Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 791

Heard some people to say above, all people all looked up. At this time on tree some unexpectedly people in fast is running. Runs on the branch, this must need the what kind qing gong, sees such scene, all people were all shocked. That black silk female is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, nobody discovered a moment ago these two people above, her master poisonous gate old monster had not discovered that but this person unexpectedly is the first discovery. Is this person fiercer than her master? Thinks of here, black silk female at heart has been completing the plan, she must enclasp this thigh, otherwise her master will not let off her. Whiz whiz! Two forms fell on the front platform. The women, are two women, their two sat among that two positions directly. These two women are today's leads. Extinguishes most Expert of dragon congress. unexpectedly is Mei Zhu the double sword that Omei sends.” Poisonous gate old monster light saying. Hears his words, the surrounding person has held breath immediately cold air, if were not the poisonous gate old says strangely, basic nobody knows these two people were 20 years ago put down Mei Zhushuang the sword of desert. But these two women seem most also 30 years old. Mei Zhushuang the sword, this is figure in legend, I listened to my father to say in childhood, Mei Zhushuang the sword, two people had swept away desert Expert in the past.” Although I have not heard Mei Zhushuang the sword, but I had heard the desert everywhere is Expert.” Right, the desert had dozens schools before, but had been put down by Mei Zhushuang the sword finally majority, now has either dismissed, either is conceal is very strict.”

Surroundings these people whoop. Puts down the desert?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. He has only bumped into the blood blade gate in the desert, was that blood blade gate he was surprised enough, got rid is Profound Grade Expert, moreover finally that protector is the Earth Grade strength. Strength unexpectedly of protector is Earth Grade. What rank is the Boss of that blood blade gate? Such formidable school may be put how down by others. Xia Tian believes that even if were Yin Nie went to the desert, said that must kill all people, that was also impossible. This Mei Zhushuang sword 20 years ago was fiercer than Yin Nie? Xia Tian naturally does not believe. Actually swept away the desert is just a legend, their two truly went to the desert in the past, followed many Expert to battle, moreover they have also defeated a then notorious school. Therefore afterward some people will spread their two to sweep away the entire desert. However no matter what, they two strengths are not simple, looked from the qing gong, their two were two Expert. Hello, this time extinguishing dragon congress we fortunately welcome to Mei Zhushuang sword two female hero.” During the south of the Yangtze River ten are old Boss light saying. What meaning is this time extinguishing dragon congress?” The following some people asked. Good, below I give everybody to explain that extinguishes the meaning of dragon congress, everybody knows that the recent demon respect building ran amuck Jianghu, the homicide our many Jianghu real men, on the scene had many people to have the family member and friend is killed by the demon respect building cruelly, you said that this person should kill?” The south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children shout loudly. Should kill! Should kill!” The following person shouts together.

He truly should kill, his whereabouts drifts from place to place, we are very difficult to catch him.” Saying that the south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children regret. Following these people silent moment, truly so, although they want to kill the demon respect building, but the demon respects Lou Ke not to be good to kill, first his strength is immeasurably deep, next, he will not wait for others to kill him in a place. Hateful, that demon respect building is damn.” But he was too fierce, we radically are not his match, even if there are to present these Expert to help, we could not find him.” Only can look helplessly he does kill our Jianghu public figure in all directions?” These people whoop, hear here time south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children to beckon with the hand. Right, can we only look at the homicide person helplessly? Waits for death?” The south of the Yangtze River ten old Boss vision took a fast look around the surrounding person, then continues saying: Naturally cannot, although we could not find the demon respect building, but we had found an demon respect building best friend now.” What? Some are unexpectedly people willing to work as the friend with that big devil?” No matter any person, we must kill him.” Right, do not let off this person.” The following person is noisy. Right, we cannot let off this person absolutely, moreover we also inquired that this person in the Yulong mountain village, his name was called the jade Xiao dragon, he planned the Western Hidden Xia Tianlong white tiger abstention to give the demon respect building in the past! Asked if the demon respect building has attained this treasure, in the world also who can be his match?” The south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children shout loudly. Hears his words, below has blasted all of a sudden out the pot. This is the flash news. Friend unexpectedly of demon respect building is in the Yulong mountain village jade Xiao dragon, the jade Xiao dragon, but in Yulong mountain village Expert, moreover current Lord Zhuang blood brother. His unexpectedly is the friend in demon respect building!

Moreover his unexpectedly must give the demon respect building the white tiger abstention, this is all person unsupportable matters. Reason that they come here, because of the white tiger abstention. Everyone wants to obtain the white tiger abstention, reaches the sky in a single bound, but unexpectedly spread such news now, jade Xiao dragon unexpectedly must give the demon respect building the white tiger abstention, this is they most is unsupportable. We must crusade against!” Shouting of following person simultaneously. Right, we must crusade against, we must kill that jade Xiao dragon, seizes the white tiger abstention of Western Hidden Mr. Xia Tianlong, this treasure Yulong mountain village does not match to have.” The south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children have forgiven such a Freshman circle, the words that finally wants to speak are this. Treasure seizing. These anything demon respect building and matter of jade Xiao that dragon valuable he said is only foreshadowing. Even if no these matters, they same will snatch the white tiger abstention. This has just given them a right excuse, moreover made them stand on the starting point of general idea, if they snatched directly, some people will say that they did not give a thought to morality and justice and so on. However currently had this excuse. They rid the people of an evil. Snake headless is not good, our time conducts to extinguish the dragon congress to conform with one extinguishes the dragon alliance to come, now our alliance has been founded, we naturally must elect the hegemon to come, had the hegemon, can lead us to leave to fall the jade Xiao dragon, seized the white tiger abstention.” The south of the Yangtze River ten old eldest children shout loudly.