Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 790

Poisonous gate old monster with poisonous expert, he may have sent how out an ordinary fist, originally he had intoxicated on the fist a moment ago, sees the poisonous time, everybody is sighing with emotion. The ginger is old spicy. Although Xia Tian seems the strength is very strong, moreover is very young, but he eventually poisonous gate old monster [say / way]. Xia Tian was so young has been able with the ability of poisonous gate old compatible fist, the future was definitely limitless, even can call the talent, however regardless of the strong talent, cannot live, is as transient as fleeting clouds. Because nobody you are the talent do not kill you, only if you grew that to make the opposite party dread your strength. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the brat, you were really too tender.” Poisonous gate old monster excited saying with a smile, he most liked of present feeling, when the opposite party thinks own a little strength, he got rid to kill the opposite party directly. Moreover he also likes devastating this talent. He thinks that massacres the talent is a very crisp matter, if these talents do not die, in the future definitely will turn into some Expert, looks that these future Expert will die in their hand, on the poisonous gate old monster face will have the joy of not being able to conceal. Who?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that is old to poisonous gate. Naturally was you.” The poisonous gate old said strangely. How?” Xia Tian asked. You died, a moment ago what I gave under you were ten steps pursues the soul to be loose, so long as you went out of ten steps to die without doubt.” The poisonous gate old took up by the seat fan to swing strangely gently, although now is not hot, but he liked the feeling of this type of swinging fan, probably was a person of high skill is the same. Who?” Xia Tian asked again. You!” The poisonous gate old said strangely. How?” Xia Tian asked.

Hateful, acts recklessly, I thought how you then die!” The poisonous gate old felt strangely Xia Tian in playing tricks on him, on the face presented the disgruntled look immediately, in his opinion, front brat should be now kneels begs for mercy, asking oneself to let off his life to be right. However his present unexpectedly also dares to play tricks on itself. You are my small under the apple, coming everybody hi to get up together.” Xia Tian danced the dance directly, moreover jumps while sang the small apple. The surrounding all people all by the Xia Tian action daunting, the poisonous gate old said a moment ago strangely, this is ten steps pursues the soul to be loose, so long as after going out of ten steps, must die without doubt, but his unexpectedly also dares to dance, must know that dances takes a step with walking, but does not have what difference. Quick, Xia Tian ten steps stepped, was his unexpectedly is safe and sound. Is all right?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: I also think fiercely, originally also mediocre, not only can walk, but can also jump greatly, jumps greatly.” Xia Tian was jumping same place. His action always has almost not blamed to irritate the poisonous gate directly, has saying that Xia Tian exasperating Kungfu is truly good, looks that he jumps there greatly, the person chins of poisonous gate must fall to the ground. But the poisonous gate old monster is surprised looks at Xia Tian. When the alone gate old monster just about to once more begins, behind walks one line, altogether ten people, these ten people each are topest Expert, moreover is becomes famous for a long time big figure. Sees they ten times, the surrounding person all cannot help but resigned a channel. Is the south of the Yangtze River ten old!” They are the south of the Yangtze River ten old, the very strong imposing manner, I heard that their ten became famous 30 years ago in Jianghu.” They are this time extinguish the sponsor of dragon congress.”

The surrounding person is the admiration looks to the south of the Yangtze River ten old, south of the Yangtze River ten old are very old, youngest also 50 years old, oldest that had 70 years old, in other words he in becoming famous is 40 years old. The south of the Yangtze River ten old reputations are very resounding on Jianghu, because they truly have achieved some good deeds and great accomplishments. Therefore their prestige are also very high, this time they just proposed that extinguishes the dragon congress, various group of heroes catch up to here, now periphery had 700-800 people. The south of the Yangtze River ten picked honest to the front that platform. Afterward their ten sat in the two sides positions, saw that ten old unexpectedly only sat the two sides, the following these people were more surprised, whose the middle also two seats met? The south of the Yangtze River ten always sat in the two sides had proven they respected the middle that two seats very much. Actually can that be who sits in that two positions? All people are anticipations that is filled with. South the unexpectedly Lianjiang ten old big figure sit in the two sides like this, can actually middle that two positions be who?” Is good to anticipate that I now was soon anxious, can actually be who?” Isn't big figure in these fables? Otherwise any person can make the south of the Yangtze River ten old admire.” The surrounding these people anticipated more and more, their vision have stared on the middle that two seats, is waiting for that two person's arrival. „The footsteps of these ten people are calm, the innermost feelings are very vigorous, although they are the Profound Grade late stage strengths, but they have at least treated in this Realm nearly for 20 years, the strength is immeasurably deep.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around on ten old bodies, ten old have not hidden their strength, therefore Xia Tian can look. Just entered the Profound Grade late stage person and one has treated several 20 years of people in Profound Grade late stage, that may completely not be a scale.

Therefore ten old strengths are immeasurably deep. Hey! Hello.” Side Xia Tian presented a female, female black skirt black silk stockings also had high-heeled shoes. This female was a moment ago flickering Wen elder brother's that. Sees this female time, Xia Tian has turned the head directly, he does not like this woman, although her long good, but she was too bad, that article elder brother was killed by her a moment ago. Although said that article elder brother was too truly wild, dying is sooner or later matter. But if not that female, Wen the elder brother will not die a moment ago absolutely. How do you pay no attention to me?” That female sees Xia Tian to pay no attention to her, changed to Xia Tian front directly. I do not like you!” Xia Tian said directly. I have not made you like me, I thought that your strength is good, becomes friends!” The females extended their right hand in a friendly way. I do not become friends with you!” Xia Tian renounces directly. At this moment during the south of the Yangtze River ten are old oldest that to stand up, walks toward the middle: Peaceful, that two arrived.” To?” All people look to the surroundings, but anything has not seen. In above!” Xia Tian gains ground light saying, at this time on the tree two are shuttling back and forth fast.