior Brother of that poisonous gate has not gotten rid once more, other poisonous gate and school are different, Kungfu on their Kungfu is not too fierce, their true skills all on using toxin, big Senior Brother of this poisonous gate also is just the strength of Profound Grade intermediate stage, but he can actually Insta-kill similarly be the Profound Grade intermediate stage Wen elder brother. This is because his toxin attacks, if lets and Wen the elder brother who he meets the tough head-on with toughness fights, that most three minutes he will end the defeat. When strikes the sneak attack has not succeeded, he has not worried, because the opposite party affirmed that had the protection, now he has missed the best sneak attack opportunity. Saw that Xia Tian puts on airs there, he is mad not to hit one, but he also takes Xia Tian not any means. Snort! The brat, I warned you, the poisonous gate immortal in behind, now you discards own both hands, I can forgive you to assign, if met the immortal to get rid, you will unable to seek livehood, asked unable.” Big Senior Brother of poisonous gate strikes has not gone well, no longer has gotten rid, but started to threaten Xia Tian. At this moment the behind poisonous gate old immortal was lifted, he behind with the people of that many poisonous gates.

„Does young fellow, how you want dead?” The poisonous gate immortal is a white-haired person, his sound specially vigorous, one hear is the Inner Strength deep person, he is big figure, is a lord. Usually big figure like him, little leaves own sect Men, will not get rid to the ordinary person, but the poisonous gate immortal is different, reason that he was called the poisonous gate to be old , because his manner very mean sinister. His leader, gets rid to cope with that true Expert generally, but he not only gets rid to these Expert, but also gets rid to these weak ones, the average person he also has gotten rid. Therefore everybody called him to be old for the poisonous gate. At this time the poisonous gate old has opened the mouth strangely, around Xia Tian these people, drew back far. The poisonous gate old monster became famous vicious, if he if gets rid, that might affect many people very much. Ai ya mother, scared to death me.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration. unexpectedly links me also to dare to sexually harass, it seems like you really live is impatient.” The poisonous gate old sees Xia Tian that appearance very discontented saying strangely. „Did you call the poisonous gate old monster?” Xia Tian looked that old asked to the poisonous gate strangely. Brat, do not speak at a venture, our Master is called the poisonous gate immortal.” Poisonous gate big Senior Brother scolds to say. Whoever, has chicken feather to relate with me.” Xia Tian impatient saying. You court death!” The poisonous gate old monster body flew from the seat instantaneously, fought with the fists to Xia Tian, the speed was fast, moreover close ten meters distance, he from the sky flew. Bang!

A Xia Tian foot kicks, with poisonous gate old monster fist hit in one. Afterward the poisonous gate always blamed to return to his eight to lift the big sedan with strength to come up once more, saw this time, on the faces of all people all was inconceivable, they sized up Xia Tian carefully. This seems very young boy, unexpectedly can fight one round with the poisonous gate immortal. This simply was too terrifying. The poisonous gate immortal became famous for a long time figure, few people can catch his attack, but Xia Tian actually caught him to strike at this time, moreover his body tuck dive, stood in finally same place, but the poisonous gate immortal actually borrowed the strength to return in own position. This way, Xia Tian had certain superiority. Quite fierce, is actually this person who? He so is young, had blocked the attack of poisonous gate big Senior Brother a moment ago, now the poisonous gate old monster attack also blocks.” Too extraordinary, has always blamed to become famous for a long time big figure to striking with the poisonous gate like this, not only has not died, even does not have retreat.” „, You will not look quickly that poisonous gate old monster unexpectedly is smiling.” This person of words just said that all people looked was old to the poisonous gate, at this time poisonous gate old monster unexpectedly is smiling. Strength is good, what a pity was too young, the Jianghu experience was still shallow.” Shaking the head of the poisonous gate old disdains strangely, he stretched out his fist, blows, the powdery thing was blown by him. Poisonous! Is the toxin!